Best CPA Affiliate Networks for Publishers 2023

CPA affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging, social media, email marketing, and search. Tons of publishers make thousands of dollars every month promoting CPA affiliate program offers. By implementing proper marketing techniques, you can increase the conversions to multiply the income.

CPA affiliate networks are the heart of performance-based advertising. Affiliates should choose affiliate networks with the best performing offers to earn more money. This article explains the CPA affiliate marketing system and lists the top 10 CPA affiliate networks.

CPA affiliate networks

About CPA Affiliate Marketing System:

  • CPA stands for cost per action, also called PPA(Pay Per Action). The CPA marketing process is called cost-per-action affiliate marketing.
  • CPA affiliate networks pay the affiliates on a performance basis, which means the visitor has to click the affiliate link/banner and complete a pre-defined action(s).
  • There are various types of offers available on the CPA networks which pay for actions like single opt-in sign-up, double opt-in sign-up, e-mail submits, mobile app installs, completing the survey, downloading toolbars & Softwares, free product & service trials, watching video, review, etc.
  • CPA affiliate marketing system allows two types of traffic (i). incentivized traffic and (ii) non-incentivized traffic.
  • Incentivized offers can be promoted by paying the user for installing apps, watching videos, survey completion, email submits are the example of incentivized CPA offers.
  • Non-incentivized offers do not allow the affiliates to reward the users/visitors to complete an action. Targeted sign-ups, email submits are examples of non-incentivized offers.

How Does CPA Affiliate Network Work:

  • CPA affiliate networks will have additional features and tools when compared to the CPS affiliate networks and the PPL affiliate networks.
  • The CPA affiliate networks connect advertisers with potential affiliates by listing out the performance ads/offers of the advertisers in their offer list.
  • Affiliates can choose the best performing offers and promote them on their blog and other traffic sources. When a visitor/user completes an action by clicking the affiliate link, the affiliate will be paid by the advertisers indirectly through the CPA affiliate program.
  • For listing the advertiser’s products/services to the potential affiliates, managing the tools, tracking the conversions, and exposing the products/services to the world, the advertiser pays a fee to the CPA affiliate network.

Types of CPA Program Offers & Tools Explained:

Non-Incentivized Offers:

When the affiliates promote a non-incentivized offer, they must not reward/force a visitor/user to complete the offer. Non-incentivized offers are high quality, high paying, and professional. Affiliate networks will list the traffic source below the offer, which should be strictly followed to prevent the banning of the affiliate accounts. Advertisers will have the technology to automatically filter the non-targeted leads. CPA affiliate networks with non-incentivized offers will approve affiliates only after complete background verification.

Incentivized Offers:

When the affiliates promote an incentivized offer, they can reward/pay the visitors to complete an action by clicking the affiliate link/banner/other tools. Affiliate networks will not be strict on monitoring the traffic source used to promote these offers. Incentivized offers are high paying, but the conversion rate & EPC will be lower. These offers perform best on rewarding sites, cashback programs, In-game rewards, etc.

The CPA affiliate network provides different tools to promote the non-incentivized offers such as the content locker, product locker, app locker, video locker, link locker, offer wall, API, SDK, etc. Affiliates can use these tools to promote the offers and increase the conversion based on the promotion platform they use to run the offers. With lockers, the visitor must complete an action before they can access the locked source. Bloggers can lock their free codes, premium content, products, the external link and earn money from the visitor’s action. The combination of CPC monetization and CPA monetization will double/triple the monthly income.


The OfferWall is a special tool made available for the publishers on a few CPA affiliate programs that automate the job of publishers to promote offers.

OfferWall automatically chooses the best performing offers in the country with higher EPC to generate high profits from the Publishers.

A lot of CPA sites listed below have OfferWall integration, however, you can check the list of OfferWall ad networks.

I hope now you know what is CPA marketing. Here is the list of best CPA affiliate networks.

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Best CPA Affiliate Network Sites that Pay Weekly:

1. MyLead:

mylead cpa network

  • MyLead has over 400,000 registered users from all over the world.
  • MyLead offers many monetization tools, including four types of Content Lockers, an original link cloaking system called HideLink, ready-to-use Ad Banners, VOD, Deeplinks, Smartlinks, A/B Tests, API, etc.
  • MyLead has over 3000 affiliate programs from 20 different categories, including the most popular ones, like dating, gambling, and finance.
  • You can choose one of 5 different remuneration types, including CPL, CPS, CPA, PPI and COD.
  • MyLead is known for its unique support system and mentorship so that every publisher has additional help any time they need it.
  • Everyone is welcome at MyLead. You don’t need to own a website, or have any following.
  • MyLead has won many industry awards, including The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Network and The Best Crypto Affiliate Network from Afflift and The Best Affiliate Network and The Best Affiliate Program from Affiliatefix.

