Online Email Marketing Jobs for Freelancers to Work at Home

E-mail marketing is one of the traditional ways to reach targeted customers in this internet world for years and there is a huge demand for workers in the e-mail marketing job. Though automated software is used by many companies for internet marketing it is not considered a potential way of email marketing which is prone to be marked as spamming.

If you feel you are worth this job then you are going to earn a good amount by working at home just for an hour or two per day. The good thing is email marketing jobs don’t require any investment.

Companies that hire workers to do email marketing manually. Email marketers are hired both on a full-time basis and a part-time basis. You can use this huge opportunity to earn money from home part-time. Apart from email marketing, some clients hire all-in-one marketing workers who can manage social media marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Online email marketing jobs

About Email Marketing:

  • Email marketing is the process of delivering commercial or business messages to targeted customers through email.
  • An email marketer is a person who maintains the email marketing process of a company.
  • Internet branding, creating business opportunities, email sales, and reminding loyalty programs are some examples of email marketing.
  • Email marketing is a part of affiliate marketing where affiliate marketers use email marketing to generate leads and sales to advertisers.
  • Bloggers make use of email marketing to market their new and existing content to the readers.

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Skills required for Email Marketing Job:

  • Finding out the right customers is the most challenging part of online marketing. Maintaining a nontargeted group of people is a waste of time. So, the skill of targeting the right customer group is very important for email marketing.
  • You should be able to maintain your professionalism in email marketing to sustain yourself in the internet business. Quantity without quality is useless.
  • Planning and organizing are required to get success in internet marketing. Lead your email marketing career to success by planning and organizing effectively.
  • Analyzing the results of marketing and improving the brand among spam is very important. Engagement of users is one of the easiest ways to find the results. Using these results the marketer should be able to improve user engagement and CTR in the future.
  • If you know about email marketing software and own a pro version, clients will contact you directly after a few days.
  • In a few cases, clients look for workers who have some knowledge of SEO and WordPress. If you’re good at these then you’re going to get hired for sure.

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How to Find Online Email Marketing Jobs:

To find an email marketing job, freelance marketplaces are the best place. The freelance marketplaces are the websites that are created to connect the workers like you with potential clients who require services.

Join a freelance site, complete your profile and create a portfolio to let the clients know about your skills and certifications.

In the event of searching for an email marketing job, you must join more freelance sites to find opportunities posted by various clients across the world.

Finding email marketing jobs on freelance sites

Tons of internet marketing jobs are posted every day on freelance sites. Browse the available jobs in the internet marketing category to find the email marketing job.

There may not be direct email marketing jobs available, try to analyze the offers posted under the internet marketing category to find if it fits your requirements.

Finding email marketing job freelance sites

Use the search boxes and categories/tags to find the email marketing job postings quickly. After finding a job, click on it to find more information and specifications as shown below.

Email marketing job specifications

Once you find the relevant posting, read the given instructions carefully and if you have the required skills and qualifications, you can submit your proposal.

Since the clients are going to choose only the best proposals, make sure your profile is up to date. A client will easily identify a potential profile through the process. Hence, make sure your profile is authentic and relevant.

The other thing you should take care of is the pricing. Freelance sites allow freelance email marketers to let the clients know about the pricing while submitting the proposal. Your deal should satisfy the clients and also it should not be too low which might make it look like a spam deal.

After careful review, the client might hire you for an email marketing job. I recommend you to join more than one freelance site to get a job as soon as possible.

In the case of payment, most of the clients pay money on an hourly basis. Earnings can be withdrawn through Paypal or check.

Start your email marketing job today at the best freelance sites.

Become an Email Marketing gig Seller at Fiverr:

If you want the clients to let know about your email marketing skills, you may sell the email marketing services as a freelancer instead of searching for an email marketing job posted by an employer.

Fiverr is a great place for email marketers to start their email marketing business as a freelancer.

They will provide full freedom to create a customized seller profile on their site for how much ever price need to sell.

Just sign up at Fiverr, create your first gig and start your email marketing job business today.

Remember that the title and the description matter while creating a gig on Fiverr. If you’re new to Fiverr, you may make use of this guide to learn how to create a gig to make money on Fiverr.

About Freelance Sites:

  • There are lots of freelance sites available on the internet of which most of them are a scam. Authentic sites are built with strong terms and management. The only disadvantage of the authentic freelance site is that there will be an immense competition where you might get buried under the best.
  • So, make sure you’re skilled to stand out from the crowd to make thousands of dollars doing email marketing on these freelance sites.
  • The sites listed are legitimate and live and plenty of new jobs are posted by thousands of trusted world-class clients.
  • By clicking the link you can learn more specific about each freelance site.

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