Swagbucks Review – How to Make Money on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the rewarding sites on the internet where you can earn real cash by completing online surveys, offers,  tasks, searches, answering simple questions, participating in daily polls, watching videos, discovering, playing, etc. You can reach the minimum cash-out level in no time by making use of the infinite opportunities provided by Swagbucks. This applies to people from tier-1 countries. Continue to read the Swagbucks review and the working of Swagbucks.


About Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is the main program of Prodege LLC, which started in 2005. Today it has become one of the best rewarding programs with millions using it to earn money online and save money online and in stores. Become part of their program to earn and save money in your spare time.

Swagbucks surveys, tasks, and offers are a bit low when compared to its sibling Ysense.

But, unlike most online job sites, Swagbucks has a very good reputation, quality, and standard. Swagbucks welcomes members from limited countries to make use of their services. The special thing about Swagbucks is the Swagbucks mobile app for Google Android and Apple iPhone.

How to Start with Swagbucks:

  • To start earning through Swagbucks you should create an account. The registration procedure is pretty simple.
Registration procedure Swagbucks
  • The registration link is at the end of the article.
  • Join using the one-click Facebook button or you can sign up through the traditional signup method if you want to choose a unique password for swag bucks.
  • To do so enter your e-mail ID, choose a password of your desire and click get started.
  • Now you are successfully registered to Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Review:

Swagbucks review

How to Earn Money on Swagbucks:

Once you complete the registration process, your first job is to complete your profile, so that you will get more relevant opportunities to participate in surveys.

As said earlier there are several ways to earn through Swagbucks which are explained one by one below.

And the main thing to remember is that Swagbucks rewards you with points that look like this SB, later you can redeem your SB to cash or vouchers, which is explained later.

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Swagbucks Surveys:

The survey is what you’ve to complete to earn more SBs. Completing a survey can pay you up to 300 SB. And you can surely earn 60 SB on average.

Swagbucks surveys

In the above picture, you can see three surveys, in which gold surveys pay you more. Daily click on it to check for the availability of surveys. Similarly, you can participate in partner and peanut lab surveys.

Swagbucks Gold survey

If you want Swagbucks to notify you about the available survey you have to subscribe. You can complete at least one survey i.e. the daily surveys and you will be rewarded with 60 SB for successful completion.

Click subscribe to receive e-mail survey invitation through mail

When you click start survey, the survey question will appear as shown below.

Survey question | Swagbucks

Just select the relevant answer and click continue or next for the next question.

Swagbucks survey question

Similarly, there will be several questions, answer all the questions and click the finished survey. The allotted SB will be automatically credited to your account.

Earn by Searching the Internet: 

Search through Swagbucks and earn more than 20 SB per day

Earn more than 20 SB by searching the web using the Swagbucks search tool powered by Bing. This is simple and you can implement it very easily in your daily life by setting it as a homepage, using the “Make this my homepage” link.

Click make this my home page to earn SB | Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is not a search engine, but it displays the results of the Bing search engine. So, it is not going to affect the search result quality.

Use this tool directly available in Swagbucks to search

Also, Swagbucks randomly rewards 1000 SB for searching in their search tool.

Swagbucks mobile search tool

This feature is mobile phone/smartphone compatible i.e. they pay you for using this feature on your mobile phone.

Apart from getting paid for searching the internet, you can earn money on mobile phones using Swagbucks by taking surveys, completing offers, and shopping.

Swagbucks Micro Tasks:

You can earn by completing some easy microtasks powered by FigureEight. By completing a task you can earn from $0.01 to $1, based on the nature of the task.

Swagbucks micro jobs

Tasks are like identifying real articles, finding spam Twitter accounts, the date of the article, etc. If you’re new to tasks, here you can get an idea of what is a micro job.

Example of task | Swagbucks

For example, A link will be given you should click the link and you should answer whether the linked webpage is an article or not. It is so simple that you can complete it in a minute.

Initially, you will have to prove that you are worth it by answering 100 questions, out of which at least 70 questions should be right to access high-paying tasks.

If your answers have 85% accuracy you will be given a level 3 member and you can complete hundreds of high-level tasks a day.

