Ysense(Clixsense) vs Neobux – Which is the Better site? Comparison

Update – After rebranding Clixsense to Ysense, they have removed several features of Clixsense including paid to click section, Clixgrid section, etc. Neobux and Ysense and two different sites in terms of operation. So, now it’s not a good idea to compare both the sites. Each site has its uniqueness and cons. I recommend you to work on both the sites to find which one is reliable for you. Find the link below to join Ysense and Neobux. You can continue to read the Ysense vs Neobux(Clixsense vs Neobux) review, where most of the sections are applicable.

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Which is the better – precise decision?

Go for Ysense if you like to earn money by taking surveys, doing tasks and offers.

Registration linkYsense.

So for the Neobux if you’re looking to earn money from paid to click ads.

Registration linkNeobux.

Clixsense and Neobux are the two giants of paid to click industry. Both these sites are legitimate and paying for over a decade which is a piece of good news for freelancers who are tired of getting scammed. They are the only PTC sites with the largest member base in the PTC industry. These sites have more earning opportunities other than paid to click like Surveys, offers, and tasks so they are eligible to be called as GPT brand. Clixsense and Neobux have their pros & cons and it is very tough to pick the best among them. I’m a member of these sites for several years and in this article, I’ve compared them on various factors based on my experience.

Clixsense vs neobux

About Ysense vs Neobux Comparison:

  • Clixsense and Neobux are compared based on various factors that are rated from 1 to 10.
  • An obvious explanation has been given for each feature and rated below.
  • These sites are compared under three sections General factors, important factors, and critical factors. The critical factors should have more influence on earnings.

Clixsense vs Neobux:

General Factors:

This section contains reviews about factors that have the least influence on the earnings of PTC sites. These factors are rated from 1 to 5.

1. Site Layout and Design:

  • The site layout is a basic factor that has to be taken into consideration while comparing websites. The site layout should be clean, easy to navigate, properly designed with colors that don’t produce stress on our eyes.
  • Clixsense has a good site layout that is designed very well by the developers. The colors used on Clixsense best suit for a long-time view. Seeing the pages of Clixsense continuously for a few minutes will not stress our eyes. The site navigation is very easy to understand for beginners. The menu has links to all the earning activities make it easier to navigate to individual pages in one click. On the whole, Clixsense is designed very well as a GPT site.
Ysense homepage
  • Neobux is also designed very well with the easily navigable site layout. Neobux has a good color combination and members will not feel stressed while navigating the site. The site’s navigation menu is designed well, but it could have been better by adding links to all possible important inner pages so that beginners can navigate with no confusion.
Neobux Website layout

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux – 4.5

2. Site Speed:

  • Site speed is very important to complete work ASAP. Slower sites are always frustrating and it can increase bounce rate, reduce conversions.
  • Clixsense loads quickly within 2 seconds after a request which is a good sign. But, they have to still improve their page until the website loads within a second.
  • Neobux is designed for speed. It loads within a few milliseconds, which is 10 times higher than Clixsense. So user experience will be very high on Neobux compared to Clixsense.

Winner: Neobux

Score: Clixsense – 3.5 | Neobux – 5

3. Time taken to do primary tasks:

  • Viewing ads is the primary task on both Clixsense and Neobux. It is very important to optimize the site to help the member see ads quickly without any trouble.
  • Viewing ads on Clixsense is very easy, but it takes a bit more time for the ad to be validated completely compared to Neobux.
  • Neobux has optimized its ad view tasks very well. We can watch ads quick on Neobux compared to Clixsense.
  • This feature does not have a major influence. Still, we can save a few seconds on Neobux.

Winner: Neobux.

Score: Clixsense – 3.5 | Neobux – 5

Important Factors:

In this section, we compare some important factors of a PTC site like support, report, guides, and statistics.

