This is the right time to start earning bitcoins online which could make you a millionaire if you can analyze the future value of the bitcoins. The bitcoin value is rising like anything in the past months and it is estimated that the value of a bitcoin might reach $8000. If you’re struggling every day to make money to live a rich life, then the Bitcoins might make the dreams come true. This article explains what is bitcoin, bitcoin evolution in brief and tells how to start earning bitcoin, multiplying bitcoins and save bitcoin that can be sold for the price several times higher than the current value.


The right time to start earning bitcoins

What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is a digital currency that is stored in a digital wallet like computers, smartphones, wallet key etc. The Bitcoins are the currency with the highest value compared to the other currencies. The Bitcoins can be sold or converted to any other currencies instantly. Nowadays the gift cards of Amazon.com, Walmart, KFC, Domino and other companies can be bought using Bitcoins. To learn more, click here – What is bitcoin?

History of Bitcoin:

  • The Bitcoin is developed/invented by the Japanese software engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto on 2008.
  • Initially, 1฿ was equal to $0.003. Think if someone had bought 10000฿ for $30 on 2008. Today they can sell it for $25540000 and become a millionaire. If someone had got 100000฿, today they would have become a billionaire.
  • Since most of them are unaware of Bitcoin, only a few had a chance to accumulate bitcoins at that time and very few kept those without selling till date.
  • Now the rate of a bitcoin is +/-$3000 and the value can multiply in future according to a research.
  • The year 2016-2017 is called the Golden age of the bitcoin where the bitcoin price increased up to 8 times. 
  • It’s not too late. So, stop worrying about the past and start accumulating the bitcoins now and sell it for a higher price in the future.
Bitcoins and Me:
  • I came to know about the bitcoins when the price of 1฿ was $150 and I started accumulating bitcoins when the rate of 1฿ was $230 and I’m continuing to use bitcoins till now and I will continue to use them in the future.
  • Previously, for several months the price remained the below $300 for over few years and the bitcoin trading was not profitable.
  • I accumulated bitcoins and sold it each month without knowing the value of the bitcoins.
  • If I’ve saved the bitcoins that I’ve earned in the past. Now I could’ve sold it for $62057. OMG!!!
  • But now I started to save bitcoins from the time when the bitcoin price was $1250 and I’m continuously accumulating and saving bitcoins to sell it for a better price in the future.
  • Why don’t you start to earn bitcoins and save bitcoins like me in part time?

Why the bitcoin price is breaking records?

  • The bitcoin price is rising and said to rise in future. Bitcoin price is regularly breaking its own records at an incredible speed.
  • The bitcoin value is said to rise due to several direct and indirect factors.
  • Like never before there is a congestion in bitcoin mining which is said to be one of the reasons for the rise in bitcoin price.
  • Japan has legalized the bitcoin in their country and more people started to buy bitcoins using Japanese Yen.
  • Bitcoins mining process has slowed down.
  • The bitcoin buying has increased compared to selling.
  • The main reason for the hike in the bitcoin price is due to the rise in the institutional investors.
  • Also, many Ransomware attacks were able to unlock only using bitcoins. Billions of dollars worth bitcoins were paid as ransom to the hackers in the recent attack to unlock the affected devices.

How to make use of bitcoins to change your life:

If you’re struggling to make money from your job and saving money is a word of mouth, the bitcoin is there to change your life. Bitcoins can make you a millionaire within few years. There are two ways you can make use of bitcoins to increase your financial status.
Earn Bitcoins:
  • Earning Bitcoins online is the best way to accumulate bitcoins for free. There are several ways available on the internet to earn bitcoins and in recent years few sites add Bitcoin as a payment mode along with PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Western Union, Skrill etc.
  • The bitcoin faucets are the best place to accumulate bitcoins for free. Bitcoin faucets are primarily a bitcoin rewarding website cover their hosting fees and other spending using the online advertising. They pay bitcoins for people like us just for visiting their page once every few minutes. Here is the list of best bitcoin faucets.
  • The bitcoins PTC sites are similar to the bitcoin faucets, but the main difference is that the bitcoins PTC pay the users for visiting the advertiser’s website who advertise on their site. Here is the list of best Bitcoin PTC sites.
  • The bitcoin mining is the traditional way to earn bitcoins. In the earlier days, bitcoin trading and the bitcoin mining were the only ways to earn bitcoins online. But, nowadays bitcoin can be earned by the methods mentioned above and also many sites pay bitcoin instead of USD.
  • The bitcoin mining is done using a software. The mining software performs mathematical calculations to mine bitcoins from the transactions. Without mining, the bitcoin transactions will stop and thus a small fee will be automatically paid as the mining fees to the bitcoin miners.
  • The bitcoin mining helps the bitcoins and the bitcoin community to run without any problem. Previously, the miners used the PC and laptops to mine the bitcoins. But, due to increase in the mining activities and increase in complexity of calculations, the bitcoin mining using the PC or similar device are dead. If you have a PC with high-end Nvidia or AMD graphics card, you can try mining bitcoin using computers.
  • Now bitcoin mining is profitable only if we use the mining hardware which is specially designed for mining purpose. You can learn more in this article – How to mine bitcoins.
  • Other than these there are a lot of ways available to earn bitcoins online. You can use this guide to find ideas to earn bitcoins online.

Buy Bitcoins:

  • If you feel earning bitcoins is hard, you can buy bitcoins and save it in your wallet and sell it when the Bitcoin price goes high.
  • Now many trusted bitcoin trading sites are available to buy and sell bitcoins. Anyone can buy bitcoins, store it in the same wallet and sell it as per their convenience.
  • Though it is late, this is the best time to invest some money in the bitcoins. Many put their money sleep in their bank account. But investing the money in bitcoin, such people can multiply their money within few months.
  • Buying bitcoins made simple, guide – How to buy sell bitcoins.
  • For Indian users – How to buy sell Bitcoins in India.

Multiply Bitcoins:

  • If you start earning bitcoins, you can invest that bitcoin in the trusted sites which will be multiply as days goes.
  • Since Bitcoins are not controlled by any Government or Organisations, the scammers target bitcoin investors to steal bitcoins.
  • Also, since bitcoin transactions are irreversible, Bitcoin scammers have upper hand.
  • By safely investing bitcoins you can make additional profit. For example, if you invest 1฿, you might earn 0.001฿ from the investment sites in a month. Sites that claim to double the bitcoin in few days or pay daily interest are the sign of scams.
  • Trusted ways of bitcoin investments are bitcoin banking, bitcoin lending, minimum compound interest for bitcoins and few more. Untrusted bitcoin investments are bitcoin multiplier, daily interest for bitcoin, bitcoin games etc.
  • If you wish to invest bitcoins in safest ways I’ve listed the sites tested already here – Best bitcoin investment sites.
Final words:
Hope now you’re aware of Bitcoins and would have understood the importance of bitcoin which could make you a millionaire if you make use of the opportunities properly. This is the right time to earn bitcoins, Start earning bitcoin Today!
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