Clixsense and Swagbucks are the most popular GPT sites in the world. These sites are very legitimate and known to pay their members on time. While both clixsense and swagbucks has various features to earn money. When compared, one of these site is found more reliable to the members all around the world. In this article I’ve compared various features of Clixsense and swagbucks in detail. With their own pros and cons, both these sites deserves victory.


Clixsense vs swagbucks

About comparison:

  • In clixsense vs swagbucks section, features of both clixsense & swagbucks are compared and each feature is rated from 1 – 10.
  • Clear explanation has been given for each factors.
  • Swagbucks vs Clixsense comparison is done under three sections i.e. general factors, Important factors and critical factors. While general factors has less influence in earnings, critical factors determines how much a member can earn by working on these sites.
Clixsense vs swagbucks:
General factors:
In this section the features which has nothing to do with a member’s earnings are discussed. They are rated from 1 – 5.
1. Site layout and design:
  • Layout of the site is very important and especially on GPT sites it will be helpful to beginners to navigate site without any confusion. Design of the site is very much important to produce more conversions. Research says that a well designed site has reduced bounce rate and high conversions.
  • Clixsense has the best site layout that fits almost all the PC screen sizes. Site is designed very well in such a way that a member can navigate the site without any confusion. The menu of clixsense appears the same on all pages has links to almost all the important earning pages that will be helpful for the members to land each earners page with one click.
Clixsense full page shot
  • Swagbucks has responsive layout that fits perfectly across all the digital devices. Swagbucks is designed very well with non-contrast primary color which does not produce stress to our eyes. Swagbucks menu have to be improved because current menu will be little bit confusing to the beginners. Menu is not present on all the pages makes it very tough to navigate to different earning pages in one click.
Swagbucks screenshot
  • When compared clixsense does not have responsive design which makes it very tough to use on touch devices. But, on PC it has the best site design and the navigation is very clear. Swagbucks has responsive web design helps members to access from all the devices from smartphone to PC. But navigation will be confusing. New members will struggle and take some time to learn about swagbucks.
Winner : Clixsense.
Score : Clixsense – 4 | Swagbucks – 3.5.

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2. Site speed:
  • It is important for webmasters to reduce the site loading speed to improve the user experience. Slow sites are very frustrating that might trigger user to leave website increasing bounce rate i.e. no conversions. GPT sites should load very fast that it should load within few milliseconds.
  • While clixsense loads fast compared to swagbucks, it takes more than one seconds for site to load. Clixsense should improve site speed to make it load within few milliseconds like neobux.
  • Swagbucks is somewhat slow compared to clixsense and it is almost impossible to make to load within a second.
  • Comparing them both the sites loads fast within 2 seconds which is not bad at all. Clixsense is better than swagbucks when it comes to site speed.

Winner : Clixsense.

Score :  Clixsense – 4.5 | Swagbucks – 3.
Important factors:
This section has some important factors compared that does not have any influence in member’s earnings. But they are essential for the GPT sites.
3. Guides and support:
  • Every GPT sites should have guide, help and FAQ section to assist members by answering frequently asked questions and explain basic features of the website.
  • Clixsense has the best guides section among thousands of GPT sites. When a member joins clixsense a 2 minutes video will be played that will tell us all the basics of the site which will be very helpful for the beginners to understand usage of the site. Apart from the clixsense FAQ section is excellent that answers almost all the questions that will raise in the members mind. If our query is not answered, support team will be ready to answer questions within few seconds.
  • Swagbucks does have guide section which tells the overview of site, not so informative like clixsense. Their site has excellent FAQ section which can be seen by clicking contact button. Swagbucks support is good but it is not available on weekend.


Winner : Clixsense.


Score : Clixsense – 4.5 | Swagbucks – 3.5.
4. Reports and statistics:


  • Report and statistics section will be very much useful for the members to analyse their work history and track improvement. Reports section will be very much useful for the members who can refer more people.
  • Clixsense stats and report section is the best which is not present on any other GPT sites. Separate stats sections are given for clicks, offers, tasks and referrals. We can track each and every action performed by us and by our referral since DOJ anytime. 
  • Swagbucks stats section is available only for referral section that will be helpful to track referral commission. The stats section is very simple just with username, SB and it cannot be compared to clixsense in terms of detailed presentation.
Winner : Clixsense.
Score : Clixsense – 5 | Swagbucks – 1.

