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PTR or paid to read is otherwise called as E-mail reading job or e-mail checking job and it is similar to the paid to click jobs. The only difference is, you'll get e-mails to your inbox from the corresponding site and you'll have to click the Ad in the e-mail to earn. In case of PTC jobs you'll have to log in to your account every time for clicking the ads. Some e-mail jobs pays you just for opening their mails in your inbox.

What is E- mail reading/checking jobs


  • The best top 10 genuine PTR sites | E-mail reading jobs are listed here. Get an idea about each site & join one or more that you prefer.
  • Sign up with your e-mail Id.
  • You will get verification mail from the site you've joined. Click verify/confirm to complete your account registration.
  • You'll get e-mails daily to your inbox. Open it and just click the link provided to goto the advertisers page.
  • Stay there for the recommended time and close the page. Your reward will be credited directly to your account.
  • Some sites pays you for just receiving e-mails to your inbox. You don't have to read in order to earn. You just have to subscribe to that website.


  • In most of the sites they provide internal mailbox in their site itself. So, they won't send any paid e-mails to your primary G-mail/yahoo inbox. Instead you have to log in  to your account of the particular site to check paid e-mails. 

Example of paid mails in site's inbox
  • Some sites will send e-mails directly to your primary e-mail account like g-mail or yahoo. You have to click the link provided in the mail to earn.
Sample Paid e-mail in primary inbox like gmail, yahoo | Genuine PTR jobs


  • You can get additional income by referring friends. Most of the site provides this facility for their members.
  • Unlike referral facility in PTC which offers just 1 level referral, PTR sites provides commission for referrals up to 7 level.
  • You will get referral's sign up bonus, commission from referral's earnings and commission for referral's upgrade.
  • You can refer people by asking them to signup using your user ID.
  • You can also refer people by posting your referral link in social medias, forums, comments etc.


  • You don't need any special talents to work.
  • You should have a PC with an internet connection with static IP address. Because some sites will ban your account if you work from a shared internet connection or from PC's that uses dynamic IP address.
  • Basic English and computer knowledge to navigate is enough for checking mails.
  • You should be at least 14 years old to join these sites and 18 years old  to receive your payments through any payment processor.


  • Be aware of scam sites. Few sites won't pay your earnings.
  • Scam sites are lesser while comparing with PTC sites.
  • Before you join you should open an account in any payment processor. Try to open an account in Paypal, because most of the sites process their payments through Paypal.
  • But in case of Paypal you should have verified account to receive your payments. 
  • Do not force anyone to join as your referral (For example: sending e-mail to unknown people asking them to join). If they get any report about you, your account may be banned. 
  • Join more sites to improve your earnings, as there will be a limitation for earnings per day in each site.


  • Easy to work.
  • No investment in most of the sites.


  • More scams, less when compared to PTC sites.
  • Have to check your inbox regularly. Else you may not get paid e-mails in future.

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