Requirements – Email address.

Tools – Content Lockers, Cloaker, Banners, VOD, Deeplinks, Smartlinks, A/B Tests, API

Approval Process – Instant approval after email verification.

Minimum Payout – $20.

Payout Frequency – NET14.

Payment Methods – Bank Transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, Revolut, Skrill.

Sign up – MyLead

2. Olavivo:

Olavivo CPA affiliate marketing network to level up earnings

Olavivo is a go to CPA affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

Their network is filled with offers of different verticals which includes crypto, finance, pay per lead generation, and sweepstakes.

While organic SEO traffic works well for Olavivo offers, they accept various high quality social media traffic such as FB ads, Snapchat ads, YouTube ads, and Tiktok ads & also native traffic from high quality networks such as Taboola, Revcontent, MGID, and Outbrain.

Up on approval, Olavivo will assign a dedicated account manager to level up your earnings.

Requirements – A website.

Approval Process – Account approval by the AM.

Minimum Payout – $250.

Payout Frequency – Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, NET7.

Payment Methods – PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Wire, Payoneer.

Sign up Olavivo.

3. Admitad:

Admitad CPA affiliate network

  • Admitad is a cost per action based network that delivers all your advertising needs. The Admitad offers reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to ensure the monetization of traffic.
  • Established in Germany in 2009 currently, Admitad is present globally. Admitad has its innovative in-house platform, premium payments on request starting from $20, a variety of modern tools, and globally known brands.
  • Admitad has a user-friendly interface and provides its affiliates with regularly renewed statistics and analytics.
  • Admitad has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. Currently, it supports over 1300 affiliate programs and over 550000 publishers trust the company.
  • The main technical advantages: anti-fraud technologies, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, in-house platform.
  • Admitad conducts global corporate events for the publishers. The network develops every publisher and helps every affiliate to grow within the Admitad network to increase its revenues.
  • Finance, Mobile, e-commerce, travel, online games, and the major categories of Admitad offers.
  • The Admitad prepayment option makes sure each penny of yours is safe. You will be paid for the conversions on time even though if there is a delay in receiving advertiser’s payment. This makes the Admitad more reliable and highly trustworthy.

Requirements – A website/Adspace.

Tools – Banners, wordpress plugin, Money link, Adwordsintegration, etc.

Approval Process – Instant account approval & Offers approval by AM.

Minimum Payout – $20.

Payout Frequency – Weekly.

Payment Methods – PayPal, e-Payments, and Wire Transfer.

Sign up Admitad.

4. Adscend Media:

Adscend Media CPA affiliate program
  • Adscend Media is one of the best CPA affiliate networks with tons of incentivized offers.
  • Adscend Media has several unique promotional tools like lockers, offer wall API, rewarded video SDK, Adlock API, etc.
  • The video locker helps the affiliates to earn up to $5 per lead. The users have to view a video before they can unlock the content/service. When the users install the app after watching the trailer video, the affiliate will be paid. The video locker is the simplest monetization feature that does not affect user experience like other lockers.
  • The affiliate can also promote the offers using the standard affiliate links and banners.
  • Adscend Media offers help us monetize international traffic, which covers almost all the countries in the world.
  • Adscend Media allows publishers of all sizes to sign up. The affiliates have to explain their marketing plans to get approval.
  • The personal affiliate manager will assist the affiliates in choosing the best performing offers. Adscend Media will email the offer updates regularly.

Requirements – A website or a mobile app, marketing plans.

Tools – Content locker, Video locker, Offerwall, banners, Adlock API & SDK, WordPress plugin.

Approval Process – Account approval by the AM.

Minimum Payout – $50.

Payout Frequency – NET30.

Payment Methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Check, and ACH.

Review Adscend Media.

Sign up Adscend Media.

5. CPAlead (CPA Affiliate Network for Beginners):

  • CPAlead is one of the best affiliate networks in the CPA affiliate marketing industry. CPAlead is very user-friendly with a lot of high-quality offers.
  • CPAlead runs several campaigns to monetize international traffic while most of the affiliate networks concentrate on the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ traffic.
  • CPAlead is the only CPA network that provides unique tools similar to the CPM ad networks like pop-unders, interstitial ads, direct banner ads to monetize the traffic automatically based on the offer performance.
  • Other than ad-based tools, the lockers on CPAlead are highly customizable. The affiliates can design the landing page in such a way that it generates more leads. There are also some of the pre-designed themes available on CPAlead to choose from.
  • Affiliates can promote the CPAlead offers through any traffic source, such as the blog, social media, search, survey, YouTube, etc.
  • Affiliates do not have to undergo any approval process to join CPAlead. So, if you’re a beginner, CPAlead should help you kickstart your affiliate marketing. Affiliates will have to verify their phone number during the registration process to enter the program.

