Megatypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo – Which is Best?

Megatypers/Protypers, 2Captcha, and Kolotibablo are the largest captcha typing work providers in the world. Many people join these legit data entry sites every day to earn money by solving captcha. But, they have great confusion in choosing the best among them. Megatypers, Kolotibablo, and 2Captcha have their own pros & cons and they are closer in every aspect. I’ve worked on all these sites to test them. In this article, I’ve compared these sites to help you choose the best one to work.

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Megatypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo comparison
About this Comparison:
  • I compared all these sites based on various factors. I rated each factor from 1 to 10 and a logical explanation has been given for each factor and I have provided the scores below.
  • I divided the comparison into three parts: General factors, important factors, and critical factors. We should consider critical factors more than general factors.
  • Since Megatypers and Protypers are the same companies and has got the same features, only one site (Megatypers) has been taken for comparison.

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Megatypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo:

General Factors:

This section contains reviews about the general factors like site layout, speed, etc. The general factors are rated from 1 to 5.

1. Site Layout & Design comparison:

  • Site layout is one of the primary factors that should be taken into consideration, as a clean site layout is a must, to reduce the stress of our eyes, easy to navigate, understand the system, etc.
  • Megatypers has the clean site layout without messing up things. The color pattern is light, which is very important as contrast colors are not good for websites, especially for the job providing sites. The site navigation system is very simple that even a beginner can navigate with no confusion. Also, the site menu is immaculate, which has been put vertically on the left side of the page. Overall, the Megatypers have a very good site layout.
  • Though Megatypers site layout was good, and still its kind of classic. They need to upgrade their website as the technology improves. Megatypers is not a responsive site, means we cannot use it on the mobile phone but only on desktop browsers.
  • 2 captcha has the similar layout as Megatypers, where the menu is placed on the left side of the page. Previously, 2Captcha was confusing for the newbies. But, now 2Captcha has upgraded their website user-friendly and advanced with tons of features.
  • Previously, Kolotibablo used to be clumsy with the site layout. But now Kolotibablo has upgraded their web interface, which seems to be better compared to both 2Captcha and Megatypers. Kolotibablo’s page layout and web design are pretty impressive.

Winner: Kolotibablo.

Score: Megatypers – 2 | 2Captcha – 4.5 | Kolotibablo – 5.

2. Work interface:

Megatypers work interface
Megatypers workers interface
  • Megatypers have designed the working interface perfectly, as it should be. The image box and text box are neatly placed inside the working area. They placed the buttons on the right spot. And as said above, the color of the page is very important to reduce the stress on our eyes. Developers have given a good color combination to the work interface, which is very helpful for members to work at a constant pace with no stress. Apart from this, the workers can Zoom in or Zoom out using the option given at the top right corner of the interface.

2Captcha work interface

  • 2Captcha working area is also designed perfectly. The image and text box placement is close that makes easy to switch our eyes between them. They also placed the buttons on the right spot. Besides these features, 2Captchas also display the earnings, captcha entered and the captcha rates to help the workers stay up to date with their working stats.

Kolotibablo working interface

  • The working interface of Kolotibablo is very advanced and user-friendly compared to the 2Captcha and Megatypers. They’ve got all the information needed for the workers in the interface, including the basic functions like work panel with buttons, captcha rates, speed monitor to advanced features to customize the interface as per the worker’s taste. Sometimes it’s confusing to the beginners. However, as the days pass, the workers will gain knowledge to use those functions of Kolotibablo.
  • Though all three sites are designed very well. Kolotibablo has a simple, highly customizable and more attractive working interface compared to 2Captcha and Megatypers.

Winner: Kolotibablo.

Score: Megatypers – 4.5 | 2Captcha – 4.5 | Kolotibablo – 5.

3. Site loading speed:

  • Slower websites are always frustrating. Developers work very hard to keep the site speed as high as possible without affecting user experience. Site loading speed is considered as the basic factor for the freelancing sites.
  • The Kolotibablo has good loading speed compared to the opponents. Kolotibablo loads quick in both mobile and the desktop version. The site loading speed should not have to be taken into consideration since it is negligible compared to other important elements of the sites.

