Pinecone research is a one of the most genuine online survey and research panel.  Pinecone is special as their surveys are well known for paying reasonable amount of money i.e. minimum $3.


Pinecone research panel

  • This panel is only for people from UK and USA. Don’t join pinecone if you are from some other country.
  • The surveys are of high quality and their pay rate per survey is also high that they pay min $3 for 10 minute survey.
  • Surveys of quality companies will pay you more.
  • The survey frequency and accurate survey rate are not known, because I’m not a member of pinecone.
  • I just posted this article to notify my website visitors to know about pinecone.
  • Pinecone rewards points for survey completion, which you can later redeem it to cash and cash out through Paypal.
  • The minimum cash out is $1. You can reach this limit by completing a single research.
  • You can also redeem your points to gifts.
  • Sweepstakes are offered regularly by pinecone research. Win $500 by completing sweepstakes offer.
  • Only US and UK residents are allowed to register. The registration links are given below separately. Use the relevant link to join Pinecone research panel.
How to join:
  • Pinecone does not hire everyone who wishes to join their company. Instead they screen almost 70% of new registration to maintain their research quality.
  • To join pinecone click the link of your country – USA | UK.
  • Fill all the necessary details like email ID, Name, Address, DOB etc and click join now. You might also answer all the screening questions before joining.
  • After this process you might be asked to verify your email. Click the verification link in your email to complete registration.

Link for US members:


Link for UK members:



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