The Bitcoin cash(BCH) cryptocurrency is the hard fork of Bitcoin(BTC). Since ever it was created, due to the overall popularity of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin cash started to grow at a rapid speed with decent value against USD. Like Bitcoin faucets, there are Bitcoin cash faucets available on the internet where you can claim free BCH instantly by solving a captcha.


Bitcoin cash faucets

What is Bitcoin cash faucet?

  • The Bitcoin cash faucet is a program created just to reward its users with a small part of Bitcoin cash for visiting their website once every few minutes.
  • Bitcoin cash faucets are not so popular as the Bitcoin faucets but it is said to make a great impact in the future.
  • The Bitcoin cash faucets make its income from the advertising and from javascript miners to pay its users.
  • When a user reaches the BCH faucet, he will be asked to fill the captcha to claim free BCH. The BCH will be added to his account or to the micro wallet.
  • The BCH faucets will dispense only a little amount of Bitcoin cash each time when the users claim. The user has to get a lot of referrals to earn a significant amount of Bitcoin cash.
Recommended guides for the new cryptocurrency faucet users:
The users must understand about the Bitcoin cash faucets and its working to make it worth spending time on the faucets. Since Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash faucets work the same, make use of the Bitcoin faucet tutorials.
This is the guide to beginners who use faucets – What is BCH faucet?
This guide is to make the most out of faucets – How to earn more BCH from faucets.
Requirements to start working on BCH faucets:
  • The BCH faucet users need Bitcoin cash wallet in order to receive their earnings. You can download a local Bitcoin cash wallet or you can use the Coinbase to receive the BCH. The Coinbase provides the feature to create BTC, ETH, LTC wallet in the same account. So, if you’re an Altcoin user, Coinbase should be a great fit to manage cryptocurrencies at the same place.
BCH wallet address to earn BCH from Bitcoin cash faucets
  • The Bitcoin cash can be sold for USD and other currencies on Coinbase. The BCH can also be sold on the third party trading apps like Zebpay.
  • The faucet users should not create more than one account using the same IP address. Faucet scripts are designed to ban multiple accounts created in the same IP address.
  • Some BCH faucets do not support new BCH wallet address format that starts with (Ex. q). You will have to convert it in the legacy format.
  • Nowadays, most of the faucets use Microwallets to pay the earnings. Create an account on FaucetHub since it is the most used Microwallet by the faucet owners.
This list uses few terms that are used to understand the working of the faucets. The definition of the terms used in the table are listed below.
Revisit time – The faucets operate mainly based on online advertising and cryptocurrency mining. To maintain a balanced environment, the faucets allow the users to claim BCH only once every few minutes. The time gap between two claims is called revisit time. For example, if the users claim BCH now, they must wait for another 15 minutes to claim BCH again from the same faucet.
Microwallet – The micro wallet is the crypto payment services created to handle crypto payments. The micro wallets help the users to accumulate their earnings safely and withdraw their earnings to their main wallet without any miner fees. Usually, faucets which pay through micro wallets don’t scam the users and the faucets which run out of BCH can be traced very easily. FaucetHub is the most used trusted Micro wallet.
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Top 10 list of best Bitcoin cash faucets 2018 to earn BCH:


List of best BCH faucets with high payout:


S. No Faucet name Min claim Max claim Revisit time Ref comm Payout Register
1. Moon cash 40 500 5 mins 25% Coinpot Join Mooncash
Ad Makeculous $0.0001 $0.01 NA 10% Coinbase Join Makeculous
2. Faucet crypto 40 600 5 mins 20% Direct Join Faucetcrypto
3. All Coins 33 450 4 mins 25% F.H/Direct Join Allcoins
4. Big BTC 25 100 5 mins 20% Faucet Hub Join BigBTC
5. Bitco life 50 200 1 min 20% Faucet Hub Join Bitcolife
6. 8raa faucet 100 300 5 mins 10% Faucet Hub Join 8raa faucet
Ad Clixsense NA NA NA 25% Cash Join Clixsense
7. Get free Coin 25 150 5 mins 25% Faucet Hub Join Getfreecoin
8. Sky Faucet 50 500 3 mins 20% Faucet Hub Join Skyfaucet
9. Coin mads 100 150 5 mins 10% Faucet Hub Join Coinmads
10. Claim f BCH 70 150 5 mins 10% Faucet Hub Join ClaimfBCH

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