Mega typers is one of the best online job site for students, house wives and unemployed people. Rather than a job it will be like a game, you can test yourself by typing captchas in less than 15 seconds. If you play sincerely you can earn above $10 per day. They are not going pay you thousands of dollors for the work you do. They pay just 1$ in average for 1000 captchas you solve, but megatypers is genuine. It’s better to work for low payment than being cheated by some one with fake high payment promises. Mega typers have good reputation for paying their customers in time.

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  • It depends upon the amount of work you do, more you do more you earn.
  • They pay at a range of $0.45 to $1.50 for 1000 word images typed. They pay high rates during 14.00 – 17.00 server time.
  • For instance if you have great tying speed, you can solve above 800 images per hour. So there is a chance of earning $1 per hour during high paying hours.
  • They also encourage their clients by awarding typers points for their hard work. If you type 500 correct words in a day they will award you 1 typers points. 1 typers points is equal to $0.001. You can withdraw after you accumulate 50 typers points.
  • If you type accurately you will get 3*typer points, it will be awarded for top 200 workers per day.
  • They also conduct contest like typers draw and pay prizes to the top 5 contestants.
  • There is also lottery available to award winners.
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  • Go to the login page and type your email ID and password and click login or press enter.
Login panel of mega typers
  • Once you have logged in click on start working on the menu tab available on the left side of the page to start your work.


Menu tabs
  • You will get images with words on the top of the working panel. You have to type the text in the text box within 15 second and click on submit answer or press enter in your keyboard.
Working panel of mega typers
  • If you complete an image next image will load automatically and you should follow the same procedure.
  • If you are tired or want to stop working click submit and pause to stop your current work.
  • You should be fast to type the text within 15 seconds. If you fail to submit within 15 seconds you will be kicked out. If you are kicked out for multiple times you will be permanently banned.
Mega typers Kick off page online jobs
  • In case if you get an image with partial text, then you have to type the image that is completely visible.


What to do if we get Partial text in captha typing
  • If the image you get is completely unreadable then you have to click on Don’t know button. If you click on don’t know button too often you will be warned of getting banned permanently. So try to type as much as you can.
What to do if you get unreadable images in captha typing- mega typers.
  • Type as fast as you can to earn more typers credits. 1 typers credit = $0.001.
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How much do mega typers pay us.
  • Mega typers pay various rates for every working hour. They pay rates are form $0.45 to $1.50 for every 1000 images you solve.
  • They pay high rates from 14:00 to 18:00 sever time.
  • The green highlighter highlights the current sever time and pay rate.
  • To get to this page click on stats on the side menu bar.
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How to check the work you do in mega typers.
  • Mega typers are very genuine to you. Your work progress is updated every second.
  • They display the total entries with the correct and wrong statistics.
  • So you don’t have to worry about your work history.
  • To get to this page click on stats on the side menu bar.
Alerts of mega typers.
  • Mega typers provide regular alerts about the high rate, contests etc.
  • So you can be easily updated as soon as you log in.
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How payment is made for mega typers.
  • You can choose your payment options any time by clicking on profile and payments on the menu.
  • Mega typers pay you through Paypal, perfect money, liberty reserve or western union. Mega typers recommends Paypal.
  • You should have minimum $3 for pay out if you choose Paypal or perfect money.
  • In case of western union money transfer you balance should be minimum $100 for pay out. Western union charges 14% to 20% for the payment.
  • Payment will be made every Monday for Paypal and perfect money and Tuesday in case of western union.
Registration procedure of mega typers
Registration page

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For mobile users Mobile captcha entry sites.


  • Click here to join megatypers.
  • In email box fill a valid email.
  • Type the password you want and confirm it.
  • Type your name.
  • Select your payment options.
  • Type the invitation code as 9MQM.
  • Without valid invitation code you cannot join mega typers.
  • Agree their terms and conditions by clicking the check box.
  • Type the letters in the image and click register.
  • Now you are successfully registered to mega typers.
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