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4. Guides and Support:

  • FAQ section is an important section that should clear all the doubts of the members and guide beginners to understand about basics of the site. Also, excellent support will make it even better.
  • When we join Clixsense, they will show a welcome video that tells us everything we should know about that site within 3 minutes, which makes it easier for beginners to start their work right away. Apart from that Clixsense FAQ section is well organized and answers almost all the frequently asked questions clearly. If there is no answer, we can get help from support within a few minutes after submitting a ticket.
  • THE Neobux FAQ section is well organized. If we click FAQ, a pop-up window will open and the FAQ will be under different sections makes it easy to find what we are looking for. But there are only a few FAQs answered and a lot of questions are unanswered in the FAQ section. So they should try to improve their FAQ section to help their members to find everything without confusion. Neobux support is good as Clixsense support and besides, live support is available for a limited time.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux – 4

5. Reports and Statistics:

  • GPT sites should add statistics and reports section that will be very helpful for members to analyze their work history and to improve their future earnings.
  • Clixsense has an unbeatable stats section for every action made by the members and referrals. Clixsense has separate statistics sections for clicks, surveys, tasks, checklist and referrals that are updated instantly. Apart from that, the overall transaction history makes it easy for us to find them all the credit and debit transactions made for activities by us and by our referrals. The reports are available for both free and premium members.
  • Neobux PTC statistics section is very poor and will be very tough to understand for beginners to find ads with various rates. Apart from that, no other statistics section is available on Neobux. Premium members have access to advanced statistics, which has nothing to do with standard members.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux – 2

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6. Forum:

  • Forum section is a must for PTC sites for several reasons. The active forum will be helpful to confirm that the particular site is legitimate. Sites that have restricted forums will show that the site is a scam or might become a scam in the future.
  • Both Clixsense and Neobux forums are proactive. Questions are answered instantly on both these sites. Neobux Forum moderation is very strong. One wrong post should be enough to get our account disabled by moderators.

Winner: Tie

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux -5

7. Clixgrid vs AdPrize:

  • Both Clixsense and Neobux have a rewarding game called Clixgrid / Adprize. Let us see which is better.
  • Clixgrid by Clixsense is a get paid to play the game feature through which a member can win up to $10 per gameplay that is like the PTC task. The member has to click the image and watch an ad. In the end, there are chances to win prizes up to $10. It is a known fact that we will win such games once in a blue moon and at the end, if we calculate, the click rate might be even equal to just $0.0001. The click:win ratio is already programmed, and it has nothing to do with luck. Standard members can play up to 30 times a day should view an ad for 10 seconds without captcha solved. Premium members can view up to 60 ads per day should view an ad for just 5 seconds. So, premium members have higher chances to win Clixgrid as they have more chances to play.
  • Neobux Adprize is similar to Clixgrid, where the chances depend on the number of PTC ads viewed. For every PTC ad viewed, we get 4 ad prizes. Ad prize ads are like PTC ads should be viewed for 5 seconds and in the end, we might win coins, points, cash or even a free account upgrade. Chances of winning rewards on Adprize are very low compared to Clixgrid, but we can watch two Adprize ads at the same time we used to watch one Clixgrid ad.

Winner: Tie

Scores: Clixsense – 2 | Neobux – 2

8. Bonus and Rewards: 

  • It is very important for a company to reward their hard-working members with bonus. This will encourage the members to work hard to earn more bonuses, which also improves the conversion rate of the company.
  • Clixsense has generous rewarding terms that help its members to earn up to 16% checklist bonus from their daily earnings. To earn the bonus, members should click at least 6 ads, 20 Clixgrid and 2 offers/surveys or 10 microtasks. So, if a member earns $10 doing some activities, by the next day he will receive up to $1.6 for free. This will highly boost the monthly earnings if completed every day. Apart from the daily checklist bonus, Clixsense also rewards $5 for every $50 earned from Micro tasks and also $200 weekly contest for the top 10 members who complete more tasks.
  • Neobux does not give any daily checklist bonuses to its members. But, Neobux rewards a 15% bonus for standard members and a 30% bonus for premium members whenever they earn $1 from microtasks. Rewarding bonus instantly after earning $1 from tasks should be highly appreciated.
  • Comparing both bonus terms, I’ve decided that the Clixsense bonus is better than Neobux because Clixsense members have chances to earn daily checklist bonuses even though they do not complete any micro tasks and additional bonuses for completing tasks and winning in weekly contest. But in Neobux it is possible to earn a cash bonus only if members complete microtasks. Though the bonus is high compared to the Clixsense task bonus, it is almost impossible for most of the members to get eligible to access the level – 1 task to earn more.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux – 2

Critical Factors:

With basic and important factors been discussed above, now it is time to compare critical factors that have a direct influence on earnings. So these factors will be rated from 1 to 10.

