PaidViewPoint Panel Review – How it Differs From Other Survey Sites

Paid ViewPoint Panel is one among very few survey panels that accept user registrations from most of the countries. While the top survey sites are available on in the tier 1 countries, it’s PaidViewPoints make it possible to make money from most of the countries like Ysense Surveys.

Apart from availability, Paid ViewPoint has a lot of unique features compared to the regular survey panels. Let’s see the features of the PaidViewPoint survey panel and how to make use of it effectively to make money by taking surveys.

Paidviewpoint review

About PaidViewPoint Panel:

Paid ViewPoints panel is operated by Umongous Inc. with market research surveys powered by

As said earlier the users from countries where PayPal payments are available can join Paid ViewPoints panel to earn money.

If PayPal is not available in your country, you can try Bitcoin survey sites or survey sites like Toluna, YouGov, Opinion World that have other payment options.

PaidViewPoint Review:

PaidViewPoint Panel stands out as the best among survey panels since their surveys are designed in such a way that it will be easier to answer and pay the users for the questions answered even if they’re screened out in the middle of the survey.

PaidViewPoint Survey:

The surveys on Paid View Point will be engaging and visibly pleasant that don’t stress us while taking surveys.

When I used to take surveys on some of the market research panels like ValuedOpinions, I used to feel stressed because one survey question will have a lot of options and the formatting of the survey makes it harder to choose the answer. They will have a lot of answers stuffed in one place, as shown below.

Survey hard to answer

Too many questions and too many options on one page will make things look overwhelming.

But in the case of PaidViewPoint surveys, it will be shorter in most cases and very easier to read the questions, answer them.

And they designed the questions and answers in such a way that it doesn’t stress the survey takers.

Paidviewpoint panel survey

As you can see, the PaidViewPoint surveys are very easy to answer. This is the reason why you should try the PaidViewPoint Panel.

How Much does PaidViewPoint pay for taking surveys?

So, now you know that the PaidViewPoint surveys are easier and interesting to take, it’s now time to dig in deeper on how much you can earn taking PaidViewPoint surveys.

The number of survey invitations they send to a member will be based on the demographics.

While Paid ViewPoints Panel is available on most of the countries, members from the tier 1 countries usually get more opportunities compared to the members from other locations in the world.

This is by default happen because of the number of studies targeted on locations where businesses cherish.

Speaking about the pay rate of Paid ViewPoint surveys, most of the survey invitations promised to pay more than $1 per survey.

While comparing to other paid survey sites that have an average pay rate below $1, the Paid ViewPoint survey rate is pretty high but not high as Pinecone Research, which tops with $3 per survey.

Paidviewpoint survey pay rate invitation

As you can see, one of the survey invitations sent by PaidViewPoint, most of the survey pay rate max out at $1.50.

I’ve received a few survey invitations that pay as low as $0.20, but they were the easier one.

What makes PaidViewPoint differ from other Survey Panels:

While most of the survey panels pay their members-only after completing the survey, Paid ViewPoint pays for whatever you answer.

For example, if you’re taking a survey in other survey panels, in the case screen out happens at any part of the survey, they won’t pay you.

But, Paid ViewPoint surveys pay their users for answering every question in the survey. Even if you get a screen out, you will be compensated accordingly.

This feature is available on very few survey panels. Tap Research OfferWall in GPT sites pay in a similar pattern.

Paid ViewPoint Trait Surveys:

Another unique feature of the Paid ViewPoint panel is the Trait survey.

The Trait surveys are smaller surveys that pay $0.03 upon completion.

Trait surveys are kind of profile surveys that will be mostly collect data about you to keep your account updated.

I’ve answered a few trait surveys related to psychology.

Paidviewpointpanel trait survey

Try to answer all the trait surveys and increase your trait score to get more opportunities to take real surveys.

PaidViewPoint Panel’s TrustScoreSM:

The survey data quality has been a great headache for the market research panels in the past.

They were unable to collect accurate data because of random answers given by some of the survey takers. In other words, they were having a hard time dealing with the cheaters.

While the paid survey sites were implementing a lot of security measures to catch the cheaters, those were the short term and inaccurate. Now every survey site has its own fraud detection techniques to catch the cheaters and reward the true opinion.

On the other hand, PaidViewPoint has introduced TrustScoreSM which to measure the performance and consistency of the survey takers.

You must answer the surveys honestly and maintain a legit demographical data that is often updated through Trait surveys to stay updated.

Frequent mismatch of data and choosing random answers in the survey will lead to low TrustScoreSM.

Increase Opportunities and Survey Rate:

Paidviewpoint research survey complete

With fair practices, you can increase the income on PaidViewPoint Panel.

Besides opportunities, PaidViewPoint has emphasized that the survey takers with a good TrustScore will get higher pay per survey compared to regular users.

What is means is that if you continue to provide opinions for the companies which help to extract accurate insights, your answers get more value. More value equals more money.

PaidViewPoint VIP Referral Program:

PaidViewPoint has one of the reliable survey referral programs.

They pay a 20% referral commission with $25 per potential referral. You can work on getting referrals to the Paid ViewPoint instead of Paid to Click sites.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can join the VIP community builder club for additional benefits.

Paidviewpoints VIP request

The PaidViewPoint member(s) who never broke the rule and have over 100 referrals can apply for the VIP community builder club.

They will manually approve the entry after a review.

PaidViewPoint Payments:

Paid view point earnings

While most of the survey panels prefer to pay the user with gift vouchers, Paid ViewPoint panel payments are processed via verified PayPal accounts.

The minimum payout threshold is $15.

Here’s the PaidViewPoint payment proof,

Paidviewpoint Payment email

Complete the Profile to Earn your first Dollar:

During the registration process, Paid viewpoint Panel pays $1 for completing the profile survey.

Profile completion ensures that the survey invitations you receive are relevant. It’s the way you can control the type of survey you wish to answer.

So, make sure to answer the profile survey, taking your time to prevent unnecessary screen outs in the future.

Paidviewpointpanel profile

Paid viewpoint Sign up:

Get started with the Paid ViewPoint survey panel today to earn money by taking surveys.

Click here to join – Paid ViewPoint Registration.

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