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5. Forum:
  • With FAQ & guide section available, forum will be helpful for the members to discuss things with other members. Members can share their achievements, ask help from the community, learn instantly about new features, etc. Apart from this a site with active forum will be helpful to confirm that the site is legitimate and paying. 
  • Clixsense has the forum section where their members have full freedom to discuss anything related to clixsense with the community. Questions are answered instantly, achievements are appreciated and news about new features are posted regularly. With forum visit included as mandatory task to complete checklist bonus, several thousands of members visit forum everyday.
  • Usually, PTC sites have forum and GPT sites don’t. Swagbucks is a pure GPT site without PTC section. There are no forum boards available on swagbucks to discuss, but members are allowed to discuss on daily poll comments but has strict terms to never deviate from the topic. Adding forum will be helpful for the members to discuss things. Also, swagbucks will receive feature requests from members which will be helpful for them to upgrade their system as per users wish.

Winner : Clixsense.

Score : Clixsense – 5 | Swagbucks – 1. 
6. Daily bonus:
  • Daily bonus will be boost members to work hard as a result there will be more conversions for GPT site and extra income for members.
  • Again clixsense has the best daily bonus system among GPT sites. They pay up to 16% bonus to their members who completes daily checklist bonus successfully. To get daily check list bonus the member have to click at least 6 ads, play 20 clixgrid game, complete 2 surveys/offers or complete 10 micro tasks and visit the forum atleast once. So for example a member earn $10 today, he will get $1.6 extra bonus for free credited to their account by the next day.
  • Swagbucks also pays additional bonus to their members for completing daily goals and to do list. To complete daily goal, the member has to earn minimum SB indicated which might be 30SB. They will pay 10% bonus for achieving daily goals. In case of to do list, the member must answer daily poll, search once, complete an offer and complete daily discover to earn bonus. Swagbucks bonus system is not good as clixsense checklist bonus.

Winner : Clixsense.

Score : Clixsense – 5 | Swagbucks – 4.
Critical factors:
Now it is time to discuss about the critical factors that directly affects the earnings of members.
7. PTC ads:
  • Paid to click ads earning section is a very important section on GPT site that has great influence on a member’s earnings and especially for members with so many referrals. 
  • Clixsense PTC section has several ads where the members can earn money by viewing the advertisements. Unlike surveys, tasks, PTC ads can be viewed by anyone with and without skills. So, affiliates who can refer more members can earn more money because all the active referral will click ads daily but not every active referral will complete survey or task. In some location like USA, members are earning up to $10 from PTC ads due to availability of more ads compared to other members around the world. Look at the screenshot below, a member from USA earned $7.45 in one day just by viewing ads alone, $1.4902 is the referral commission. And he has completed several surveys and tasks that day.
Clixsense PTC task
  • The main disadvantage of swagbucks is that there is no PTC section. Means the members have no opportunities to earn money by viewing ads. Bad news for affiliate marketers.
Winner – Clixsense.
Score : Clixsense – 10 | Swagbucks – 0.
8. Paid surveys:
  • Paid surveys are the main income source on GPT sites for several members who struggle to refer members. Paid surveys can pay from $0.50 to $5 upon completion depending on Geo location.
  • Clixsense has paid survey section opened for almost members from all the countries. Members from few countries do not have access to paid surveys. Everyday the members will get several survey invitations to their account and few to email. Upon each survey completion the member’s account will be credited instantly and in some cases up to 2 hours. For completing few surveys clixsense will pay only after 30 days which will be indicated by a red flag. Apart from survey invitation, clixsense has several survey routers through which the members can complete as many surveys as they can.
  • The main earning source on swagbucks is paid surveys. Usually members from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand will get more surveys on swagbucks. Members from other countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Russia will get very limited surveys to no surveys per day makes it unreliable. One or two survey routers will be available on swagbuck to search new surveys. Peanut lab surveys are available for users from selected countries. On the whole swagbucks is the best site for members from tier – 1 countries. 
Winner : Clixsense.
Score : Clixsense – 10 | Swagbucks – 8.
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9. Micro tasks:
  • Micro tasks powered by crowd flower is available on almost all the top GPT sites that pays small amount of money for completing simple tasks. Huge project are broken into small tasks by crowdflower, it pays money to the members for doing those small tasks with good accuracy. The tasks available on any GPT sites will be the same and a member can work only from one of the partner site on a PC with unique IP address.
  • Clixsense task section is open for all the members. They can completing unlimited tasks, the money will be instantly credited to their account. Though the pay is partially controlled by crowdflower, clixsense rewards their hard working members who complete tasks more in numbers. Clixsense pays $100 weekly bonus to top 10 highest tasks completer and for every member who earn $50 from micro tasks clixsense pays $5 hard work bonus.
  • Swagbucks calculates the pay in their own currency the SB. When compared, swagbucks pay is lower compared to clixsense. Clixsense pays minimum 1 cent for completing the basic task where swagbucks pays only 0.7 cent for the same task. Since the pay is calculated in SB low pay is unknown to most of the members. Swagbucks does not reward the hard workers with bonus. So if you’re a serious in earning money through tasks, clixsense would be the better option.

