Best Paid Survey Affiliate/Referral Programs to Earn Commission

The paid survey sites are the online rewarding programs that pay their users for completing the surveys. These paid survey sites have direct referral programs for their members and indirect affiliate programs made available via affiliate programs for the large publishers.

Paid survey affiliate program is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing offers. Unlike the cost per sale affiliate programs that require the affiliates to work hard to generate conversions, the paid survey affiliate programs are potential programs that get converted easily.

This article lists the best-paid survey affiliate programs which pay for referring new members to the survey panels. Also, find some of the online survey sites and GPT sites for the paid survey referral program to get paid for the referral survey completions.

Paid survey affiliate program

Online Market Research:

Online Market research programs conduct surveys to learn the customer’s/survey taker’s views about the products, services, programs, work, etc.

The data collected will be analyzed and they will generate a report for the clients in order to improve the services to reach the targeted goals.

This is one of the major reasons online surveys are conducted, but this is not the only reason.

About Paid Survey Affiliate Programs:

Referral program: The online survey referral program is for the members of the survey panels and the GPT site with the paid survey offers. The referrer will be paid each time when the referral completes a survey. The commission will be paid on a percentage basis or fixed. Anyone can make use of the paid survey referral program to earn a commission by referring friends, family members, etc. under the terms of the paid survey program.

Affiliate programThe online survey affiliate programs pay the affiliates when a user signs up/completes a survey through the affiliate link. There are three types of paid survey affiliate offers available for paid survey affiliate networks, which include the SOI offers, DOI offers, and the CPA offers.

We can promote CPA offers with incentivized traffic. The affiliates will be paid only on completion of the survey.

In the case of SOI and DOI offers the affiliate networks will be very strict about the traffic quality which pays when a user signs up and completes the pre-verification process. Only established affiliate marketers may join the paid survey affiliate networks.

Here is the list of the best-paid survey affiliate programs and referral programs.

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Sites with Paid Survey Referral Program:

1. Ysense:

Ysense survey referral program

  • Ysense is actually not a paid survey panel, but it lists the routers of other survey panels. Ysense survey referral program is the highest paying than other paid survey referral programs.
  • Ysense referral program pays up to 30% referral commission for the referrer. So, if ten referrals complete one survey per day that pays $1 on average, the referrer will receive a $1 referral commission.
  • Being a Get paid to website, Ysense has several earning opportunities for their members other than the surveys. So, the Ysense referral program is the best-paid survey referral program in the world. All the Ysense members are eligible to take part in the Ysense referral program.

Sign upYsense.

2. YouGov Surveys:

YouGov paid surveys
  • YouGov is a unique survey panel with high-quality surveys easier to complete than any other survey panel. YouGov pays a $2 – $4 fixed referral commission to the users. The YouGov referral terms vary across different countries.
  • In order to earn a referral commission, the referred member must complete at least 5 surveys after signing up on YouGov.
  • Apart from the online survey referral program, YouGov survey affiliate programs are made available via the affiliate networks listed below.

Sign up YouGov.

3. Swagbucks Surveys:

Swagbucks Survey referral program
  • Swagbucks is one of the best online rewarding programs that is owned by Prodege LLC, the same company which acquired Ysense. Millions of users around the world use Swagbucks to earn money by shopping, taking surveys on mobile & PC, watching paid videos, doing Figure-Eight micro jobs, etc.
  • Swagbucks pay a flat 10% referral commission to the members when the referral completes the survey, offers, tasks. The Swagbucks paid survey referral program is not as effective as the Ysense, but you can earn some money with that if you can refer members from tier -1 countries.

Sign up Swagbucks.

4. SurveySavvy:

  • SurveySavvy is one of the best survey panels in the world that offers a 2-level referral commission to the members.
  • So, the members will earn the commission when their referrals complete a survey and also when the referral’s referral completes the surveys.

Sign up SurveySavvy.

5. Paid ViewPoints Panel:

Paid Viewpoint
  • Paid Viewpoint referral program pays up to $25* per referral to their members. For every survey completed by the referral, the referrer will be paid with a referral commission.
  • The Paid Viewpoint panel’s VIP community builder club is for the premium members who take extra effort to refer members to the Paid Viewpoint panel.
  • They pay a 20% flat referral commission for members with VIP status.

Sign up Paid ViewPoints Panel.

Best Paid Survey Affiliate Programs for Publishers:

The paid survey affiliate program differs totally from the paid survey referral program. While anyone can take part in the site-specific online survey referral programs, the online survey affiliate programs listed on the affiliate networks are only for the established publishers, webmasters, email marketers, video marketers, etc.

These affiliate networks with the paid survey offer(s) only allow affiliates with targeted traffic sources and experience.

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1. Panthera Interactive Network:

Panthera network's paid survey affiliate offers
  • The Panthera Network is the best when it comes to market research & paid survey affiliate programs. Panthera Network has tons of paid survey affiliate offers in it which mainly target tier – 1 countries.
  • Other than paid survey affiliate campaigns, there are several CPA, PPL, & CPS offers available on the Panthera Network in over 30 verticals.
  • To become a Panthera network affiliate, you must have a blog/targeted traffic. After verification, they will approve the affiliate account.
  • Panthera interactive pays the affiliates using PayPal, Wire, Direct transfer.

Sign up Panthera Network.

2. RevenueHut:


  • RevenueHut is one of the best survey affiliate sites that has both incentivized and non incentivized offers.
  • Speaking about incentivized offers, these offers allow the publishers to pay the users to complete offers.
  • If you run a rewarding website like GPT or PTC sites, this is a perfect paid survey affiliate network for you.
  • You can sign up to access thousands of paid survey offers available for most of the countries in the world.
  • Revenue Hut has an OfferWall tool called RevenueWall. It should be very helpful for app developers and web developers for easy integration. RevenueWall will list the customized survey offers to the users based on their profile.
  • RevenueWall pays the publishers via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Sign up RevenueHut.

3. MaxBounty:

MaxBounty survey affiliate programs
  • MaxBounty is the world’s best affiliate network for CPA performance-based advertising. The MaxBounty has a lot of paid survey offers that targeted traffic from tier-1 countries.
  • Maxbounty has both PPL and CPA model paid survey affiliate offers.
  • They pay their affiliate via eCheck, Intercash, ACH, and Check.
  • MaxBounty only accepts experienced affiliates after a phone call to discuss the marketing plans.

Sign up MaxBounty.

4. Daisycon:

Daisycon CPA survey affiliate network

  • Daisycon is a unique affiliate network with offers from several verticals. Paid survey & research panel affiliate programs are part of Daisycon.
  • To become a part of Daisycon, you can create an account and verify the websites/traffic source with the metadata or DNS.
  • One of the Daisycon managers will review the account and the traffic source carefully before approval.
  • Make sure the data is correct about the website and explain the potential reason for your website to be accepted.

Learn more Daisycon.

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