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9. PTC ads:

  • Paid to click is the primary task to earn money through PTC sites. Both on Clixsense and Neobux plenty of ads with different rates are available for members that vary based on the membership.
  • Clixsense has 5 different types of ads with different rates [Refer table given below to find rates of each ad], where a standard member will receive at least 20+ x $0.001 ads & 1 x $0.1 ad and a premium member will receive at least 20+ x $0.001 ads & 4 x $0.01 ads per day. So, a standard member can earn at least $0.05 per day from ads and a premium member can earn up to $0.15 per day from PTC ads. But a member from tier – 1 country has chances to earn more than $10 just by clicking PTC ads. One member from the USA receives over 500 ads per day and he earns $7 on average per day just by clicking ads. Look at the commission given below $1.4902, which is 20% of $7.451 [Earnings].
Click commission Ysense
  • Refer to the table given below to find the rates of Clixsense ads.
Ad type View time Standard members Premium members
Sticky ads 5 seconds $0.001 $0.001
Micro ads 3 seconds $0.001 $0.001
Mini ads 15 seconds $0.005 $0.005
Standard ads 30 seconds $0.01 $0.01
Extended ads 60 seconds $0.02 $0.02
  • Neobux has 6 different ads with different rates [Refer the table given below to fins rates of each ad], where a standard member will receive at least 4 X $0.001 fixed ads & Golden member will receive 9 x $0.01 fixed ads & Ultimate member will receive 15 x $0.02 fixed ads. So, a standard member can earn only $0.02 per day from PTC ads and Golden & ultimate members have chances to make even more.
Ad type View time Standard members Golden members Ultimate members
Fixed ads main 5 sec $0.001 $0.01 $0.02
Extended Exposure 60 sec $0.015 $0.02 $0.02
Standard Exposure 30 sec $0.01 $0.01 $0.02
Mini Exposure 15 sec $0.01 $0.01 $0.001
Micro Exposure 5 sec $0.001 $0.001 $0.001
Fixed Advertisements 5 sec $0.001 $0.001 $0.001
  • Comparing Clixsense and Neobux, it is better to stay with Clixsense for members who cannot upgrade their account on Neobux because standard members will not receive any $0.01 ad on Neobux regularly as they do on Clixsense. Also, the ad rates for both standard & premium members are the same on Clixsense, where it differs on Neobux. And for the member who can invest in purchasing membership, both Clixsense and Neobux are the best option.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 8 | Neobux – 7

10. Referral Program:

  • The referral program is the only reason that runs the PTC industry. Without referral commission, no members can earn more than a few cents a day. As a result, the PTC industry would have been a great failure. By referring new people to PTC sites, the members will receive a referral commission for every action made by the referral. Members will be very active in referring more people to earn more money, which also brings more profit to PTC sites. In this section, let us discuss which site gives a reliable referral commission.
  • Clixsense survey affiliate program is the best example of how the referral program should be. Their referral program helps both standard members and premium members to earn money from every click by referral. Also, they pay up to 10% referral commission for surveys, tasks & offers. The Clixsense referral program goes as follows. In addition, clixsense pays to sign up promo up to $0.30 per referral and $2 when a referral earns $5 from tasks, offers, and ads.
Ad type View time Standard members Premium members
Sticky ads 5 seconds $0.0001 $0.0001
Micro ads 3 seconds $0.0002 $0.0004
Mini ads 15 seconds $0.001 $0.002
Standard ads 30 seconds $0.002 $0.004
Extended ads 60 seconds $0.002 $0.004
  • Neobux referral program is only good for people who can invest money in membership. Standard members cannot earn a reliable referral commission on Neobux. Also, the neobux referral program has several restrictions that include not paying referral commission for fixed ads [Pink], micro exposure and mini exposure. They pay only for certain types of ads that are available in fewer numbers. Not paying the referral commission for most found fixed ads [pink] makes no sense. Why don’t Neobux pay referral commission for all the ads? Apart from click commission, Neobux pays 20% commission on offers and 10% for mini jobs /tasks.
Ad type View time Standard members Golden members Ultimate members
Fixed ads main 5 sec $0.0005 $0.005 $0.005
Extended Exposure 60 sec $0.01 $0.01 $0.01
Standard Exposure 30 sec $0.005 $0.01 $0.01
Mini Exposure 15 sec N/A N/A N/A
Micro Exposure 5 sec N/A N/A N/A
Fixed Advertisements 5 sec N/A N/A N/A
  • Comparing Neobux and Clixsense referral program it is clear that Clixsense is the best site paying generous referral commission for all the actions performed by the members. But Neobux only pays the commission for selected ads that will be available in fewer numbers for standard members and even for members who purchased basic membership.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 10 | Neobux – 5