Winner : Clixsense.

Score : Clixsense – 8 | Swagbucks – 6.
10. Offers:
  • Paid offers are the extra income tasks which is unreliable for members from other than tier – 1 countries. Downloading money apps,  playing games, offer surveys, signing up on other sites are few examples of offers which pays not more than few cents.
  • Clixsense has 10 offer walls where several offers are listed. Members will be paid instantly for each offer completion. Downloading apps, paid surveys, cash games are the most seen offers. The members can use them incase if they wish to complete daily checklist bonus. Doing offers for money is worthless (except for members from tier – 1 countries).
  • There are several offers available on swagbucks compared to clixsense for members from USA and UK. Where as for members from other countries there will be countable number of offers to no offers at all. Few swagbucks offers can pay more compared to clixsense offers.

Winner : Tie.

Score : Clixsense – 7 | Swagbucks – 7.

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11. Paid to watch videos:
  • Clixsense does not have separate paid to watch videos, instead few paid videos can be found on offerwalls like Matomy and it is available only for members from tier – 1 countries in most cases and for other members once in a blue moon. They pay a cent to few for watching videos. This offer is abundantly  available for US members.
  • Swagbucks has separate paid to watch videos section to almost all the members. But, the pay is some what low for members from other than US, UK, Australia ….. A member have to watching series of videos to get paid, like 3 to 20 videos per task which can take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete.
Winner : Swagbucks.
Score : Clixsense – 3 | Swagbucks – 5.
12. Cashback offers | Paid to shop:
  • Clixsense has only few paid to shop offers. Paid to shop offers / cash back offers can be found under selected offer walls. When a member purchase a digital service for some amount, the offer wall will pay a part of money back as reward.
  • Swagbucks paid to shop program is very advanced compared to clixsense. There are several cash back offers available for members only from tier – 1 countries like USA, Canada. Apart from digital services cash back offers like food, wardrobe, gift packs, electronics are available on swagbucks. This shows swagbucks is very reliable than clixsense in paid to shop.
Winner : Swagbucks.
Score : Clixsense – 2 | Swagbucks – 8.
13. Affiliate program | Referral program:
  • For a GPT site, good affiliate program is critical factor to attract top affiliate who are the main recruiters. Only if the site has best affiliate program, the members will be happy to promote their referral link to earn more money and on the same time more workers will sign up on the site to strengthen their business.
  • Clixsense has the best affiliate program compared to any other GPT sites with PTC section. Clixsense pays up to 20% referral commission from PTC ads and up to 10% referral commission for paid surveys, offers and tasks. Apart from that clixsense pays $2 when a referral upgrades his/her account and $1 per seven level account upgrade commission to premium members.
  • Swagbucks only pays 10% referral commission for all the money programs. 
  • Clixsense affiliate program is very reliable compared to swagbucks referral program. Only few earn more than $1 referral commission per day on swagbucks, where several members earn more than $5 referral commission per day on clixsense.

Winner : Clixsense.

