How to Earn Bitcoin by Solving Captchas on Captcha Sites and Faucets

Nowadays Bitcoin has become very familiar and to earn Bitcoin it is very easier than making dollars. Captcha entry (paying ‘$’) is a familiar way to earn money online. But, I bet it is an ineffective way to make money if you aren’t skilled. Captcha entry needs some speed to earn reasonable money online. But in the case of Bitcoin-paying captcha solving faucets, you don’t need any special skill or speed because you don’t have to type anything in most cases instead you will have to use your mouse click to solve them.

You can earn Bitcoin at a rate of $2 – $3 / hr by solving these modern classic captchas. In this article, you can get all the information about earning Bitcoins just by solving simple classic captchas with screenshots.

Earn Bitcoin solving captchas

Note – Click here to go to the list of best Captcha entry sites that pay Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies.

Note – Continue to read the article to learn how to earn Bitcoin by solving captchas which were previously profitable. It still works but the Bitcoin price hike as made this method unreliable. So, you could choose to work on the regular captcha worksites and withdraw your earnings as BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

Requirements to Earn Bitcoin by Solving Captchas:

Do you hear the word Bitcoin for the first time? Read this article to know what is Bitcoin? before you start.

To receive your earned Bitcoin you should own a Bitcoin wallet similar to Google wallet. If you don’t have one, learn how to create a Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is tax-free digital currencies and governments do not interfere in Bitcoin transactions, even if you send or receive 1 Billion worth Bitcoin. So, you can spend Bitcoin on the shopping sites that accept Bitcoin or sell BTC for cash as per your requirement.

How Does this Work?

Bitcoin-based captcha solving is different. The site that pays you Bitcoin for solving captchas is called as a faucet.

You have to enter the faucet and solve the captcha to receive a certain amount of Bitcoin. Once you claim the Bitcoin you have to click the next faucet to claim Bitcoin again.

You can claim Bitcoins 24 / 7 just by solving captchas. There is no limit in claiming Bitcoin.

Also, they don’t have any time restrictions like ordinary captcha entry sites, where you have to solve a captcha within 15 seconds otherwise your account will be suspended.

Captcha solving in faucets is easier compared to the image to text captcha entry. Because in most cases you don’t have to type using your keyboard instead you can solve just by using your mouse clicks.

Different types of captchas found on faucets are explained below with screenshots.

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Solving Captchas to Earn Bitcoin on Faucets:

You should create an account on the Bitcoin faucets. 

Registration procedure on Bitcoin captcha entry sites

To work on the captcha solving faucets it is really easy. After registration, your dashboard will look similar to the picture given below.

Bitcoin captcha entry site dashboard

Previously the free bitcoin faucet rotator helped many to get things done quickly. It means the site will have a certain number of Bitcoin faucets and their URL will be in a rotated randomly. Whenever you claim Bitcoin in a faucet you can go to the next faucet by clicking next in the rotator instead of opening the URL or unique link.

But, now there are no reliable Bitcoin faucet rotators, so it’s to register account individually on the faucets and follow the tips to earn more on the faucets.

Faucet in rotator

The faucet page will look like the picture shown above. For the first time, you will be asked to enter your Bitcoin address to log in. Enter the same Bitcoin address or use your email address to create the account.

To claim the Bitcoin you should solve the captcha. Each faucet will have a different captcha API. You can select anyone which you feel easier and click claim.

After claiming the Bitcoins, click next Faucet on the right top corner of the page. Follow the same cycle to claim Bitcoins 24/7 from different faucets by solving captchas.

Click here to register Work on BTC faucet sites to earn by solving captchas.

Various Captcha API on Bitcoin Faucets:

Bitcoin faucets will have different types of captcha API installed on their site to protect their faucets from bots. Let us see the different types of captcha you want to solve to claim Bitcoin.

1. Typing Captcha API:
Solve media API - Type to solve captcha and earn Bitcoin

This is the basic captcha API, where you’ve to type the words shown on the image to pass. Mostly ReCaptcha will be the alternate API. If you wish not to type you can click on ReCaptcha and solve using a mouse click.

Enter the text given on the image or answer the question to solve the captcha and earn Bitcoin.