Winner: Kolotibablo.

Score: Megatypers – 4.5 | 2Captcha – 3.5 | Kolotibablo – 5.

4. Reports and statistics:

  • Reports and statistics will be very helpful for us to review our past working statistics. It can be used to analyze our work done. The analysis will be useful to increase our work capability, speed, accuracy, etc.
  • Megatypers has a statistics page which shows the reports of our past work data like the error, the number of captcha solved for today, yesterday, last week and total lifetime. Also, along with personal reports, the captcha payout rates for every hour are given in the table in a detailed manner, which will be very helpful to find the profitable hours.
  • Again, Kolotibablo has detailed stats for about the month both in case of error and accurate numbers. Similarly, Megatypers statistics are pretty decent, which include the daily and weekly stats. The workers will also have the record on total captcha solved in their lifetime.
  • With 2Captcha, the statistics page is very worst when compared to Megatypers and Kolotibablo. The work data and the payout rate is given are not clear on 2Captcha.

Winner: Kolotibablo.

Score: Megatypers – 4 | 2Captcha – 2 | Kolotibablo – 5.

Important factors in comparison:

This section is the comparison of some important factors of captcha entry sites. The important factors are rated from 1 to 5.

5. Guides and support:

  • Guides are very important for beginners to learn about the basics and working procedure. And excellent support is important to answer their queries, problem, etc. Let us see how these sites deal with support and guides.
  • Megatypers have a perfect guide for beginners. It contains all the basic working guide to advanced guides. Megatypers support is excellent and not as good as 2Captcha.
  • 2Captcha has friendly guides to support beginners, and the presentation is bad compared to Megatypers. But, 2Captcha has a great support team. They have a Facebook page to answer questions quickly and you can chat with the support team which cannot be done in Megatypers.
  • Kolotibablo has got decent support and they have an FAQ section that answers a few questions. However, it’s not enough for the beginners to kick-start their work.

Winner: Megatypers.

Score: Megatypers -5 | 2Captcha – 4.5 | Kolotibablo – 2.

6. Rewards and bonus for hard work:

  • It is important to reward the hard workers with extra bonuses. This will ensure that they will work more hard in the future to earn more money from home.
  • Speaking about rewards, Megatypers rewards 1 Typerpoints for solving at-least 500 captcha per day. 1 Typerpoints is just 1¢ which is of course not a substantial reward, but a little boost to our earnings. If you solve 5000 captcha a day, you will get an extra 10 cents.
  • 2captcha does not provide any bonus for solving more captcha.
  • Kolotibablo pays up to 25% additional bonus for the loyal workers once every month based on their stats of captcha solved.

Winner: Kolotibablo.

Score: Megatypers – 3 | 2Captcha – 0 | Kolotibablo – 5.

Critical Factors:

Critical factors are those which are very important, like payout rates, work speed, referral payouts, app, bot, software, etc. Critical factors are rated from 1 to 10.

7. Payout Rates:

Payout rates of megatypers
  • One of the important factors that have to discuss is the payout rates. This will determine the earnings of a member. They calculate the payment rates for 1000 captchas solved, and it varies from site to site.
  • Megatypers boast they pay $0.40 – $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. I’ve logged into the site several times, but the rates never crossed above $1.20. But $1.20 by Megatypers is the highest compared to any other captcha entry sites. The rates will be higher from 12 to 18 server time and the rates will be lower on the remaining period.
  • 2Captcha pays $0.30 to $1.20 for solving 1000 captchas and their rates hardly reached $1. So, the captcha bidding rates of 2 Captcha are lesser compared to Megatypers. Even though 2captcha’s rates are lesser compared to Megatypers, 2 captcha leads to the most important factor.
  • Kolotibablo is totally disappointing with captcha rates. While they day it will reach up to $1 for 1000 entries, their rates remain at $0.40 on average throughout the day.

Winner: Megatypers.

Score: Megatypers – 9 | 2Captcha – 6 | Kolotibablo – 4.

