Ysense Review 2023 | How to Earn More on Ysense

Ysense is the brand new rewarding site on the internet that evolved because of the rebranding. Previously called Clixsense, which was considered as the world’s best get paid to site in the second part of this year, things have changed. Ysense is almost the clone of Clixsense but it’s awesome compared to Clixsense.

Here is the exclusive Ysense review, which tells the reason for the downfall of Clixsense and the rise of Ysense. Is Ysense legit and safe as Clixsense? And find the reason why Ysense is better than Clixsense and most of the rewarding programs in the world.

ySense review

About YSense(Previously Clixsense):

Ysense is the product of Prodege LLC, the world’s best company that runs online rewards program like Swagbucks, InboxDollars and save money programs like MyPoints.

Ysense is not a brand new rewarding site by itself. Instead, Clixsense is rebranded as Ysense with minor tweaks to the existing services.

Started on July 31, 2019, Ysense has not failed to carry on the legacy of Clixsense.

The Clixsense is in much better and safer hands now who are experienced in the rewarding industry. So, if you’re already a member of Ysense or if you’re new to Ysense, ensure that Ysense will grow better day by day. And it’s a hundred percent safe to use Ysense.

Reason for Downfall of Clixsense:

I was a member of Clixsense for years and I would say that Clixsense was the best GPT site ever.

So why Clixsense is no more? The reason for the downfall of Clixsense.

Initially, since 2007 Clixsense was a paid to click site that rewards for visiting the advertiser’s products and services.

While PayPal was the primary payment option for the advertisers to purchase ads and members to receive their payments, in 2016, PayPal has limited the Clixsense Business account like other PTC sites since their policy no more supported paid to click business model.

Most of the Clixsense advertisers used PayPal as the primary payment method. While Clixsense could convince the earners with other payment options like Payoneer, advertisers had no reliable option to purchase ads on Clixsense.

Since PayPal was gone, Clixsense could not continue it’s paid to click business with unreliable options like Payza, they got rid of the paid to click the section and continued its journey as GPT site that pays for taking surveys, completing offers and micro-jobs.

Clixsense was even doing well as the GPT site, but something made them sell their company to Prodege LLC.

But it’s clear that PayPal’s action was the primary reason for the downfall of Clixsense.

Ysense vs Clixsense:

Clixsense to Ysense

5 Reasons why Ysense is better than Clixsense:

  • Ysense is now part of the established company, so you’re in the safer hands.
  • PayPal payments are now available on Ysense which was not an option on Clixsense.
  • Now members can redeem their earnings for gift cards of various shopping brands such as Amazon.com. There were no gift card options available on Clixsense.
  • Expect for new opportunities released every now and there on Ysense.
  • Faster payout compared to Clixsense.

5 Reasons Clixsense was doing better than Ysense:

  • I’ve noticed the survey opportunities are very low on Ysense compared to those days in Clixsense.
  • Ysense struggles a bit to make its services smoother. However, they will get on to the right track soon.
  • Old users don’t enjoy rebranding.
  • The prefixed amount for cash payout options on Ysense makes it hard for users to withdraw the custom amounts. Clixsense had an option to withdraw money how much ever whenever they want to achieve the minimum payout.
  • The PayPal email address and account email address should be the same to use PayPal payments. This was not in the case of Clixsense. Clixsense allowed users to have a different email addresses for PayPal and account.

Ysense Review:

Now coming into Ysense review, Ysense is a rewarding site that pays for completing paid surveys as we do it on survey sites, completing cash offers, and doing human intelligence microtasks.

Based on the complexity of the tasks, you can earn from $0.01 to $50 or even more per task.