Score : Clixsense – 10 | Swagbucks – 5.  
14. Payment methods:
  • The payment methods available on GPT sites are very important that should ensure all their trusted members can withdraw their money using the payment processors supported in their countries. With PayPal available in almost majority of countries, few prefer other payment options due to its strict terms.
  • Clixsense has several payment methods. PayPal, Payza, Paytoo, Neteller are the payment processors through which members can withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout is $8 for standard members and $6 for premium members. Members from USA and Canada has option to withdraw their earnings through check with $10 minimum. All the earnings are calculated in US dollars directly, which is different incase of swagbucks.
  • Swagbucks pays their own digital currency SB each time when the members completes a task. Members can redeem the SB to cash or gift cards. There are several payment options available on swagbucks that includes PayPal, gift card, Walmart, Facebook, Google gift cards and this varied from country to country. The basic redemption is $5 for 700SB PayPal. The SB to $ conversion rate & pay is very less compared to clixsense when calculated.
  • Comparing both, clixsense has more options to withdraw money as cash compared to swagbucks. Paypal is the only payment processor available on swagbucks to withdraw earnings as cash. Members prefer cash withdrawal compared to gift cards.
Winner : Clixsense.
Score : Clixsense – 8 | Swagbucks – 7.
Final review:
While comparing these sites, both clixsense and Swagbucks found to have their own pros and cons. Let us see them below.
  • Clixsense is the best GPT site and it is the only site with PTC ads that pays up to $0.02. While there are few GPT sites that pays only $0.001 per ad view, clixsense pays max up to $0.02 and 20% referral click commission makes it more reliable than other GPT sites. Other than paid to click tasks, there are several other earning features available on clixsense that includes paid surveys, microtasks, offers, clixgrid game etc. Mostly, on almost all GPT sites only survey routers like opinion world, Your surveys, opinion surveys etc will be available that pays the fixed amount ($0.50 – $1) for all types of surveys (small to big). Whereon clixsense, survey invitations will be available on dashboard and sometimes sent to inbox. Each survey has different payout, like small one pays $0.50, big ones from $1.50 – $5. This ensures the members aren’t not loosing money unnecessarily while completing surveys more than 10 minutes (most of the surveys will be big). Clixsense daily checklist bonus and weekly contest makes it more reliable than any other GPT site in the world.
  • Swagbucks is a very familiar GPT site in the world, sometimes called as Survey panel. Mostly members from other than USA, UK, Australia, Canada & few tier -1 countries will work for only a day or two because most opportunities are available for members from the countries mention above. Their own currency system is little bit confusing and seems to reduce the payout less to some level. The micro tasks section has very less payout compared to clixsense. Swagbucks cashback/shopping section is very good where members can earn more SB by making purchases. Swagbucks also pays for using their search engine as default one. On the whole swagbucks is a good site for people from tier – 1 countries. While it takes a week or two to earn $8 (worldwide) on clixsense based on member’s action, it might take few months to earn $5 (other than tier – 1 countries) on swagbucks which is the minimum payout.
Comparison table:


In this table, scores of all the factors are given with total below.


Clixsense Vs Swagbucks


Factors Clixsense Swagbucks Winner
General Factors comparision list
Site layout & design 4 3.5 Clixsense
Site speed 4.5 3 Clixsense
Important Factors comparision list
Reports and statistics 5 1 Clixsense
Guides & Support 4.5 3.5 Clixsense
Forum 5 1 Clixsense
Daily bonus 5 4 Clixsense
Critical Factors comparision list
Paid to click ads 10 0 Clixsense
Paid surveys 10 8 Clixsense
Micro tasks 8 6 Clixsense
Offers 7 7 Tie
Paid to watch videos 3 5 Swagbucks
Cash back offers | PTS 2 8 Swagbucks
Referral program 10 5 Clixsense
Payment methods 8 7 Clixsense
86 62 Clixsense

Overall score comparison: 

Comparing overall score it is clear that Clixsense leads and it is the best among Clixsense vs Swagbucks. While clixsense scores 86, swagbucks lost points on many factors with 62 overall score. Clixsense is the reliable site for everyone in the world except few where registrations are not allowed and in few countries survey section is disabled. Clixsense has so many features with good pay that an individual member can earn more money and also their affiliate program is awesome. Affiliate who are using it properly are making several hundred dollars to few thousand dollars per month. Swagbucks is the site for US, UK, AUS, Canada residents. Members from other countries makes very less to no money at all on swagbucks. There are several offers and paid surveys available on swagbucks, but there is no PTC section which is bad news for people who depend on them to earn money. Doing micro tasks on Swagbucks is worthless.

Final winner – Clixsense.

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