11. Paid Surveys:

  • We all know that as an individual member without referrals, only by clicking ads he/she cannot earn more than a few cents a day. Integrating paid surveys on GPT sites will really boost the earnings of the standard members and affiliates. Surveys are known to pay from $0.50 to $5 up on successful completion. Let us compare the paid survey section of Clixsense and Neobux.
  • Clixsense has a separate paid survey section, through which its members can earn by completing surveys. The number of survey invitations we receive & rate per survey will be high or low depending on our geographical location. US members will get several high paying surveys compared to African, Asian members. Proactive US, UK, Australian members with standard membership are making more than $10 per day as an individual. Members from other countries can make from $1 – $10 per day depending on the number of surveys completed. For members who don’t receive survey invitations regularly, survey routers will assist them to find surveys. Clixsense pays up to 10% referral commission for surveys to the affiliates.
  • In Ysense, you can do paid surveys using the mobile phone.
  • Unfortunately, Neobux doesn’t have any paid survey section that is a great disappointment for members without referrals for whom it is impossible to make any money from Neobux other than tasks and PTC ads.
  • Clixsense has proven its reliability by adding paid surveys section which highly boosts the member’s earnings especially for members who struggle to make referrals.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 10 | Neobux – 0

12. Micro Tasks by Figure-Eight:

  • Micro tasks / Figure-Eight are the tasks that are otherwise called mini-jobs on Neobux is an additional section added on almost all the GPT sites, including Clixsense and Neobux. Tasks help members to earn even more than $10 per day if they can do it with certain accuracy. Not all the members get access to level 1 – 3 tasks makes it unreliable.
  • The number of tasks, categories of tasks, levels are all the same on Clixsense and Neobux since it is powered by Figure-Eight(previously CrowdFlower) on both websites. But the pay rate per task varies, which is controlled by the hosting sites. When compared, I found Neobux pays more money than Clixsense for completing tasks. Also, they pay higher referral commission to both standard members and premium members compared to Clixsense, which is 12% on Neobux and 5% – 10% on Clixsense.
  • Tasks can be accessed only from anyone of the GPT site per computer as per Figure-Eight terms. So, in this case, you can work in neobux to earn more money through tasks/mini-jobs.

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Winner: Neobux

Score: Clixsense – 5 | Neobux – 10

13. Offers:

  • Offers are additional ways to earn money on GPT sites. Besides clixoffers on Clixsense, there are several Offer Walls available on both these sites to boost the income. Actually, offers earning is not reliable compared to paid surveys and tasks. Watching videos, downloading apps, playing HTML games are some examples of offers that vary from country to country.
  • Clixsense pays clixcents for completing offers. One Clixcent is equal to $0.01. For completing the offer, the Clixcents will be credited directly almost instantly, if not within a few hours. Offers on Clixsense will be very useful for people to complete the checklist bonus. There are over 10 offerwalls on Clixsense, including Clixoffers powered by Clixsense.
  • Neobux pays coins for completing offers. A minimum of 2500 coins can be used to redeem $2 cash. On neobux coins are credited only after 2 months after completion of offers which is almost instant on Clixsense. Also, there are no bonuses for completing coin offers on Neobux. So, there is no meaning to complete offers to make a few cents that would be credited only after 2 months and should wait till the coin balance reaches 2500 to redeem. There are over 7 Offerwalls on Neobux.
  • Completing offers makes no sense because we might earn only get a few cents for completing offers unless we make any purchase. Downloading apps might make our smartphone clustered. From my view, one [Other than US/UK residents] can complete offers on Clixsense to earn daily checklist bonus. Completing offers on neobux is a waste if you will not upgrade your account.

Winner: Clixsense.