Requirements – Valid mobile phone number.

Tools – Banners, Pop-Under, Interstitial ads, Content/Link lockers, Custom ad rotator.

Approval Process – Instant approval after mobile number verification.

Minimum Payout – $25.

Payout Frequency – Weekly, NET30.

Payment Frequency – Weekly, NET30.

Review CPAlead.

Sign up CPAlead.

6. RevenueHits:


  • RevenueHits is a CPA ad network which that helps publishers to monetize their traffic using automatic CPA ads. The publishers will be paid only if a user completes an action after clicking the banner/ad.
  • RevenueHits is an ad network similar to CPC ad networks and not an affiliate network. Instead of paying for clicks or impressions, the RevenueHits pay only for action, no matter how much ever clicks the ad receives.
  • The RevenueHits publishers will not control the ads displayed on their site like they have control over the ads of other CPA networks displayed on their website.
  • There are different ad formats available on the RevenueHits, which include the standard banner ads, pop-up ads, slider ads, pop-under ads, shadow ads, interstitial ads, sticky top bar, and button ads.
  • Recently RevenueHits has introduced a new interstitial placement, a top-performing unit with great user experience for the desktop which complies with Google ad policies. This new ad format is said to generate more conversions. So, expect some higher profit using this format.
  • Apart from desktop ads, the RevenueHits have several ad formats to monetize the mobile traffic, which are the mobile dialog box ads, sticky footer banner ads, interstitial ads, notifier ads, and the new tab ads.
  • RevenueHits allows publishers of all sizes to make use of their CPA program without approval. Publishers should sign up and create a new ad placement to earn through this network.

Requirements – A Website to publish ads.

Tools – Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Pop-unders, Notifier ads, Dialog ads, Sticky ads, etc.

Approval process – Instant approval.

Minimum payout – $20.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment method – PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.

Sign up ReveneueHits.

7. Maxbounty:

Maxbounty CPA Network

  • MaxBounty is the best when it comes to CPA affiliate marketing. MaxBounty connects the world’s best advertisers with skilled affiliate marketers.
  • MaxBounty work on the pay per lead(PPL) offers and the cost per action(CPA) offers. Also, there are few Cost Per Sale(CPS) campaigns found on the MaxBounty.
  • About 70% of MaxBounty offers are non-incent offers and there are few incentivized offers available on the MaxBounty ready to be promoted by the publishers.
  • The MaxBounty offers are high paying when compared to their competitor networks. Campaigns are found in over 25+ categories on MaxBounty, including Education, insurance, dating, legal, financial, e-commerce, business, downloads, surveys & routers, mobile apps, e-commerce, etc.
  • MaxBounty is very strict in approving affiliate accounts. They allow only the blogs that have good traffic sources and bloggers with marketing experience to be a MaxBounty affiliate.
  • After signing up, one of the affiliate managers will call the affiliate to discuss the marketing plans. They will approve the account only after interviewing via a phone call.

Requirements – A website to become an affiliate, consistent branding, experience.

Tools – Banners, links, mobile app.

Approval process – On-call interview.

Minimum payout – $100.

Payout frequency – NET15, Weekly payments.

Payment method – PayPal, Wire transfer, Check, Intercash, Bitcoin, ACH.

Sign up Maxbounty.

8. WowTrk:

WOW Trk affiliates
  • WOW Trk is the fastest-growing performance-based affiliate network with over 10000 CPA, CPL, and CPC campaigns to promote.
  • WOW Trk runs campaigns in over 20+ categories and most of them are non-incent offers. The categories in which offers found are adult, finance, binary option, Biz op, dating, travel, trials, surveys, prize draw, gaming, gambling, freebies, health & beauty, insurance, home improvement, forex, deals & discount, etc.
  • Affiliates can sign up on the WOW Trk and start promoting the offers instantly. So, if you’re a startup, stop worrying about your account getting disapproved by premium networks.
  • Affiliate must verify their mobile number during signing up to complete the registration.
  • WOW Trk allows affiliates without a website with the marketing plan to promote their offers through the third-party traffic source. So, again like CPALead, WOW Trk should be a good CPA network for beginners to practice affiliate marketing.

Requirements – Traffic source, mobile phone number.

Tools – Content locker, WordPress plugin, Ad group, mobile app, APIs, a Browser extension.

Approval process – Instant approval after the mobile verification.

Minimum payout £25.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment method – PayPal, Direct deposit, Wire transfer, Check.

