DonkeyMails Review Update | No More Pay for Reading Emails

Update – no more pays for reading the emails. However, you can continue to read emails and use the earnings as part of advertising. You may not able to withdraw earnings anymore.

DonkeyMails is one of the genuine most trusted PTR, the PTC site started in 2005. Here you will be paid to read (PTR) i.e. you can earn money by reading e-mail and get paid to click (PTC). Other than ad clicking you can earn through PTSU, promotion, offers, etc.

One of the best features of donkey mails is you can withdraw your earnings even if it is $0.000001 and even less, with no minimum payout. Donkey mails is the only PTR site that offers 5 level referral facility which is explained later. Continue to read the update Donkeymails review.

They have taken this decision since the fall of Paid to click industry. Currently, they have planned to work only on advertising.

Donkeymails review

DonkeyMails Registration Procedure:

  • Registration link – Donkeymails.
  • USA members are paid to complete the offers on the right side of the page. Not valid for people from other parts of the world.
  • On the home page click sign up or directly enter your e-mail address if you see a box as shown below.
Enter your e-mail ID in this box available in Donkeymails home page
  • A verification link will be sent to your e-mail inbox as shown below.
Click the e-mail verification link to go the Donkeymails registration page
  • Click that verification link to start registration. When you click it you will be taken to the registration page as shown below.
Registration form | Donkey mails
  • Choose your desired username and select both “Site Inbox & email” in send email to option, only then you will receive paid e-mail to both your e-mail inbox and donkey mails account inbox.
  • Fill all your personal information like your name, address, residence, etc.
  • Select all the options in the categories of interest. Only then you will receive more emails, which means more earnings. Don’t tick Adult 21+ if you don’t want to receive emails regarding adult content.
  • Select a payment option and enter your payment e-mail ID below that.
  • Choose a password of your desire. You should remember the username and password to log into your account in the future.
  • Click sign up to complete the registration process.

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Donkeymails Review:

Email Reading Tasks on Donkeymails:

Once you complete the signup, log into your account to start earning. Initially, any paid e-mail will be there in both inboxes. In the meantime, you can continue with PTC ads before you get paid mails.

After some hours you will get paid mails as shown below.

Paid to read e-mail ad

The Donkeymails will contain several links as shown above. To get paid click only the link below the paid ad indicated in the black oval. You can find two links below that click the link that is pointed to, you will not be paid even if you click the other link.

Don’t click the non-paid ads indicated in the red oval. It’s the waste of time as you will not be paid for that click.

Don’t click the donate link indicated in the yellow oval. If you click that link $0.001 will be deducted from your account. Click that only if you really want to donate donkey mail.

Click the correct number among the group of numbers displayed below | Donkey mails

Once you click the link below the paid ad a new page will load, as shown above, click the correct matching numbers to continue with the advertisement as shown below. You have to stay on the page for 15 seconds to get paid. No timer bar will be available as seen in most of the new PTC sites.

Advertisement clicked | Donkey mails
Your account is credited, now you can close the page after receiving this message

After 15 seconds you will get a message as shown above. You can close the page and continue with other PTR or PTC ads which are explained below.

Even though if you don’t get mail in your primary (ex. g-mail) inbox, some paid mails will be available in the donkey mail account inbox named as ‘your inbox’. Check it regularly.

If the paid mail is not clicked for 7 days it will be automatically deleted. Be an active member of donkey mail.

Donkeymails PTC Task:

Paid to click ads | Donkey mails

Clicking PTC ads are other ways to earn money in donkey mails. Click ‘paid to click to start, paid to click ads are displayed as shown above.

Follow the same procedure as done for PTR ads.

Paid to Review on Donkeymails:

Get paid for reviewing websites. Click “Get paid to review!” to see the available offers as shown below.

Rate and review the websites and get paid | Donkey mails

Click the text ad to see the advertisement. Take a look at that website, come back to this page and write a review & rate that website between 1 to 5 and click submit. Your account will be automatically credited with $0.001.

Donkeymails PTSU:

Earn up to $10 for completing each paid-to-sign-up offer.

Click ‘paid2signup’ on the home page to view the available paid to sign up offers as shown below. 

PTSU | Donkey mails

Complete these offers and also place the verification code in the box and click submit. After review, your account will be automatically credited.

If you are from tier 1 countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the United States of America you will have special paid to sign up offers. Click “paid2signup search countries” to view special offers with a high pay rate.

Donkeymails Referral Program:

As said early donkey mails are the only PTR site that offers 5 level referral program to earn money. You will be paid for your referral’s clicks.

The percentage of commission per level is 10% – direct referral, 5% – indirect referral or direct referral’s referral, 3% – third level referral, 2% – fourth level referral and 1% from 5th level referral.

Tips How to get more free referrals.

Paid to Promote:

Paid to promote is a simple way to earn money. Post your referral link in your approved website, blog, social media, etc. You will be paid off if someone clicks that link. If the click is made by a person from tier 1 country you will be paid more.

Donkey mails do not accept spamming. Don’t post your referral link along in social media, tell something about it. You will also have a chance of getting a new referral down line.

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Offers and Lottery: 

Complete the offers to earn more money. Click the Offer wall to view the available offers and click the offer, complete it, get paid.

Get a chance to win $25 by playing the lottery.

Payment Methods:

Be updated that Donkeymails don’t pay anymore. You can only use the earnings for advertising.

Donkey mails pay your earnings through anyone of this payment processor Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay, Sensipay, OK pay, Solid Trust Pay, and Bitcoin.

There is no minimum payout for Okpay and Sensipay.

The minimum payout for Paypal, perfect money, and Egopay is $1.

Payza minimum payout – $1.06 and solid trust pay – $2.50.

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Donkeymails Payment Proof:

Donkeymails eardrums

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