How to Earn Money on Ysense:

1. Ysense Surveys:

ySense Surveys

  • Take part in 5 – 20 surveys ($0.50 – $5) per day to earn $5 – $50 per day.
  • You can earn more by participating in surveys than any other task available on Ysense. This is the simplest job. It’s like you are paid for just choosing the best answer.
  • You can earn above $3 for participating in surveys. Ysense makes sure at least 10  surveys are available per day. You may get 100 chances to take part in surveys.
  • Click the surveys tab in the menu bar to check the surveys as shown above. For each survey, their provider, survey length and pay rate will be shown as given in the above picture.
  • Click on the survey to answer. The pay rate for each survey depends on the survey length and type. Longer quality surveys will pay you more.
Click the survey to start answering on Ysense
  • A sample of the survey is shown above. Answer the question and click continue. You will get several questions similar to this. You gotta answer all the questions to complete the survey. Once you complete the survey successfully, you will receive a message that the survey has been completed.
  • The reward for completing the survey will be immediately paid to your Ysense user’s account.

2. Ysense Offers:

Ysense offers

  • Complete the above offers to earn money. If you want to earn more, click the offer wall given above as shown in the picture. More different offers will be available on this site.
Ysense terms for completing offers
  • After you click, you will get a message. Read and click continue to proceed. They will display this message only for the first time. From next time, you will be redirected to the iFrame automatically.
  • A sample of offers is shown above. Click the offer and complete the task given and get credited.
  • You will be rewarded as cents, where one cent is equal to 1 US cent or $0.01. So 100 cents is equal to $1.
  • You can earn more than $25 by completing offers. Some offer rewards you more than $100.

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5. Ysense Tasks:

  • Earn more than $10 per day by completing simple data processing tasks by spending a few hours per day.
  • The micro-tasks available on Ysense are powered by Figure-eight tasks.
  • Completing tasks takes only a minute. For example, there will be a link. You have to click the link and find the author’s name in that article,  copy and paste the author’s name in the box. For this, you will be paid $0.01 – $1. So, it will take only 30 seconds to check the author’s name. Complete more tasks like this and earn more.
  • You can earn up to $1 depending on the task and the level. To start doing the tasks click ‘complete task’ on the menu bar.
List of Ysense tasks
  • Once you go to the micro-jobs section, the tasks loads as shown above. The potential jobs tab shows the list of tasks that you are eligible to take part in or complete.
  • In the above image, you can see “requirement”. There are three levels. Initially, you can only complete 1st level tasks. But in the future, after completing 100 tasks with 75% accuracy, you can access 2nd level tasks. Similarly, complete 100 tasks with 80% accuracy to reach the 3rd level. The more the level is, the more you can earn and have more chances. So, if you reach level 3 you can choose the best among the listed tasks and complete it.
  • If the job is available, it will be displayed in the available jobs tab, as shown below.
Level tasks on Ysense Figure-eight wall
  • Once you click the available jobs tab, the jobs currently available for you will be displayed with the reward information. Click the job title to start your work.
  • If you wish to learn, here’s how to do Ysense Figure-Eight tasks. Get an idea of how to earn more explained point by point in that article.
Example of How to complete Ysense Tasks:
How to complete Ysense tasks Figure-Eight
  • This task is very simple. You have to click the link given there “click here”. A website will open in a new page.
  • The task is you have to answer whether or not the link is an article.
  • An article will be in two or three paragraphs. If the link is a Facebook page or forum or online sale or something with no information, then it is not an article. Get more information about this article by clicking the link given above that will lead you to “How to do Ysense Figure-Eight tasks.”
  • Click ‘yes’ if it’s an article, else click ‘no’ and click submit.
  • This is just an example. There will be more different tasks like this. By completing tasks similar to this, you can earn a lot of money 24/7.

Bonus – Get a $5 bonus on completing Ysense tasks and earning $50.

How Many Ysense Tasks can you complete a day?

Ysense tasks completion tricks
  • Look at the task completion statistics shown in the picture above.
  • Top tasks workers complete more than 500 tasks per day. So, for example, if they are paid $0.05 on average for each task, their earnings through the Ysense task will be $25 per day.
  • Weekly contests ($100 reward) are conducted every week and they will pay $50 for top task completer. You can see the referral contest statistics on the right side of the image.