2. ReCaptcha 2:
Solving Recaptcha for Bitcoin

Recaptcha is very familiar nowadays. Using your mouse you should click on the center of the circle to solve. Once solved, you can click continue to claim Bitcoin.

Now ReCaptcha has evolved that they increase the difficulty of solving captcha if they find it to be a bot. You will have to solve the image puzzle to complete the captcha when there is an increase in difficulty.

Do you know that Google has now introduced Google ReCaptcha 3 which is completely invisible? Read the effect of Google Recaptcha 3 on captcha entry jobs.

3. Fun Captcha:

Step- 1:

Fun captcha

Fun captcha is the easiest of all. It will take just 3 seconds to complete this captcha. To solve you should click on verify to move to the verification.

Step – 2:

Fun captcha - Moving the women face to the center

You will be asked to move the woman’s face to the center. You should click on the woman’s face and move it to the center and release the click.

Step – 3:

Fun captcha - Woman face moved

After moving women face to the center, click verify to complete.

Step – 4:

Fun captcha complete

Now click, get your Satoshi to claim the Bitcoin for solving that captcha.

4. Slider Captcha:
Slide Captcha

Just click the button till the end to solve this captcha. It will just take 1 second to solve this captcha.

Slide Captcha validated

Now click on the claim to receive your Bitcoin.

5. Scratching Captcha:
Scratching captcha that pay Bitcoin

To solve this captcha you’ve to scratch the vault using the coin.

6. Click in Order:
Click in order Bitcoin captcha

To solve this captcha you should click the words given there in order by clicking the relevant buttons.

6. Auto Bot Verification Captcha:
Autobot verification


Solving Autobot verification is pretty simple. Just click the numbers in order by calculating simple math given there.

For example, the numbers 6, 3, 4 are given above. You should click in order that goes like this (3 + 3), (1 + 2), (3 + 1). If this captcha is solved correctly, the claim will be immediately processed.

How much Bitcoin can you Earn by Solving Captchas:

Satoshi claimed by solving captcha on the Bitcoin site

The rate for solving a captcha in the faucet is not fixed, it varies every time you claim.

Normally you will get 100 satoshis to 0.10BTC on Bitcoin faucets for every claim. Currently, equivalent to $0.001 to $20 per captcha you solve.

The more regular you are, you will receive more satoshis in every claim. You should work at least 2 hours a day to show you are a regular member of the faucet.

Don’t expect to earn more on the first day itself. Only if you’re regular, faucets will start to reward you more.

You can earn 1 million satoshis every day just by working for a few hours. It’s easy that a Kinder Garden child can do it.

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How to Earn More Bitcoin in Every Claim:

This method doesn’t work anymore since the Faucet ban campaign made by advertising networks. However, read it to find how easy it was to earn Bitcoin on those sites.

At each claim, you can earn 2000 satoshis just by clicking on the rabbit. After solving the captcha your reward will be displayed as shown below.

Click on the Rabbit to collect more Bitcoin

To play just move your mouse above the rabbit. The rabbit will start to move around the web page. Just click it to claim 2000 for every captcha you solve.

Clicked on the Rabbit and won 2000 extra satoshis
  • It will take just 10 – 20 seconds to solve a captcha. After solving make sure you click on the rabbit every time to claim more Bitcoin.
List of claims in faucet solving captchas for Bitcoin

Make use of the Captcha sites Referral Programs to Earn More:

One thing that attracted me most about Bitcoin faucets is the referral commission. Though referring people is not compulsory to earn money you can refer your friends.

Bitcoin faucets pay 50% to 75% referral commission in most cases and few pay up to 100% referral commission. Regular captcha entry sites pay only 10% referral commission and they are not instant like this. So, we have the chance to earn more money through Bitcoin faucets just by referring 5 – 10 friends.

If your friend claims 5000 satoshis you will get up to full 5000 satoshis as referral commission.

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What can you do with the Bitcoin Earned:

You can do so much using Bitcoin. The main thing is you can sell Bitcoin into local currencies. Make sure to learn how to convert buy sell Bitcoin for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

You can lend Bitcoin for interest. Through the Bitcoin peer to peer lending system, you can earn a 13% interest on each Bitcoin by lending.  Learn how to invest Bitcoin to make a profit.

Time to Earn Bitcoin:

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List of Bitcoin survey sites.

Other ways to earn Bitcoin free.

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