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Note – This page is the continuation of the Top 10 best PTC sites.

So, if you’ve directly landed in this page, I recommend you to click the link given above to find the actual list of top PTC sites in the world since this article is the continuation of the list that contains additional PTC sites for the PTC users who are looking forward to building their paid to click portfolio in order to increase their earnings.

These PTC sites are genuine. The fact is these add benefits to the PTC users who are in need of an upgrade in monthly income by extending their regime to other PTC sites. The fact these PTC sites are on the second page is that they don’t work well for the beginners. For example, Neobux is considered being the king of the PTC sites, but what I found is it doesn’t work for new PTC users who cannot invest and many claims losing their money by renting refs.

Why don’t you expand your list of paid to click sites by joining these additional PTC sites?

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Survey Rates – Up to 200 Referral commission – 10 Minimum Payout – 100
Payment method – Amazon.in, Paytm, BMS, Freecharge, Lifestyle Join X-Surveys
15. Neobux:
Neobux PTC site
PPC – $0.001 – $0.02 Referral commission – 50% Neobux Review
Direct Referrals – Limited Rented Referrals – Varies Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – Airtm, Neteller, Skrill Join Neobux
16. Donkeymails:
PPC – $0.001 – $0.01 Referral commission – 20% Donkeymails Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – Bitcoin, Payeer, STP, Perfect Money Join Donkeymails
17. Wordlinx:
PPC – $0.001 – $0.01 Referral commission – 50%
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – PayPal Join Wordlinx
18. Paidverts:
PPC – $0.001 – $0.05 Referral commission – 10%
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $0.50
Payment method – Payeer, Bitcoin, STP, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Neteller Join Paidverts
Building Paid to Click Portfolio:

One of the main things a paid to click user should concentrate is building his portfolio. Being said, the PTC app, Buxenger will play an important role in building the PTC portfolio.

The Buxenger is the app that helps the users to maintain accounts of different PTC sites at one place. You will be able to save your account details, find new legitimate PTC sites and so do work on all the PTC sites at one time.

Usually, as time passes, the paid to click users will get bored about maintaining their portfolio, but with Buxenger, it will help to save your time.

Besides these, the Buxenger is a great tool for the people to refer new members to multiple PTC sites just by referring them to the Buxenger. The app enables the feature to share your referral link of all the PTC sites. So, when a new user joins under you on Buxenger, you can generate referrals for PTC sites too.

Apart from depending on the Buxenger, create your own strategy to building your Portfolio. Also, upgrade your account to premium to increase the ad click rates and the referral click rates.

Why PTC sites are impressive?

The PTC sites have helped many people to earn a huge amount of money in the shortest time with no knowledge. The people who have spent time and put hard work into referring users have made thousands of dollars from home. This is great news for work from home moms, job seeking teens, etc.

If you’re the one looking out for the ways to make money online without technical knowledge, then PTC site would be the best option for you. Join more PTC sites, learn how to generate referrals and make thousands of dollars from the PTC sites.

PTC sites are a really great gift to online job seekers. Similarly, the PTC sites will be a great help for the students to earn their pocket money.

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  1. Imran Zaheer

    Please advise which payment options are valid and reliable for Pakistan.

    1. Tamil Arasan

      You may use Bitcoin by default. Or check out if one of these is available in your country Payoneer, AirTm, STP, Skrill, Perfect Money.

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