8. Smart Captcha Rates:

Smart Captcha rates

  • Previously, when Google has introduced version 2 of their reCAPTCHA brand to increase the security, the Captcha entry sites had to upgrade in order to provide reCAPTCHA solving services. The reCAPTCHA is easier to solve compared to the image captcha, yet due to increased security, the captcha entry sites had to follow certain techniques to provide reCAPTCHA solving services. Since it is a kind of technical, the reCAPTCHA rates are up to 3 times higher compared to the image captcha.
  • Megatypers say that they pay up to $3 for solving Smart Captcha. This rate is pretty high when compared to the other sites. However, it’s found that they are paying up to $1.50 on average.
  • 2Captcha is one of the first sites to introduce the reCAPTCHA solving, while their rates range somewhere from $1 to $2. The best thing about 2Captcha is you don’t have to download any software in order to gain access to these high paying reCAPTCHA.
  • Kolotibablo also supports the smart captcha, referring to their rate chart I have found that they pay $1.10 to $1.80 for solving the smart captcha.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 9 | 2Captcha – 10 | Kolotibablo – 8.

9. Captcha Loading speed:

  • Captcha loading speed is the most important factor that determines the earnings of a member. The more the speed is, we can solve more captcha.
  • Even though the payout rates are higher in a few sites, the image loading speed is very slow on those sites. Most of the time, the image/captcha loads only after 10 seconds after solving the previous captcha. In peak hours, it will even take up to a minute to load an image. This will directly affect the earnings per hour. If the captcha loads at low speed, we cannot solve more captcha. The ratio between payout rate and speed is very important, which is explained below.
  • With captcha/image loading speed, previously 2Captcha definitely was doing a great job as the images load instantly after solving the captcha. But now almost all the three sites are struggling to make it faster, still, it’s not enough for the loyal workers.
  • Megatypers has introduced a concept called “Boost pack”. If we enable it, the captcha will load a lot quicker and they say one can solve 800 images by activating this feature. The rate of one boost pack goes like this: $0.01 to $0.30 and even more. One boost pack will last for just 15 minutes. The rate of the boost pack will be higher when the payout rates are higher. So, this proves that Megatypers might purposefully reduce the image loading speed to force members to buy booster packs. This is just my view about this feature and it is not officially proved.
  • On the other side, Kolotibablo has introduced the discount booster, where the workers can offer a discount in order to increase the chances of getting the captcha delivered to their account first instead of the regular workers. This case can be similarly compared to the Megatypers boost.
  • I’ve worked on all the three sites and nowadays all the three sites are performing worst compared to the history. All those have to improve the captcha loading speed.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 5 | 2Captcha – 6 | Kolotibablo – 3.

10. Earnings per hour:

  • As I said earlier, the ratio between the payout rates and image load speed + member’s typing skill determines the earnings.
  • Speaking about the ratio, if a member solves 100 captcha per hour when the rate is $1.50/1000 captcha, the earnings will be $0.15, this is the case in Megatypers. If a member solves 500 captcha per hour when the rate is $1/1000 captcha, the earnings will be $0.50 and this happens in 2Captcha. The problem is now even 2Captcha and Kolotibablo struggles to deliver image like Megatypers.
  • So, now you might have got an idea of how image loading speed affects the earnings. Also, you would have got an idea of how much the member’s earning will be on both sites with the captcha loading speed quality taken into consideration. Since this is one of the best online jobs for teens, time matters a lot.
  • Other than these calculations, there are several factors like typing speed, internet connection speed that determine your earnings. Boost pack by Megatypers & Kolotibablo also matters in this case. Sometimes buying the boost pack can increase your earnings a lot than expected. Boost pack feature is not considered as it involves in the purchase and like an upgrade where everybody cannot buy it.
  • Few workers make use of the Megatypers Dual image mode to get the chance to solve two images at the same time. This will help to balance the less loading time problem.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 7 | 2Captcha – 8 | Kolotibablo – 6.