9. Panthera Network:

Panthera CPA network
  • The Panthera Network is one of the best CPA affiliate networks featured in the top 20 Cost Per Action affiliate program survey.
  • Panthera network mainly works on incentive CPA offers and non-incent PPL offers. They run over 5000 offers which are promoted by the best advertisers in the world.
  • Most of the campaigns are related to the market research category and other than that offers are found in the categories like Finance, Biz op, rewards, coupons, discounts, health & beauty, freebies, clinical trials, medical research, magazines, books, shopping, cashback, email submits, downloads, toolbars, education, employment, dating, family, pets, children, surveys, etc.
  • Panthera Network approves the account if they find the website fits their network advertisers. After approval, a personal affiliate manager will assist the affiliate to find the best performing offers for the site(s).
  • Panthera rewards $150 to the affiliates who earn $1500 within 60 days from the day of registration.
  • The Panthera Network allows the affiliates to promote the offer(s) through the display, social media, limited incentive traffic, email newsletters, etc.

Requirements – A website/traffic source.

Tools – Ad groups, mobile app, API, pixels/postbacks.

Approval process – Account approval by the AM.

Minimum payout – $50.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment method – PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct deposit.

Sign up Panthera Network.

10. Clickbooth(Now PerformCB):

Clickbooth cpa affiliate program
  • Clickbooth is one of the top 5 performance-based affiliate networks in the world. It is a unique CPA program with tools that increase the publisher’s revenue by up to 40%.
  • The Clickbooth only allows the campaign of high-quality advertisers. If they find a lack in the offer performance, it will be removed from the network. This is done to maintain its brand as the best-performing CPA network.
  • Clickbooth offers groups to help the affiliates to run single campaigns or run the customized group of campaigns. Clickbooth’s exclusive offer blend automatically monetizes the traffic with best-performing offers.
  • Clickbooth promotes offers in over 30 verticals, including travel, beauty, health, insurance, education, skincare, weight loss, fashion, jobs, entertainment, apps, coupons, etc.
  • Clickbooth has strict approval terms. They approve the affiliate accounts that can perform well on CB offers.
  • Experienced affiliates can qualify for participating in the Clickbooth gold program by submitting their income proof at the end of the sign-up process.

Requirements – Website/traffic source, Explanation of the marketing plans.

Tools – Offer groups, links, banners.

Approval process – Account approval by the AM.

Minimum payout – $50.

Payout frequency – NET15, Weekly.

Payment method – Check, Wire Transfer, ACH.

Sign up Clickbooth.

11. AdWork Media:

AdWork Media affiliate program
  • AdWork Media is a CPA affiliate network with offers and features similar to Adscend Media.
  • AdWork Media has plenty of high-quality incentivized campaigns and few non-incent campaigns in almost all categories like email submission, app install, survey completion, trials, freebies, Android & IOS offers, etc.
  • The tools of AdWork Media are designed in such a way to generate high conversion and high EPC. The WordPress plugin helps the affiliate to easily integrate the lockers and other tools in the WordPress blog.
  • AdWork Media’s best performer page is a useful page where we can find the best performing offers in each country and promote the campaigns that generate high EPC.
  • Apart from the inbuilt tools, the personal affiliate managers will be available anytime to assist the affiliates in minutes.
  • To become the AdWork Media publisher, the account should be approved. Sign up with correct information and marketing plans to get approval.

Requirements – A Website or a mobile app or an incentive program.

Tools – Content/product/link/app lockers, API & SDK, banner rotator, OfferWall.

Approval Process – Account approval by the AM.

Minimum Payout – $35.

Payout Frequency – NET30.

Payment Methods – PayPal, Check, ACH direct deposit, Payza, Payoneer.

Review AdWork Media.

Sign up AdWork Media.

CPA Affiliate Programs that have been Closed Recently:

12. PeerFly:

  • PeerFly is the world’s topmost CPA affiliate network and it has been voted as the No:1 CPA affiliate program much time in the previous years by the affiliate and the advertisers.
  • Most of the PeerFly offers are non-incentivized and there are few incentivized offers found on the network. There are also cost per sale campaigns present on PeerFly, which makes it the best all one affiliate program.
  • Campaigns are available in various categories including Beauty, education, web development, Biz op, email submits, finance, dating, loans & payday, Finance, insurance, automotive, downloads, Android & IOS apps, travel, shopping, real estate, technology, taxes, etc.
  • PeerFly is very strict in approving the affiliate & advertiser accounts. The affiliate must undergo four-step verification during sign up including the mobile phone verification and a manual review will be done before approval.

Requirements – A website, experience as an affiliate.

Tools – Split link test, Banners rotator, content locker, API.

Approval process – Automatic Verification and Manual verification.

Minimum payout – $50.

Payout frequency – Weekly, NET15 & NET30.

Payment method – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Postal check.

Sign up Peerfly.

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