Free bitcoin / is the world’s largest & best bitcoin rewarding program through which anyone can earn bitcoin in various methods. Freebitcoin can be called as the best faucet but there are several other ways available on it to accumulate bitcoins and multiply bitcoins. This site is well known for its payment punctuality so it is trusted by millions of users around the world. Read the full review and working procedure of free bitcoin.


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Free bitcoin review:


Introduction to free bitcoin:


Free bitcoin was started on 2013 as bitcoin rewarding program. Since then freebitcoin has reached the top position in the bitcoin rewarding industry. The primary function is rewarding its users through the faucet. As days passed by they have introduced several features such as multiply BTC, Lottery, reward points to make their site reliable.
Various features of explained:
As mentioned above there are several ways available to earn bitcoins on free bitcoin. Each of them is explained below in detail.
1. Faucet:
  • Free bitcoin is basically a faucet. Bitcoin faucets reward its users for visiting their page once every certain interval of time. If you’re new to bitcoin faucet, read this article – What is bitcoin faucet?
  • Freebitcoin is the world’s highest paying bitcoin faucet through which one can earn up to $200 in a single visit. The minimum pay per claim is $0.002 which is the high value compared to some of the best bitcoin PTC sites.
  • Freebitcoin allows their members to claim bitcoins once every hour. So, one can claim bitcoin 24 times a day on
  • The picture given below will give you an overview of the faucet.
Freebitcoin faucet
  • To claim bitcoin you have to solve the captcha and click roll. Based on your membership age and frequency of claim, you will be rewarded up to $200 per claim. 
  • Since bitcoin value is highly volatile, the payout value given on the faucet page will vary every second but the base USD value will be equal to $0.002 to $200.
  • After clicking the roll, the claim value will appear on the screen and the claimed bitcoin will be added to the account balance.
Freebitcoin faucet claim
  • On each claim, the users will be rewarded with 2 free lottery ticket and up to 4 reward points which are explained below in detail.
  • Members can earn more bitcoins from the faucet by claiming frequently on the faucet and by referring friends.
2. Multiply BTC:
  • Multiply BTC takes freebitcoin to the next level through which the members can multiply their bitcoin by playing probably fair HI-LO game.
  • To play the game the user must choose the bet amount and click bet hi or bet lo. Based on the indicated value, the win/loose message will be displayed.
Freebitcoin - Bet hi lo
  • Free bitcoin rewards one lottery and one reward point for every 0.00003500 BTC used to bet.
3. Lottery:
  • Free bitcoin lottery helps us to win up to 3BTC. Freebitcoin conduct weekly lottery draw in which all the members are eligible to participate. 
  • When a member claims bitcoin in the faucet, he will be rewarded with 2 tickets and at the same time 1 ticket for every referral claim. The members can also purchase tickets using account balance.
4. Reward points:
  • Freebitcoin pays reward points for claiming bitcoins on the faucet, playing multiply bitcoin and for referral actions.
  • The reward points can be redeemed for smartphones, hardware wallet, smart watch, gift cards, bonus etc. Referring more members helps us to earn more reward points.
Free bitcoin reward points
5. Referral program:
  • The referral program on free bitcoin is one of the most important features. Without referral program programs of these kinds would have been a failure.
  • Free bitcoin referral program rewards 50% commission from referral faucet claim and 0.25% commission from the amount referral spend on multiply game.
  • Referring more members will multiply your earnings infinitely.
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Payment terms:
  • Free bitcoin is known to pay their members on time. Free bitcoin automatically process payments every Sunday.
  • The minimum payout is 0.00030000 BTC. If your account balance reaches the minimum threshold, the bitcoins will be directly sent to your wallet.
Advantages of
  • Free bitcoin is the highest paying bitcoin faucet.
  • Free bitcoin is genuine, trusted and legitimate.
  • When the Google ads were disabled on faucets which are the primary source of income, most of the faucets were stopped and few reduced the rewards into quarter from original reward value. But free bitcoin was operated and operating with the same terms. This shows the stability of Free bitcoin.
  • Free bitcoin pays on time. No delay in payment has been recorded in the history.
Registration procedure:
Freebitcoin registration procedure
  • To start earnings bitcoins from freebitcoin, you must register a new account. 
  • On the registration form, enter your email address, fill the desired password.
  • Enter your bitcoin address. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet learn how to create bitcoin wallet.
  • Fill the captcha and click sign up. Free bitcoin will send a verification mail and the verification link given in the mail have to clicked in order to activate your account.
  • Do not create multiple accounts using your ref ID which is against their program policies.
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