11. Typing skills requirements:

  • Typing skill is an important requirement to work on captcha entry sites or other online typing jobs. A worker must be able to type 40 WPM to earn more and 10 WPM to qualify to work on captcha sites.
  • In Megatypers, a member should be able to process a captcha within 15 seconds. If he/she cannot able to solve the captcha within 15 seconds, they will be kicked out from the working interface. Multiple knockouts will cause the permanent ban.
  • With 2Captcha & Kolotibablo, a member should be able to type a letter within 10 seconds. Which is great news for beginners. If a captcha has 6 characters, we should solve it within 60 seconds. So if you’re a slow worker, 2Captcha or Kolotibablo will be the best option.
  • But, leniency in time will make us lazy and obviously our earnings might get affected. So, you should be active while you work on any of these sites. I can type at an average speed and I’m not an expert in typing. While I’m testing these sites, I could solve the easy captcha in 3 seconds and the tough one in less than 9 seconds. So, I could solve 12 captcha on average per minute. Think how can you solve the captchas faster, instead of finding the loopholes. Megatypers will help you improve your typing skills while the other two will not make any changes in speed. Be advised that the professionals would never take over 3 seconds to solve a captcha.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 8 | 2Captcha – 10 | Kolotibablo – 9.

12. Payment methods:

  • No matter where we work, all we need is our money sent to our bank account on time whenever we request the payout. All three sites are known very well for paying on time. Let’s see which site is best in processing payments.
  • Megtypers/Protypers have lots of payment options which are best for business. They will send earnings through any of the payment processors you wish. They are Paypal, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Western Union money transfer.
  • Megatypers automatically process the payment every Monday based on their minimum withdrawal criteria. The minimum payout for bitcoin transfer is just $1.50 and $3 for other payment options except for the Western Union, which requires $100 minimum account balance.
  • 2Captcha’s greatest disadvantage is they have ceased to pay their members via PayPal, which is the preferred option for most members and advertisers. So, PayPal is no more a payment option on 2Captcha. Currently, they pay via Payeer, Advcash, WebMoney, Perfect money and to Bitcoin wallet. The minimum payout is $0.50.
  • Kolotibablo also doesn’t pay via PayPal. They currently pay through Yandex Money, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Minimum payout is just $0.50.

Winner: Megatypers.

Score: Megatypers – 10 | 2Captcha – 7 | Kolotibablo – 7.

13. Captcha app/software:

  • Do you know they provide money making software? All the three sites provide the Captcha entry app to work on their Desktop or mobile devices*. But you must have an internet connection to use this software since captcha typing is not an offline data entry job.
  • Megatypers provide a software name Typersolver for free to their members to work directly from their Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) PC instead of logging into the web interface. They say that by working on their Typersolver, the workers can increase the captcha loading speed and avail a bonus of 25% in their earnings.
  • 2Captcha bot is the software available for the workers to directly work on the Desktop or Android smartphone using the mobile money app. Workers can use the 2Captcha bot to gain access to the high paying smart captcha and also work anonymously using their bot.
  • Kolotibablo software is available only for the Microsoft Windows users for free. Workers who use their app will get higher priority in taking captchas and 20% higher bidding rate.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 8 | 2Captcha – 10 | Kolotibablo – 7.

14. Mobile phone compatibility:

  • Since ever the smartphone revolution has started, each and every industry expanded their business to smartphones. With captcha typing sites, it’s hard to move to make it mobile phone compatible because of technical difficulties.
  • Among the three, only 2Captcha provides a clear official mobile interface to work directly from the mobile phone browser. 2Captcha mobile interface is responsive and fits all the mobile screen sizes. That’s why 2Captcha is the best mobile data entry job provider company.
  • Apart from the mobile interface, 2Captcha’s Android app helps the workers earn money by installing it on the mobile phone and work through their app, which is one of the greatest comforts to the workers.
  • Kolotibablo is responsive but they don’t provide support to the mobile phone and we cannot use Megatypers on a mobile phone since it is not responsive.


Score: Megatypers – 0 | 2Captcha – 10 | Kolotibablo – 3.