Score: Clixsense – 6 | Neobux – 3

14. Direct Referral System:

  • The referral program is the blood of PTC sites. With no referral system, PTC sites will not sustain more than a day. Direct referrals are the members who have been referred by a member/referrer using his/her referral link. The referrer will be paid referral commission each time when his/her referral views ads, completes offers & tasks and upgrades their account.
  • Clixsense’s referral program is one of the best among GPT sites. A member can have unlimited direct referral on Clixsense, which means there are no restrictions on how many members we can refer to. Clixsense pays referral commission up to 8 levels. For first level referrals, we get up to 20% commissions from PTC ads, 10% commissions from tasks, offers & surveys and $2 upgrade commission. For the remaining 7 level referral, we will receive only $1 when an indirect referral upgrades his/her account.
  • Neobux referral program is the worst ever in the PTC industry. We are allowed to refer to a limited number of direct referrals which depend on the membership [refer section – 16]. A standard member can refer only 30 + total days from the account registered / 4 and golden member can refer only 60 + total days from the date of registration  / 2 and at last ultimate members can refer unlimited members, which cost really high. Restricting the number of referrals is done to directly pressurize the members to upgrade their accounts to increase the referral limit. Neobux pays only one level referral commission which is up to 50% commission for PTC ads [only for selected ads], 20% for coin offers, 12% for mini-jobs and variable upgrade commission depending on the membership purchased.
  • Undoubtedly, clixsense is the winner when it comes to a direct referral system that is profitable for both standard members and premium members. Neobux direct referral system is the trash that has no use for standard, Golden [lower upgrade] members which are almost non-profitable, time-wasting systems. Also, to earn referral commission on neobux we must click at least 4 ads (standard membership) / 9 ads (Golden membership). With Clixsense, member’s activity is unnecessary to get referral commission credited.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 9 | Neobux – 1

15. Rented Referral System:

  • The rented referral system is available on almost all the Bux sites. For whom getting direct referrals is still a dream and members with tons of direct referrals to improve their earnings, renting referrals for money is an option available on bux sites. Renting refs is a risky process because there are high chances for referrals to become inactive, which will be a significant loss as we invest some money in renting refs. Seeing PTC history, there were several sites rent bots instead of a human.
  • Clixsense says that renting referrals is a poor practice where there are high chance for a referral to become inactive, the buyers might lose their money for nothing.
  • Neobux has a great renting referral system and believes that it might not cheat their members by selling inactive referrals. After working on Neobux, I found they sell referrals who are active for a certain number of days and this does not guarantee that those referrals will be active. Inactive referrals can be auto-recycled once every certain day based on their membership. Neobux rented referral commissions are higher than the direct referral commission. Neobux has several restrictions in renting refs like limiting numbers, less commission that forces their members to upgrade their account to make reliable money.
  • Though renting a referral system is considered as a pitfall used by bux sites to cheat their members by selling fake referrals. I hope Neobux differs somewhat from other sites. Few neobux members are making several hundred dollars by renting refs after purchasing high-cost, ultimate membership, mentioned on their forum. But many complaints that they are losing money by renting refs on Neobux. It’s wiser not to invest more than what we can lose. As clixsense does not sell referrals, Neobux deserves to be the winner of this section.

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Winner: Neobux

Score: Clixsense – 0 | Neobux -7

16. Premium Memberships:

  • Again, clixsense upgrade cost is the most effective one in the PTC industry. A member can upgrade his/her account just for $17/year or $30 for 2 years. Clixsense is dared to say that members who cannot refer, complete daily checklist bonus and complete tasks & surveys they have nothing to do with a premium membership. This shows Clixsense is not forcing its members to purchase a membership. With the click rate, the same for both standard & premium members, Clixsense proves they treat all the members equally.
Membership Standard membership Premium membership
Membership price for one year $0 $17
Membership price for two years $0 $30
  • Coming to Neobux, the membership upgrades are very costly compared to Clixsense and there is no guarantee that a member can recover his investment. There are two-level upgrades available on neobux. First, the member has to purchase Golden memberships which cost $90 to upgrade his/her account and then he/she can purchase second level membership, which starts from $290 (Emerald membership) to $890 (Ultimate membership). Only ultimate members can refer to unlimited direct referrals and rent up to 4000 referrals. There are several restrictions if we have purchase memberships that include account should be 30 days older, should click at least 100 ads.
Membership Membership price per year Membership price from next year
Golden Membership $90 $90
Sapphire Membership $290 $290
Emerald Membership $290 $290
Platinum Membership $490 $490
Diamond Membership $490 $490
Ultimate Membership $890 $800
  • Clixsense upgrade packages are very affordable. A member can earn $17 within 10* days by completing tasks & surveys and use the earned money to upgrade their account. So, there are very minimal chances for someone to lose money on Clixsense other than inactive members purchased directly using the Payment processor. Also, the premium membership will be very useful for members both with and without referrals to boost their earnings. Even basic membership of Neobux is very costly compared to Clixsense, that costs $90, which has several limitations. To earn more money, the members have to purchase an additional membership, which costs a minimum of $90 + $290 and apart from that, the members have to invest in renting referrals.
  • Clixsense is the safest place to invest and Neobux investors should be very cautious all the time.