How much can you Earn Per Day on Ysense working for just an hour?

Ysense daily complete check list
  • You can earn at least $5 per day with no referral if you work for an hour on Ysense. The screenshot given above is one of my daily checklist completed.
  • I’ve earned $4.31 + 16% daily bonus in a day.
  • The time taken for me to earn is just an hour.
  • This earning does not include a referral commission.

Tasks – 49 * $0.07 in 45 mins.

Survey – 1 * $0.85 in 10 minutes.

On average, the Ysense members used to complete at least 2 * survey + 30 * tasks + a few offers per day.

Complete the Ysense Daily Checklist:

  • Complete the checklist every day to get a 16% bonus. If you earn $10, you will receive $1.60 as a free bonus.
Ysense Checklist completed
  • To get the bonus, click complete 10 tasks or complete 2 offers or complete 2 surveys.
  • Install the Ysense browser addon to get a reminder of tasks & surveys. Every time if you get a survey opportunity or if the new ad is available, you will get a notification immediately.

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Ysense Browser Addon:

  • The Ysense browser addon will help you keep track of your account status. You will be instantly notified about the tasks, surveys…
  • You can install the addon, of course, smaller like a favicon, as shown below.

Ysense addon

  • You can easily track your Ysense account and you can work whenever you want. This is the best way to keep yourself engaged with Ysense daily.
  • Currently, Ysense offers this feature along like Swagbutton by Swagbucks and Ad alert by Neobux.
  • I use the Ysense addon. This addon is really helpful for me. Particularly, it helps me to get the notification when surveys are available for my account. I miss no high paying surveys when I have Ysense Addon.

Ysense Payment Methods:

Ysense payments

  • Currently, the Ysense process your earnings by three methods in the case of cash, which include Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill. Check payments are no more.
  • To withdraw earnings, go to cash out and choose a reward option of your desire. Remember that to get paid via PayPal, you must verify your PayPal account and for the Payoneer, you must link your account to Prodege.
  • The minimum cashout for PayPal is just $10, while the minimum Payoneer is $52. The minimum payout for Skrill is $5.05.
  • In the case of the gift cards, the redemption options will vary based on your country.

Ysense Payment Proof:

Ysense is processing the payments really faster than Clixsense. Here is the Ysense Payment Proof for you,

Ysense Payoneer Payment

Ysense Referral Program:

  • Ysense has a reliable referral program that helps the users to earn passive income.
  • The Ysense referral program can be called the best among paid survey referral programs.
  • Earn up to 30% referral commission from the referral activity.
  • In addition, earn a flat commission of $0.10 to $0.30 per user from selected countries.
  • Let’s make a calculation,
  • With 10 active referrals who make $5 per day, you can make $15 referral commission per day.
  • If you’re interested, here’s how you can make referrals.
  • You can also use sites like EasyHits4U to refer new people to Ysense.
Is Ysense Mobile Phone Compatible?
  • We can work using the mobile phone to earn money on Ysense by participating in the Ysense survey and completing offers.
  • Ysense tasks do not work on the mobile phone.
  • Learn more about using Ysense on the mobile phone.

Ysense Success Stories:

While there are a lot of Ysense users who have achieved success in earning money, even I earned a lot which I think a success story to share.

Ysense account info

Initially, I used to do surveys and tasks on Clixsense to earn money. Later, by making use of the Ysense affiliate program, I was and I’m making a passive income from referral actions.

If you can make use of Ysense perfectly, you could definitely make a reliable income and post your success story on Ysense.

Ysense Registration Procedure:

  • Click to join Ysense.
  • Enter your email ID and password to sign up for free!
  • Verify your email address to complete the registration.
  • Complete the after verification second step to set up your account.
  • You’re all done, get ready to earn money!

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