How to Earn Free Ethereum(ETH) Online Fast and Easy

The Ethereum has seen an unexpected growth in the past few years and its development over time is exponential. The invincible Ethereum is not only used as a digital currency like the Bitcoin, but it is used in several blockchain-based applications. So, there are no chances for the Ethereum to fail its intended for creation.

If you’re looking to make money online, spending the time to earn Ether online is worth. By the time you have an ETH, you can sell it for a few thousand dollars in the future that could help you fulfill your dreams. In this article, let us see a few ways to earn Ethereum online, with and without investment.

How to free earn Ethereum ETH online

How to Earn Free Ethereum Online:

Unlike earning Bitcoin online currently, there are only a few legitimate ways available to earn Ethereum since Ethereum is younger than Bitcoin and yet to reach more people, though it is the second most dominant cryptocurrency, even if Litecoin is called the predecessor of Bitcoin.

Some sites started paying free Ethereum and we can expect more sites to pay Ethereum for doing online jobs like taking paid surveys, completing tasks, & offers, etc. For now, there are only a few ways to earn Ether online. More ways to earn ETH will be updated once they are tested and found authentic.

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3 Ways to Earn Ethereum Online:

1. Ethereum Faucets:

  • The Ethereum faucets are like the Bitcoin Faucets. The crypto faucets are the online rewarding sites that dispense a small value of free cryptocurrencies to the visitors.
  • With the Ethereum faucet, the website will give away a small value of Ethereum to its users for free just for visiting their site every few minutes.
  • To earn Ethereum on the faucets, the users don’t have to complete any tasks. The users have to register for an account and visit the page. The users will be then asked to solve the captcha to prove they don’t use any automated program to cheat the system. When the users click the claim after solving the captcha, the Ethereum will be added to his account, which can be withdrawn later.
  • There is a reason for the faucets to pay free Ethereum to the users without making them work. They use online CPC advertising and CPM advertising on the faucet page to cover the reward & hosting expenses. This is the key to the success of the cryptocurrency faucets.
  • Usually, the faucets dispense only a fraction of ETH per visit. So, it is impossible to earn Ethereum online freely by working on a single faucet. To earn a reasonable amount of ETH, the user must work on multiple faucets at the same time.

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2. Ethereum Mining:

  • Ethereum Mining is the primary way to earn Ethereum, and most of them earn ETH by mining.
  • A single organization or entity does not manage the Ethereum network; instead, the network is run by millions of volunteers around the world. No one can change the predefined actions on the Ethereum network.
  • In simple when a transaction is made in the Ethereum network, the miners work to confirm the transaction by running the mining software.
  • The miners will be rewarded with a small miner’s fee for validating the transaction.
  • Anyone can earn ETH by mining. To mine Ethereum, we need a powerful mining device. Thankfully, the graphics cards we used for playing FPS games are good mining devices.
  • The basic miners use their PC with the graphics video card to mine Ethereum. The CPU is worthless for mining cryptocurrencies. Advanced miner builds their mining rig with mining processors or with a series of graphics cards to earn more ETH.
  • The mining will be profitable if we can mine more Ether tokens than we spend on the electric power used to run the device.
  • Unlike the other methods mentioned in this article, the mining is genuine and there are zero percent chances of losing money to the scammers.
  • There are few cloud mining sites on the internet where anyone can buy hashing power by investing money. Most of those sites cheat people. So beware of cloud mining sites and try to use your device to mine ETH. Join thousand of free miners in the mining pool.

3. Trade Ethereum to make Profit:

  • Ethereum trading is the best way to invest money in ETH and earn a profit. In simple, investing money to buy ETH and selling it while the price gets higher is the process of profitable Ethereum trading.
  • Though there are many sites available primarily for Ethereum trading, it is safe to use the personal wallet for long-term investments.
  • Cryptocurrency trading requires courage. As the cryptocurrency value is highly volatile, there are chances of losing money due to panic while there is a price drop.
  • We must carefully monitor the market and trade ETH at the exact moment. Investing money in a single cryptocurrency is the height of stupidity. We must diversify the portfolio by investing in different trusted cryptocurrencies. One should protect from the other when the disaster happens.
  • If you’re planning to trade ETH, the best place to buy Ether tokens is Cryptex24. The Cryptex24 allows us to buy and sell ETH through different sources, such as PayPal.
  • CoinPayments is another best place to invest in ETH. But unlike Cryptex24, the CoinPayments is available only in certain countries and need verification before trading Ethereum.
  • Ethereum trading is the fastest way to earn Ethereum, but there is a high risk for beginners. Similar to other investment platforms, many scammers target the Ethereum to scam innocent people. Unlike real currencies, if the digital currencies are sent to an address, it is gone. We cannot track or cancel the blockchain transactions. So, be careful not to invest ETH in unknown new sites that promise high numbers.

FAQs about Earning Ethereum online:

1. Is it possible to earn Ethereum by playing games?

There are a lot of online sites to earn money by playing games. To earn Ethereum, you must find out the sites where you can earn money by playing games.

Usually, there will be sites to earn Ethereum by playing games. Such sites will have strategy games where you will have to invest Ethereum. Find genuine sites like such to earn Ethereum by playing games.

2. Is it good to concentrate on earning Ethereum or Bitcoin?

I would recommend you to earn both BTC and ETH instead of concentrating on getting ETH. Bitcoin can create more profit if used wisely compared to Ethereum.

These are the best and proven ways to earn Ethereum online. In the future, there will be more ways available to earn ETH like there are more ways to earn Bitcoin online. We will update this article with more trusted ways to earn Ethereum online in the future.

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