Winner: Clixsense

Score: Clixsense – 10 | Neobux – 1

17. Payment Methods:

  • GPT sites with more payment options will help members from all over the world to withdraw their earnings at low fees. PayPal is the most used payment processor in the world. But there are several restrictions for using PayPal in various regions. So, it is the responsibility of GPT sites to add more payment options to send payment to their members.
  • Ysense process payments via over 5 payment methods that include PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc. The minimum payout is $8 for standard members and $6 for premium members. US members can withdraw their earnings through check as soon as their account balance reaches $10. Clixsense will send payment within 5 days from the date of request.
  • Neobux sends all payments through AirTm. The minimum cashout is just $2 for first and then the limit increases by $1 until the minimum payout reaches $10. Neobux will send the payment instantly once we request a payout.
  • Comparing payment methods of Neobux and Clixsense, both have included most used payment methods. With speed Neobux is the definite winner. Clixsense should improve their payment processing speed.

Winner: Neobux

Score: Clixsense – 7 | Neobux – 9

Final Review – Ysense vs Neobux:

Ysense vs Neobux

I’ve compared almost all the features and earnings methods of Ysense and Neobux. I’ve been working as a member of both Ysense and Neobux for several years and I hope this review is very genuine.
  • Clixsene is a GPT site has very good site design and their support is really awesome. There are several earning features available on Ysense where even a standard member can earn money equal to the premium member, with opportunities created equally. Upgrade fees are really low and affordable. The paid surveys section is a great plus point for Ysense that helps their members to boost their earnings exponentially. Clixsense affiliate program is very generous, there is no direct referral limit and no indirect forces apply to make members purchase a premium membership.
  • Neobux is a Bux site that has an incredibly fast loading site with great support. The earning features are very low compared to clixsense and lack of paid survey section makes it unreliable for members who can’t refer. Neobux tasks reward is the highest compared to anyother GPT sites. Their terms like direct & rented referral limit, put direct force on members to purchase a premium membership, which costs very costly. Standard members do not get high paying PTC ads ($0.01) regularly.

Comparison Table:

In this table, scores of all the features are compared.

Clixsense vs Neobux:

Factors Clixsense Neobux Winner
General Factors comparison list
Site layout & design 5 4.5 Clixsense
Site speed 4 3.5 Neobux
Working time 3.5 5 Neobux
Important Factors comparison list
Reports and statistics 5 2 Clixsense
Guides & Support 4.5 4 Clixsense
Forum 5 5 Tie
Clixgrid vs Adprize 2 2 Tie
Bonus & Rewards 5 2 Clixsense
Critical Factors comparison list
Paid to click ads 8 7 Clixsense
Referral Commission 10 5 Clixsense
Paid surveys 10 0 Clixsense
Micro | Crowdflower tasks 5 10 Neobux
General offers 6 3 Clixsense
Direct referral system 9 1 Clixsense
Rented referral system 0 7 Neobux
Premium memberships 10 1 Clixsense
Payment methods 7 9 Neobux
99 71 Clixsense

Overall Score Comparison:

Now it’s time to compare overall scores of these sites. There is a huge difference in comparison scores with Clixsense scoring 99, neobux struggles at 71. Both Clixsense and Neobux are sites to earn money. Clixsense has proven that it is the best site to earn money without investment, which is a piece of great news for beginners starting with no money to invest. Also, there are so many features like paid surveys, tasks available on clixsense helps us to earn without referring to one member. Neobux is the site for people who can purchase costly membership, rent referrals. There is nothing available on Neobux for beginners if they cannot invest money. Mini jobs on neobux are good but only talented get access to high paying tasks.

Final Winner: Ysense.

Learn in detail about these sites:

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Registration Links:

Click to join Ysense | Click to join Neobux

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