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The Minutestaff is an online incentive network that rewards its members for completing simple tasks and offers. Mostly, the Minutestaff can be found in the GPT sites as the Offerwall and few sites run incentive network only with Minutestaff script similar to Innocurrent. Unlike other Offerwalls, the Minutestaff is very reliable for users who look to earn money all around the world. Minutestaff is legit, and this article is the Minutestaff review explains how to make the most out for the Offerwall users and the publishers.

Minutestaff review

MinuteStaff Review:

  • The Minutestaff is the site which offers ways to earn money directly and through the third party sites.
  • Unlike regular incentive networks, the Minutestaff is unique with special offers that can’t be found in other networks and the Offerwalls.
  • The offers in Minutestaff are the easiest, and it doesn’t have irritating screen outs & offers that don’t pay for completion with the illogical reason for rejection.
  • The Minutestaff Offerwall is user-friendly where even the beginners can start making money using it with no confusion.
  • Minutestaff is great both for the earners/workers to earn money and the publishers to provide better opportunities to its users.

MinuteStaff Wall:

Minutestaff wall
  • As you can see, the Minutestaff wall will look similar to the presentation given in the image.
  • The Minutestaff Offerwall comprises about 10+ tabs, each with different earning features. From just viewing a webpage to completing surveys, installing apps, etc.
  • The first five tabs, including Ex, contain offers that are fully related to earning money by viewing some content according to the rules. Based on the complexity of the task, they reward from one-tenth of a cent to a few cents per task completion.
  • The tabs further contain offers which are also easier but little complex and pay high. The email, action are the tasks in this category.
  • The live tab in the Minutestaff Offerwall is something special that can’t be found in other Offerwalls. The live tab contains two offer types. By participating in the offer, the earner can generate money doing nothing with the help of the browser.
  • The offers in the Minutestaff helps the users to earn at least a few dollars every day by completing the simplest tasks.

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MinuteStaff Tutorial:

How to Earn money on MinuteStaff OfferWall:

  • As said before, many top Offerwalls in the industry do not list offers for people all around the world. Only earners from tier – 1 country like USA, UK, CA get decent opportunities to earn money from the Offerwalls.
  • It’s only the Minutestaff provide equal opportunities to the Earners all around the world to make money using their simple offers.
  • So, how to earn more money in Minutestaff Offerwall? It is determined that users who are regular to the Offerwall and complete offers without getting the warning receive more tasks to complete and earn money.
  • Similarly, few tasks are open for only the loyal users who have completed the minimum required basic tasks are eligible to do high paying complex tasks.
  • By unlocking the high paying tasks and being regular to the Offerwall, it will be easier to earn more money from the Minutestaff Offerwall.
  • Users from all around the world can earn up to $1 to $3 per day using Minutestaff Offerwall.

MinuteStaff Warning:

  • MinuteStaff usually warns the MinuteStaff wall users for not following instructions.
  • There will be a maximum of 3 warnings before the account is suspended.
  • Usually, the warning will disappear after a short period. So, the workers must be patience in completing offers which their account has warned.
  • It is advised that the MinuteStaff Wall users must read the instructions carefully before doing the offer.
  • MinuteStaff Bot usage is strictly prohibited. Do not use any third party automated program to bypass MinuteStaff. This might lead to the account suspension.
  • The MinuteStaff publishers are also responsible to maintain their app free from spammers.

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MinuteStaff Review for Publishers (Webmasters/App Developers):

  • Webmasters who run the incentive network can make use of the Minutestaff Offerwall to provide great opportunities to their members to earn extra income.
  • To integrate the Offerwall in their web property, the publisher has to sign up at Minutestaff and integrating app on the website.
Integrating minutestaff Offerwall on Website or mobile app
  • The publisher should go to Offerwall apps > Apps and fill the columns to set up the app and should click “create app”.
  • Now the Minutestaff will autogenerate a ticket asking to fill certain questions about the site where the Offerwall is going to be integrated.
  • The staff from the Minutestaff will review the website and will approve the app if they find the app has got the certain quality they are looking for.
  • Once approved, the Minutestaff Offerwall can be enabled on the site to help the users earn money.

MinuteStaff Payment Methods:

  • The MinuteStaff pays its users through one of the best payment processors, the PayPal.
  • The minimum payout is too low compared to other CPA networks.
  • However, they don’t have a specific time to process the payments. It ranges from a week to a few days.

Pros and Cons of MinuteStaff:


  • Minutestaff is a unique Offerwall compared to its rivals.
  • Minutestaff offers are available to users from all over the world.
  • Minutestaff offers are simpler that even a school student will earn money working on it.
  • Minutesftaff pays their members instantly.
  • It is user-friendly, easier to use and lightweight.
  • Minutestaff pays through PayPal on time.
  • The approval process for the publishers is very simple.


  • Minutestaff will permanently suspend the users if they don’t follow instructions after 3 warnings.
  • They don’t have high paying offers like paid surveys in it. The offers pay low, yet reliable.
  • Minutestaff might not have enough offers all the time to earn money.
  • Minutestaff will be harder to understand for beginners.

Hope you’ve got an idea about Minutestaff. From the review, it is confirmed that Minutestaff is reliable, legit and unique must use Offerwall. Become a publisher if you’re a developer and if you’re looking to earn money, join Makeculous to start.

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