The most easiest, simplest and reliable way to earn money online is by installing the market research software on your internet connected devices. This is ain’t like bitcoin mining, where you can earn only pennies using your idle CPU power. This is a research program that is excellent, where you will be paid $60 to $200 / month just for installing the software on the internet connected device. These online money making programs are thousand times better compared to worthless PTCs, data entry, mail reading etc as you will not make even few dollars at the end of the month from my experience. Don’t waste your time searching Google about worthless data entry, paid to click and start to make money right now in easy way. Continue to read to know why they pay you such huge amount just for installing a software.


What is this research program?

  • Large companies like Google, Microsoft always like to stay on the peak of their business and it is possible only if they can hold the customers.
  • To hold the customers, they need to create something new and improve the existing products. 
  • This is possible only if they know the customer needs. Customers feedback, ideas, experience etc are collected through online/offline surveys or through other ways.
  • In case of few digital products, companies require more deep information about their technical product usage which cannot be answered by customers. So, they go one step ahead to research about their product.
  • This research is conducted by asking the customers/users to install a software on their devices like PC or smartphone or tablet… The software automatically collects the information about device/software usage and send it to the researchers.
  • The research results will be used to improve their future products. 
  • This is just an example, other than researching about products there are lots of purpose to conduct a research like usage of browser, TV etc.
Why do they pay you?
  • Large organizations like Microsoft, Google do not conduct research by themselves. Instead they approach large research companies like savvy, Luth research LLC. These companies conduct research, collect the required information and submit the final report to those organizations.
  • To conduct a research, the organization pays millions of dollars on the whole to the research company. The research company will pay small part of money for members like us. The range pay totally depends on our geographical location.
Earn more:
  • To earn more install the software of more than one market research company if available in your country.
  • Click the links given below each market research companies listed under country to start.
  • Do not join if your country is not mentioned here. 

List of money making software:

Unfortunately, the research companies do not accept members from all countries. Instead they accept members only from tier – 1 countries which is mentioned below as companies want to research only on top performing, spam-less countries. Install the software listed under your country. Do not join if your country is not listed here. This list is updated regularly. 


Savvy connect & Nielsen digital voice:

  • Participate in market research simply by surfing the web with SavvyConnect. Earn up to $60 for enabling digital tracking on your internet connected devices. New US members will be automatically invited after signing up. Membership is FREE, signup today. Click here.
  • How do you do digital? Nielsen members have been influential in determining the popularity of television programs for over 50 years. Here’s your opportunity to participate in Nielsen’s online panel for the Internet. Today, we are asking a select group of people to join Nielsen Digital Voice Internet Panel Click Here
Savvy connect & Net ratings:
  • Participate in market research simply by surfing the web with SavvyConnect. Get paid for your opinions. Must keep installed for a minimum of 30 days to be rewarded. This program is FREE! Click Here to get started.
  • Shape the future of the internet and earn while you surf! This year we are giving away £30,000 cash to 150 lucky winners!!! Membership is FREE. Click here to join.
Home scan consumer panel & Survey savvy:
  • By joining the Nielsen consumer panel, you will have the ability to influence the products you see on store shelves when you go shopping. Click Here
  • Your online community awaits you. Join Survey Savvy today and get paid today for participating in online surveys! Membership is FREE. Click Here
Nielsen digital voice & Aztec shopper panel:
  • Get rewarded just for using your PC! Sign up and install the Nielsen PC App. You will earn cool prizes and best of all, the app is FREE! Click here to join.
  • Be part of the Aztec Shopper Panel and help shape the future of shopping. In appreciation of your time, you will be rewarded with points every week which can be redeemed for a great range of gifts. Also get a chance to enter into lucky draw to win exciting presents, gift cards and cash. Join Today!
New Zealand:
Nielsen digital voice & Home scan consumer panel:
  • Get rewarded just for using your PC! Sign up and install the Nielsen PC App. You will earn cool prizes and best of all, the app is FREE! Click here to join.
  • By joining the Nielsen consumer panel, you will have the ability to influence the products you see on store shelves when you go shopping. Click Here
Nielsen digital voice:
  • Surfen Sie einfach im Internet, um großartige Prämien zu erhalten!– Sobald Sie sich registrieren, erhalten Sie einen Willkommensbonus von 300 Punkten
    – Surfen Sie mit uns weiterhin im Internet und Ihr Punktestand erhöht sich von Monat zu Monat
    – Verwandeln Sie Ihre Punkte in erstklassige Prämien: Haushaltsgeräte, Sportartikel, Elektronikgeräte, Wochenendreisen, Einkaufsgutscheine für zahlreiche Geschäfte und vieles mehr

    Treten Sie dem Panel heute bei und fangen Sie mit dem Punktesammeln an! Einfach durch Internetsurfen. Klicken Sie hier, um beizutreten.

Smart panel recruit:
  • We pay you for sharing your data with us. You’ll earn money every month if you qualify, install the Smart App to your devices, and keep it installed. Click Here!


Smart panel recruit:

  • 作为中国网民代表团的一员,您不仅能参与对未来科技的塑造,还会轻松获得丰厚的物质回报。每位代表可获得一年160元,18个月240,两年320元的现金奖励(以话费形式每月充值到您的手机上)。您只需要安装应用到您常用的设备上即可,就是如此简单。 Click Here!


How to participate in this research program to earn money just by installing the software:
  • To participate in the research, first you’ve to register a account in their website and remember they do not collect any fees. So, this is the the best way to earn money without investment.
  • After registration you will be asked to download the software. Just select the operating system (varies in case of smartphones) and click the button. 
Downloading the market research software
  • After completing, go to the location and click on the setup file to start installation.


Market research software installation
  • Follow the procedure to install the software. In the middle you will be asked to enter your account details.
Market research software installation
  • After entering required details, wait for the installation to complete. Click finish to launch the software.
Market research software installation
  • You must keep the software installed for required period of time to get paid. Usually, you should keep the software installed at least for 30 days to approve the payment. 
  • Payments will be processed through Paypal, check or other payment methods depending on your geo location.
Does this software affects your system performance?
  • Absolutely not, these software run on the background and do not affect the performance of your system. You can proceed with day to day activities like browsing etc. and this software does not affect performance even while you play FPS games.

Is your privacy protected?

  • These’re the world’s best research companies that runs under US government laws. They truly  respect and protect your privacy by not accessing your personal information.

Final words:

  • Remember that you should keep the app installed for specified number of days to qualify for receiving rewards.
  • Some research companies allows you to install app on smartphones and tablets too. And few do not allows to install money making software on devices other than PC/Laptop.
  • Most of the research companies listed here will pay you for participating in daily surveys other than installing software. So, you can create a reliable income online.
  • Market research companies create new opportunities for people from countries not listed here. So, bookmark this page or follow on social medias (use icons on top of the page) for latest updates.
  • Using this software from countries like Pakistan, Africa, etc is useless, because you will never get paid for doing so.
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