How to Earn Money by Reading Books Online | Sites to Get Paid to Read

Have you ever thought if someone would pay you for reading e-books online? Yes, there is a rewarding site that pays money for reading books online called PaidBooks.

Hundreds of storybooks are available on the PaidBook, where you can claim money just by turning pages of a book once every ten minutes. Read this article to learn how to earn money reading books online and find the list of get paid to read books websites.

Get paid to read books on paid books

How to Start Earning Money by Reading Books:

  • Paid books don’t pay real money that can be withdrawn through Paypal. Instead, they pay in Bitcoin virtual currency.
  • After accumulating enough Bitcoins, they can be exchanged for cash.
  • If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, read this article to know the basics of Bitcoin and its advantages.
  • Bitcoins are the most valuable currency in the world, a few times the rate of 1฿ used to rise above $20000.
  • To start receiving the payments you should own a Bitcoin wallet. Read this article to create a Bitcoin wallet before you start.

Registration Procedure on Paid Books:


Registration | Paid books
  • In most cases, you will not be asked to enter your email ID while registering on Bitcoin rewarding sites. But, in Paid Books you have to enter your valid email address to receive your payments.
  • To register, enter your email address and Bitcoins address. Bitcoin address will be available on the wallet homepage.
  • Then click ‘finish registration’ to complete. Once, registration is complete you can log in directly just by using your BTC address and there is no necessity for a password.

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How to Get Paid to Read Books:

  • Here is how you can get paid to read books on PaidBooks. Once you successfully log into your account, the front cover of hundreds of books will be displayed.
List of books get on Paid Books
  • If you wish to study, you can select a book by selecting the genre. If you just want to earn money, just select any book at random.
  • The e-book will open on a new tab. Scroll till the end and leave the page idle for 10 minutes to start claiming.
Wait for 10 minutes to activate the button on Paid Books
  • You can do anything while waiting for 10 minutes and you don’t have to stay on the same page.
  • Once the timer completes, the proceed button will be activated as shown below.
Click "next page" button to get paid for reading the book page


  • Now, click on the “Get paid to turn to next page” button to claim the Bitcoin.
  • To prevent bots and fraudulent activities, you will be asked to solve the captcha before you can claim.
Solve the captcha to claim Bitcoin
  • Once the captcha is solved you can click continue to turn the page.
  • The allotted Bitcoin will be credited to your account directly. And the pay rate per page will differ each day depending on the Bitcoin to the United States Dollar exchange amount.
Successfully claimed bitcoins | PaidBooks

Make use of the Paid Books Referral Program:

  • If you wish to earn more Bitcoins refer your friends to Paid Books.
  • They pay 25% as referral commission. So, if you refer just 100 friends and they earn 0.01฿ per month you will get 0.0025฿ as referral commission and hope you know what is the rate of 1฿ as mentioned above.

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Paid Books Payment terms:

  • You cannot receive any payment without a Bitcoin wallet. Create a Bitcoin wallet now.
  • Paid books will send mail to your mailbox, once your account reaches the payout limit. You should click the confirmation link to process your payment.
  • Payment will be directly sent to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Payments are processed Monday every week.

Registration link PaidBooks.

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Other Get Paid to Read Sites:

Get paid to read books

While the site listed above pays for reading books directly without any terms, there are more websites where you can earn money by reading books online.

But, these sites do not pay for reading e-Books directly, instead, they pay for reading the content and completing the instructions.

1. Online Book Club:

The Online Book Club is one of the best sites to get paid to read books.

It’s one of the oldest community which pay the readers for reading books to give a review on the books.

Being one of the best eBook forums with thousands of potential readers, Online Book Club helps the book writers and content creators to get feedback on their books from their community.

You could be a part of their community to help the content creators to get better and earn money at the same time.

Online Books Club get paid

Online Books Club needs to update its website to improve the user experience and increase the opportunity for the readers.

By improving their website, they could attract more potential books to be get reviewed by the readers.

For now, become part of their free online community specially made for book lovers and earn money.

Learn more Online Book Club.

2. Appen:

Appen is a crowdsourcing website that provides online micro jobs to millions of workers directly and indirectly via the GPT channels like Ysense.

They don’t pay for reading books. It’s the place where you can find tasks in hundreds of categories of which article reading, and analyzing the articles are part of their tasks.

You may find the tasks relevant to reading and reviewing to earn money.

It’s a potential place to earn money online since you don’t have to completely depend on the simple task of reading instead you will be able to do thousands of potential micro jobs to earn up to $5 per task.

These online jobs don’t require any skills, hence if you have a PC connected to the internet, you’re eligible to be a part of their community.

Remember that they will be very strict when it comes to accuracy. Hence try to complete tasks with accuracy to be a part of their projects for a long time!

Learn more Appen Tasks.

I hope you have got an idea of how to earn money by reading books online. It’s not a reliable way to earn money, but it’s still possible.

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