What is Bitcoin Faucet? How & Why Faucets pay you Cryptocurrencies?

What is Bitcoin Faucet? Most of the people are unaware of the bitcoin faucets. And, most of you might have seen advertisements about top bitcoin faucets on the BTC paid to click sites. But people like you would have no idea about it. This article is all about bitcoin faucets. Here you will get answers to the following questions: What is a Bitcoin Faucet? How do Bitcoin Faucets operate? and Why does Bitcoin Faucet pays you free Bitcoin? Make your mind clear and earn bitcoins on faucets. If the word Bitcoin is new to you, I highly recommend you to read this article – What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin faucet

What is the Bitcoin faucet?

The Bitcoin faucet is the web page with lots of online advertisements running on it that rewards a small amount of bitcoin to the users just for visiting their page once every few minutes. The picture given below is a screenshot of a bitcoin faucet.

Screenshot of a Bitcoin Faucet page

Bitcoin faucets like these pay bitcoins to their members for every visit they make to their web page 24/7.

The rewards are not fixed on most of the faucets instead; they are variable. Each time, they dispense some amount of bitcoins based on several claims made by the members per day or at least a few claims every week.

The more you’re regular, the more you can earn. Few Faucets pay a fixed amount of bitcoins each time when you claim.

The bitcoin faucets will have a fixed revisit time. The revisit time is the time fixed by the faucets, where you can claim bitcoins only after a certain fixed time from the previous claim.

For example: If you’ve claimed the bitcoins now, you cannot claim the bitcoins again immediately. Instead, you’ve to wait for a certain time say 5 minutes before you can claim another time.

The revisit time varies from 1 minute to an hour based on the faucet.

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How do Bitcoin Faucets operate:

Now you know what is a bitcoin Faucet is and how do bitcoin faucets dispense bitcoins. When you enter a bitcoin faucet along with ads, captcha API will be installed in the center of the web page.

What is bitcoin faucet site

You have to solve the captcha and click the claim in order to qualify for receiving the bitcoins.

To prevent spammers and usage of automatic bots. Bitcoin faucets protect their property using captcha protection. Need help? – Read How companies protect their webpages using captcha.

In simple, you’ve to open the faucet, enter your wallet address, solve the captcha and click claim to receive bitcoins. Continue the same process after revisit time.

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Why Bitcoin faucets pay us Satoshis?

As I said earlier, they will fully fill the home page of bitcoin faucets with advertisements. They bring revenue to their faucet through these advertisements.

And they pay their members from the ad publishing revenue.

Now let me say how it works. Advertising networks like Google Adsense pay faucets both in terms of impressions and clicks.

So, if any of the faucet users click an ad on the faucet. Faucet owner will receive $0.10 to $1 or even more per click based on member’s geo-location. In addition, for every 1000 times the faucet page generates the impression, they will also get paid in terms of CPM.
Thus, the faucet earns money both in terms of clicks and impressions. Like 10 clicks per thousand impressions = $3 for clicks + $3 eCPM = $6 revenue for faucet.

Faucet owners need customers to create impressions and make clicks. Nobody will do it for free, nor they can do it on their own. So, faucets owners create a community of members who can do it for them. In turn, members get paid for doing it.

For example: If the faucet owner earns $5 for 1000 impressions, they spend $1 – $2 for 1000 impressions to pay their members for making them earn.
Now you should know what is a bitcoin faucet sites and how it works. To earn more money, you should learn some simple techniques. You can continue to read the techniques by clicking the link given below.

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What is Faucet Rotator:

The faucet rotator is the website that helps the faucet users to save time by allowing them to create their own list of faucets and claim Bitcoins whenever the faucet is ready to claim without the need for logging into the faucets each time.

Bitcoin faucet rotators use is available or free of cost, since they make up the hosting cost via advertising and referral programs.

Legit faucet rotators can be used to find the genuine Bitcoin faucets since they update their list, often removing the scam faucets regularly.

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Pros and cons of Bitcoin Faucets:


Anyone can earn 24/7 on faucets. There are no restrictions like PTC sites.

Huge pay for regular workers. If you’re a regular member, you can expect more pay per claim.

Special rewards for punctuality. Few faucets will pay 100% daily bonus every day for members who visit their faucets daily.

Huge referral commission. Most of the faucets pay referral commission above 50%.

90% bitcoins are scam less, where 70% of paid to click sites are the scam.

No login details required, except for a few. Just enter your bitcoin address for the first time and receive your bitcoins instantly to the micro wallet from next time.

2FA protection for accounts of micro wallets and registered faucets.

Now faucets are available for a lot of cryptocurrencies, such as BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc.

Now it is possible to use Faucets on mobile devices to earn money using smartphones.


Irregular members cannot make more from bitcoin faucets. As their system is designed in such a way that it rewards the member who makes more claims.

Since there was a major hike in the BTC price, the faucets started to dispense very low money.

The high volatility of the Bitcoin price sometimes leads to loss when converted to USD.

Needs effective planning to earn a reasonable income.

Continue to read How to work on BTC faucets and tricks to earn more Bitcoins.

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