You don’t even have to go to work if you have the skills to complete tasks with accuracy.

Swagbucks Offers:

Complete offers to earn more SB

Get paid for completing offers. Offers will be mostly of trying trail software, downloading the app, commenting, getting paid for liking Facebook pages, paid to sign up, etc.

You can earn 1000 SB in no time and it is only possible through offers.

Apart from direct offers, Swagbucks has a lot of OfferWall of third-party networks installed in it.

Earn 1SB by Answering daily Polls:

Answer daily polls to earn 1 SB

The daily poll is something that can give you additional income. You can get 1 SB by answering daily polls.

It might be very less, but answering 500 polls can get you 500 SB, this will surely help during payout.

Some polls can pay you higher.

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Get paid to Answer:

Get paid to answer simple questions | Swagbucks

Get paid to answer simple questions as shown above. You will get 2 SB for every 10 answers. It will take 20 seconds to answer all the questions.

The Swagbucks section is created to help the members keep their profiles updated.

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Get Paid for Playing Games:

Swagbucks rewards you for playing games and discovering new features.

Win SB by Participating in Swagstakes:
Win gift rewards by participating in swagstakes

You can participate in swag takes to win lots of SB. Try to participate in swag takes with fewer entry members that are the 3rd one. Only 10 members participate in that and the winner can get 1000 SB. But the entry fee is higher, 150 SB.

How to participate in swagstakes

To participate in swag takes, click ‘snag entry’ under the particular one. The entry page will load as shown above.

This particular swag takes will pay you 25,000 SB if you win and the entry is just 2 SB.

You can buy up to the mentioned entry amount, in this case, 500 using 1000 SB. The winner will get an e-mail notification.

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Download the Swagbucks Mobile App:

Swagbucks mobile app for Android and iPhones

The mobile app is the key and unique thing about Swagbucks. Only very few rewarding sites have mobile apps like Toluna and YouGov.

You can directly work from your phone without desktop support.

Swagbucks is currently available for Google Android and Apple iPhone.

Get access to download the app once you register.

Swagbucks Chrome Extension:

Swagbucks chrome extension

If you’re serious about earning through Swagbucks, install the Swagbucks chrome app.

You can work through a one-touch chrome extension. Get full details about your account using this add-on.

Google chrome swagbucks extension

This is the best reminder so that you don’t miss a Swagbucks day of work. This symbol will play an important role in your Swagbucks carrier.

What is SB| Value of SB:

As said earlier Swagbucks don’t pay us cash directly, instead they reward you with SB which can be redeemed for cash and gift cards.

There is no particular value for SB. It depends on your cash-out level. If you redeem 1000 SB you can get more compared to redeeming 500 points. Similarly, if you redeem 10,000 SB it gets a higher value compared to 1,000 SB.

Swagbucks Payment Methods:

You can redeem your earned SB to both cash or gifts/e-vouchers.

The cash payments are processed through the Paypal payment processor.

There are hundreds of ways to redeem your points, of which few are shown in the picture below. You can see the SB required to redeem each reward below one. 

Swagbucks gift rewards | Payment methods

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Swagbucks Referral Program:

You can earn without working by referring to your friends, relatives, coworkers, or anyone. Swagbucks provides tools to refer people to them.

If you have social media (Facebook) account, you can get 100s of referrals through your Facebook account. Be first among your friends to get the maximum referrals. Use the attractive referral script to refer your friends. This applies to Twitter and other social media also.

You can earn 10% from each referral. For example, if you’ve 1 referral if he earns 200 SB per day, you will get 20 SB as a referral commission.

Think in case you’ve 100 referrals 20 SB * 100 = 2000 SB per day.

Can you imagine earning $20 per day without doing anything?

Also, you feed hundreds of kids by referring. Yes, Swagbucks sponsor poor children who are suffering to get food.

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Registration Link:

Click the applicable link given below to join Swagbucks and get a $10* signup bonus.

Premium link (US, UK, AU, CA, IE) – Swagbucks.

Standard link (For all countries)       – Swagbucks.

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