I hope that you would’ve read my previous article, what is a bitcoin faucet? How & why bitcoin faucets pay. Bitcoin faucets are the reliable way to earn money online for beginners as anyone can claim bitcoins on faucets 24/7 just by solving the captcha. Only a few of the online money making programs let their members earn money anytime as much as they can. But working on a single bitcoin faucet make no sense and if you do so I assure you will make nothing and quit the same day. Read this article to learn how to make reliable income from bitcoin faucets.
How to work on Bitcoin Faucets
Things to know before you start:
  • To work on Bitcoin Faucets you should own a bitcoin wallet with an address. If you don’t have one – Create a bitcoin wallet.
  • The regular faucet claimers get more dispense compared to the members who claim bitcoin once in a blue moon.
  • Lots of the bitcoin faucets pay through the micro wallet. Continue to read how micro wallet works and what are the advantages of receiving your claims through the micro wallet.
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Micro wallet:

  • Most of the bitcoin faucets use the micro wallet to pay their members instantly. Receiving payment through the micro wallet has more advantages compared to receiving your earnings directly to your wallet.
  • So, what is a faucet box? A micro wallet that acts as the middleman between you and the bitcoin faucets. 
  • That is, if you claim bitcoins in a faucet, the dispense will instantly send to your micro wallet instead of bitcoin wallet. 
  • You can set a threshold limit in your micro wallet account. Your earnings will be automatically sent to your primary bitcoin wallet once the threshold amount is reached.
Setting threshold limit on faucet box
  • You don’t have to create any account on the micro wallet. Instead, your micro wallet account will be automatically created for your bitcoin address once you claim for the first time in a faucet that pays through the micro wallet. Link to the faucet box will be available on your faucet account.
Advantages of using Micro wallet:
  • The basic pros of using the micro wallet are to prevent the transaction fees. Usually, bitcoin wallets don’t charge for the large transaction like ฿0.01 and above. But, faucets only pays up to ฿0.0001 per claim. So, if the earnings are directly sent to your wallet, your will lose a small amount of money as transaction fees.
  • So, you can store your bitcoins on the micro wallet and set the payout threshold as ฿0.01. Your micro wallet will automatically send your bitcoin to your wallet once it reaches threshold limit with zero transaction fees. At the end, you would have saved lots of bitcoins which would have been fed as transaction fees.
  • Reach threshold limit quickly. Since you’re going to claim bitcoins in several faucets your faucet box will be filled with bitcoins in no time. So, you will receive a handful of money when it reaches the wallet.
  • Prevent your wallet from becoming messy with transaction details. For every transaction made you will receive a notification and recent transaction will be displayed on your wallet homepage. By making large transactions few times from micro wallet, make your wallet look tidy.
  • Save yourself from scams. 90% of bitcoin faucets are scam less. Still, you can protect yourselves from 10% scam sites using the micro wallet instant payment system. As you receive your earned bitcoins instantly to your micro wallet, you don’t have to worry about your bitcoin stored on faucet account.

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Working on a bitcoin faucet:

Steps to claim bitcoins on a bitcoin faucet:
  • To earn bitcoins in a faucet is a simple process. Once you land on a bitcoin faucet page for the first time you will be asked to enter your wallet address. Just enter your wallet address and click register or submit.
Creating a account on a bitcoin faucet
  • You don’t have to set any password. Every time you go to that faucet you are ready to claim the next second and you don’t have to log into your account for each time like you do on PTC sites
  • For working on few faucets, you will be asked to register using the email address. Just do it for those few faucets.
  • The homepage of a faucet will look similar to the picture shown below.
Home page of a bitcoin faucet
  • To claim bitcoins all you have to do is. Solve the captcha given and click claim. Your bitcoins will be instantly sent to your micro wallet.
Claimed message on a bitcoin faucet
How to make a good income from bitcoin faucets:
  • As said in the introduction part of this article, it makes no sense if you claim bitcoins in one or two faucets. 
  • To get the effective income you should claim bitcoins on at least 20 bitcoin faucets simultaneously. I used to do so and look at my browser when I work on bitcoin faucets.
My browser when I work on bitcoin faucets
  • Claim the bitcoins on the first faucet and go to the next, once you’ve claimed the bitcoin on the first one. Because you cannot claim bitcoins on the same faucet for two times without revisit timer ends.
  • Continue to move forward next, next and next. Make sure you arrange the tabs in ascending order in terms of revisit time. So, at the first place the faucet with one minute revisit time should be placed and on the last, the faucets with one hour revisit time should be placed. It will be very easy to find the faucets with short revisit time.
  • If you’re not sure what is revisit time, I recommend you to read this article – everything you should know about a bitcoin faucet.
  • If you have speakers attached to your PC, make sure you set the alarm of the faucets on. So each time when revisit time completes you will be notified by the beep sound or similar. Alarms will be very helpful to find a faucet which is ready to claim. So, you don’t have to check one by one if it is ready for claiming.
  • I highly recommend you to join a bitcoin faucet rotator and make it stay in first place in tab arrangement. So, when there are no faucets ready to be claimed you can work on the faucets on the rotator in the mean time. is a best bitcoin rotator on which you don’t have to open faucets on lots of tabs instead you can use the next button to go to the next faucet automatically after claiming bitcoin on a faucet.
  • If you work at good speed effectively without wasting time. You can surely make $5 worth bitcoins every hour. Do not expect this amount on the first day. Faucet rewards new members very low comparing to the old members to ensure quality service.

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Make use of extra rewards:
  • Faucets reward their true members through mystery bonus, daily bonus etc. So, try to claim at least once a day to show you’re regular.
  • Playing games like click the rabbit is the best way to boost your earnings in short time. Click the rabbit game is available on 80% of faucets in rotator.
Click the rabbit game - extra reward
Referral commissions:
  • The best thing I like the most about bitcoin faucets is the referral commission. Most of the bitcoin faucets pay referral commission above 50% and it can reach max up to 100%. So, just by referring 2 people we can make the same amount that we make ourselves.
  • Think about referring more than 10 people to bitcoin faucets. You will start to earn a decent income from your home itself.
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Now its the time to get into action:

  • They’re the list of top performing bitcoin faucets in the world. Mostly any of the faucets won’t be removed from this list because they are the most established.
  • As I’ve said join all the faucets listed here. There is no use in working on one or two faucets.



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