To earn bitcoins, working on freelance site(s) is a good idea if you have some potential to do something. By, gaining experience you could earn even 1Ƀ per day. Unlike bitcoin faucets & bitcoin get paid to complete tasks sites, freelance job is very effective and also you can utilize your full skills to work from home without any investment. Continue to read this article to learn how to find freelance jobs that pays you money in bitcoins.


Freelance jobs | Bitcoins

How to find freelance jobs:

  • To find freelance online jobs that pays you for working on part time from home, you should join a freelance marketplace. It will be good if you repeat the same on many, to increase your opportunities.
  • After joining a freelance site you should complete your profile which will be your resume when you apply or submit proposal for a job.
  • The key to success is adding portfolio to your profile. Portfolio will show your professionalism and your ability. Clients prefer a profile with portfolio.
  • Now search for a job using the keyword in search box. After finding a right job, enter it, read their terms and submit your proposal you will get a job for sure.
  • I recommend you to do this in bitcoin based freelance site as it has low competition.
Top freelance site which pays bitcoins for working part time:

1. Cryptogrind:



  • Cryptogrind is the leading freelance marketplace, where you can earn bitcoins by selling services.You can earn by doing something like writing articles, programming, SEO, music creation, creating whiteboard videos, photoshop editing etc.
  • Join cryptogrind, create your gig (profile) with portfolio to start earning bitcoins.
Freelancers gig listed on cryptogrind


  • Cryptogrind is the easy and secure way to find freelance services or pay for jobs using Bitcoin.
  • Think of cryptogrind services as the Bitcoin alternative to fiverr.
  • Employers can post unlimited jobs on cryptogrind.
  • Freelancers can apply for these jobs once they submit a freelancer profile.
  • Cryptogrind offers fully integrated Multi-Signature Bitcoin escrow with every service order and job acceptance.
  • Security and user experience is cryptogrind’s number one priority.
Registration link : Cryptogrind.

2. Work for bitcoins:

Work for bitcoins
  • Work for bitcoins is one of the best freelance site to earn bitcoins almost by doing anything you know.
  • This is the best site for beginners to find a freelance job, because the competition is very low and jobs posted here are pretty easier.
Work for bitcoins - listed jobs
  • Most jobs posted here are about gaming and especially FIFA. If you’re a FPS gaming freak you could make money by doing the simple tasks posted there.
  • Clients approve freelancers on bidding system. To bid click on the job, read the terms and start bidding. The freelancer with best bid will have high chance to get hired.
Registration link: Work4bitcoins.


3. Jobs4bitcoins:
  • Jobs4bitcoins is a subreddit in Jobs4bitcoins is the best place to find the bitcoin based jobs both for beginners and professionals.
  • Several articles are posted there to help you to understand about bitcoins, its features, exchange, rates etc.
Jobs4bitcoins job board
  • See the screenshot of the job board above. Getting a job on /r/jobs4bitcoins is very easier and faster compared to other freelance sites.
  • To find the relevant job just join reddit and go to the jobs4bitcoins sub reddit. Then browse the jobs, read their terms to apply and get hired successfully.
Registration link : Jobs4bitcoins.
4. Coinality:
  • Coinality is undoubtedly the best freelance site for professionals like web designer, app developer, logo designer, web security expert, data processing, data entry etc.
  • If you feel you got a good potential in any field then choose coinality to start earning lots of bitcoins.
Coinality job board
  • In coinality you can find different types of jobs in relationship like partnership, freelance and full time jobs. In front of every job posting you can find that as shown in the picture.
  • Click on the job and apply to get hired!


Registration link : Coinality.
5. Bitgigs:
  • Bitgigs is some what different from all other freelance sites and it is similar to fiverr.
  • Bitgigs is a marketplace where you can buy and sell services like writing, SEO, music, video, photoshop works etc.
  • To earn bitcoins you should sell gigs. You should join bitgigs and create a gig which can be otherwise called as profile badge.
  • You should include your ability to do the mentioned service and what you will offer if someone buys your gig.
Gigs listed on bitgigs
  • In the above picture the gigs are listed. If you’ve a gig, there might be a chance for your gig to appear on the page if your gig keyword is searched.
  • People will click on your gig to find more details and if they find something worth they might buy your service..
  • To learn more gig creation, read how to create a perfect gig.
Registration link Bitgigs.
6. xbt freelancer:
xbt freelancer
  • xbt freelancer is similar to top 3 freelance sites, where you have to create an account and complete your profile to start.
  • To find a job type your keywords in search box and browse the offer. If you find a good offer, start bidding.
Registration link – xbt freelancer.
Freelance sites where you can earn money with bitcoin knowledge:
If you think you’ve good knowledge about bitcoins, you can earn money by helping clients for their projects related to bitcoins.
1. Upwork­™:
  • Upwork is the a leading freelance site, where thousands of jobs are posted every day.
  • To search jobs related to bitcoins, just type bitcoins in the search box and hit enter. All the jobs related to bitcoins will be listed as shown in the picture below.
Jobs listed on upwork™
  • Click on the job for which you qualify, submit your proposal, let the client hire you. To learn more about upwork click the link given below.
Linked to Upwork.
2. Fiverr®:
  • Fiverr is the biggest online marketplace where millions of registered users buy and sell services.
  • If you’re a bitcoins expert or if you’re a expert in something fiverr can make you rich without going to regular work.
  • Similar to bitsgig, you’ve to create a gig to start selling your service or your product.
Gigs listed on Fiverr®
  • You’ve to add your portfolio or master piece link in that gig. If you don’t have a portfolio to link, you should give a detailed description about your gig and what you are capable of.
  • Click the link given below to learn how to create professional gig on fiverr®.
Link to – Fiverr®.

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