15. Affiliate Programs:

  • The affiliate program/Referral program is an important factor that has to be taken into consideration when we discuss online rewarding programs. Because few people can take full advantage to Referral program.
  • In the case of the referral program, Megatypers affiliate program is terrible. They pay 10% of referral earnings, which does not matter. To qualify for first referral payment, five of your referrals must get paid and from the second time, referral earnings will be added to your account each time only if the referral get paid.
  • It is impossible for an ordinary member to get successful in Megatypers affiliate program and even top affiliates cannot earn a decent amount. I referred over 10000 people to Megatypers, but I received only $20 in the entire year. This is because most of the referral will quit without cashing out.
  • Megatypers boast that their top affiliates make over $3000 per month. From my calculation, it is a significant achievement if an affiliate makes 10% of that amount.
  • With 2Captcha, the referral program seems to be decent as they don’t have any affiliate terms to screw affiliates. They pay 10% referral commission and each time a referral solves a captcha, the account will be credited instantly. For example, if a referral solves a captcha and earns $0.001, they will credit instantly the referee account with $0.0005 and he doesn’t have to wait until the referral cashes out. This ensures that the affiliate does not lose any referral commission even though his referral becomes inactive before cashing out.
  • Kolotibablo pays a referral commission of 10% to its members. The referral commission will be paid after a strict moderation.
  • In 2Captcha and Kolotibablo, they will maintain the main earnings and referral commission in the same account, which can be cashed out anytime. In Megatypers, it will be maintained at different accounts and pays automatically as per their terms.

Winner: 2Captcha.

Score: Megatypers – 1 | 2Captcha – 9 | Kolotibablo – 7.

Last words on Megatypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo:

Hope you would have got a clear idea about Megatypers, 2Captcha and, of course, Protypers. I wrote this comparison review after working on these sites and monitoring them for over a year.
  • Megatypers is an excellent site with good site design and other general factors. But, when it comes to important factors, Megatypers failed to prove that they are reliable. Megatypers should send images instantly to increase members’ earnings. Also, the affiliate programs terms should be changed that an affiliate should get referral commission instantly for each every captcha solved by a referral.
  • 2Captcha should little bit focus on improving site design and payout rates should be increased. Paypal is an important payment processor and they should add again it to help people to withdraw their little earnings with no trouble.
  • Kolotibablo is again a great captcha entry site with great user experience and app to work. However, they need to focus on the core part of increasing the captcha rates for both image captcha and smart captcha. Otherwise, Kolotibablo is doing a great job. Apart from the captcha entry work, Kolotibablo also provides the high paying micro jobs.

Comparison table – Megatypers vs Kolotibablo vs 2Captcha:

This table compares Megatypers and 2Captcha at a glance. Refer the 15 elements of the comparison above.

Factors Megatypers 2Captcha Kolotibablo Winner
General Factors comparison list
Site layout 2 5.5 5 Kolotibablo
Work interface 4.5 4.5 5 Kolotibablo
Site speed 4.5 3.5 5 Kolotibablo
Reports & data 4 2 5 Kolotibablo
Important Factors comparison list
Bonus 3 0 5 Kolotibablo
Guides & Support 5 4.5 2 Megatypers
Critical Factors comparison list
Payout rates 9 6 4 Megatypers
Smart Captcha rates 9 10 8 2Captcha
Image loading speed 5 6 3 2Captcha
Earning capacity 7 8 6 2Captcha
Skill requirement 8 10 9 2Captcha
Payment processing 10 7 7 Megatypers
Captcha software 8 10 7 2Captcha
Mobile compatibility 0 10 3 2Captcha
Affiliate program 1 9 7 2Captcha
80 96 81 2Captcha

Overall Site Comparison:

Megatypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo

And finally, it’s time to compare the overall scores of Megatypers, 2Captcha and Kolotibablo. As I’ve said in the introduction, they have got their own pros and cons. The scores were almost level with Megatypers 80 and Kolotibablo 83. The 2Captcha leads the table with 96 points, making it the best out of three. So, clearly, the best one among them is 2Captcha. This is just a comparison and I don’t recommend any site in particular. All the sites are legitimate and useful.


Read to join – Megatypers.

Read to join – 2Captcha.

Read to join – Kolotibablo.

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    In 2captcha you need 20 hours to get 1$. The usually the current rate of that site is 0.21 per 1000 captcha.

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    I have great experience with Megatypers, at first it is difficult but in the end it worth it. You have nothing to lose until you try! 🙂

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