Pinecone Research Review | How to join Pinecone Research Elite Survey Program

Pinecone Research is one of the unique survey panels in the world. It’s the only survey panel that has eligibility to be called the highest paying survey site which pays a minimum reward of $3 per survey. This is very high compared to any other survey panel in the world.

Usually, the survey sites pay rewards not more than a dollar or few in most cases. Only very few surveys pay $3+ per survey. But, Pinecone Research remains the only survey site that pays a minimum of $3 per survey.

So, such an elite survey panel with high payments will expect members to be very specific about their needs. In this Pinecone Research review, let’s see how it works and how to earn money by taking Pinecone surveys.

Pinecone Research panel

About Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research is a part of Nielsen Research which is one of the best market research companies in the world and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

While the majority of the survey sites work on specific intent which will be mostly working with companies to research products and services, Nielsen plays an important role in media research and helps to shape the internet.

Pinecone is one of the primary research programs of Nielsen Research, which works on influencing new products and services.

They help organizations to get an in-depth view of their market and customers to better grow in the future.

How to Join Pinecone Research:

Unlike other survey sites, where the user registration is very open, the Pinecone Research Registration is pretty different.

While the survey sites allow user registration directly using the email address, Pinecone Research allows users to become a part of their research program only after 4 step screening.

If you wish to join Pinecone Research, you will have to answer several pre-screening questions to get the membership.

Pinecone’s requirements for hiring members vary from time to time. So, join Pinecone Research by clicking the link given below.

Click to join Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research Review:

Pinecone research review

Features of Pinecone Research Surveys:

This panel is only for people from the UK, Canada, and the USA. Don’t try joining Pinecone if you are from some other country.

The surveys are of high quality and their pay rate per survey is also high that they pay min $3 for a 10-minute survey.

Surveys of quality companies will pay you more.

Pinecone surveys are short, but the pay rate per survey is up to 300% higher than that of the regular survey panels like Opinion World, Valued Opinions, etc.

Also, the Pinecone is well known for its low survey screenout percentage. While survey takers suffer getting unqualified for taking surveys in other survey panels been said the success rate is less than 50%, it’s Pinecone which has a higher survey completion success percentage compared to other survey panels.

Once a person gets into Pinecone research as the panelist who takes the surveys to earn money, Pinecone continuously monitors the actions of the panelist.

This is because the panelists should ensure regular participation in the research studies conducted by the Pinecone Research and answer them with care.

People who don’t care about survey invitations but wish to hold the Pinecone Research membership will be terminated after review.

The survey frequency and accurate survey rate depend on the current projects of Pinecone Research. Also, the demographic requirements are said to change often targeting a specific group of people in the region located in the country.

Hispanic, Latino, Asian American and African Americans come under the targeted group to participate in the research studies.

Pinecone Research doesn’t have any refer a friend program to earn money by referring the friends like Ysense surveys.

Sweepstakes are offered regularly by pinecone research. Win $500 by completing the sweepstakes offers.

Pinecone Research doesn’t have any mobile apps to make money taking surveys. However, it’s mobile-responsive which means you can earn money using a mobile phone by taking Pinecone surveys in mobile phone browsers such as Google Chrome.

Only US and UK residents are allowed to register. The registration links are given below separately. Use the relevant link to go to the Pinecone recruitment panel.

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Product Testing on Pinecone:

Get an opportunity to participate in the Pinecone Research product testing programs which are conducted once in a while.

Get the free products delivered to your postal address. Test them, give your review, and answer the questions about the products to get paid.

In this way, you get free products before they enter the market and also they get paid for giving your opinion.

Pinecone Research Payments:

It has simple payment options for the users to withdraw their earnings made by answering the surveys.

Pinecone rewards points for survey completion, which you can later redeem for cash. The rewards will be sent via Check.

Selected Pinecone users are eligible to cash out through Paypal.

The minimum cash out is $1. You can reach this limit by completing a single Pinecone survey.

You can also redeem your points to gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Starbucks, and prepaid VISA.

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Registration Procedure: 

Registration procedure of Pinecone Research
  • Pinecone does not hire everyone who wishes to join their company. Instead, they screen almost 70% of new registration to maintain their research quality.
  • To join pinecone click the link of your country – USA | UK | Canada.
  • Fill in all the necessary details like email ID, Name, Address, DOB, etc and click join now. You might also answer all the screening questions before getting an opportunity to become an influencer of Pinecone Research.
  • After this process, you might be asked to verify your email. Click the verification link in your email to complete registration.

Pinecone Research Review – Final Words:

PineconeResearch can be called the number one survey site of all time.

But due to its restrictions in hiring and strict program policies, only a minimum number of people who come under the targeted category can become part of their program.

So, since not all the internet users are eligible to be a part of the Pinecone, it can be called the Elite survey program not the recommended survey panel for general users.

However, try to become part of their research to enjoy premium benefits and become part of influencers to shape various products.

Join now Pinecone Research.

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