Neobux Review – Scam or Legit? Neobux PTC Strategies

Neobux is called the King of PTC sites and it deserves the name since it’s the one among very few PTC sites that sustained over a decade in the PTC industry. It always remains in its spot of top 10 best PTC sites list. While tons of paid to click sites have become scam over years, Neobux PTC site was able to sustain all the downfall and stand strong with its uniqueness. Learn more in this Neobux review to find the path of success and list of strategies that will help you make more money online. Read this Neobux review to know the pros and cons.

Neobux review

About Neobux PTC site:

Started in 2008, Neobux is one of the oldest paid to click sites in the world developed its own custom PTC script. While most of the PTC sites use the third-party scripts like Evolution script, Neobux is the pioneer to develop a custom dedicated PTC sites to the internet users.

Unlike other PTC sites, Neobux has its own way of dealing with its members. Since it’s a reliable paid to click site, they don’t want to compromise the quality and at the same time, they gave users full freedom unless they’re going to screw their terms.

Neobux Review:

Neobux – Stands out of the crowd:

Since the PTC industry is full of scams and spammers, Neobux has implemented strict security measures to ensure that its system doesn’t collapse and at the same time, the true loyal members and their data don’t get affected in the long run.

Here are the few things that make Neobux stand out of the crowd.

  • There is no testing. New members who can’t stick to the site will be permanently suspended within 3 days of registration.
  • New members should wait for at least 15 days and click 100 ads in order to recruit direct referrals. This period will be helpful for them to analyze suspicious user activities.
  • The usage of member accounts on Neobux is strictly monitored, and it’s automatic.
  • Members can hardly manipulate the website by trying to use auto bots.
  • Reliable payment options to support members from all over the world.

Things that made Neobux Special:

Till 2016, the PTC industry was profitable, and the sites were enjoying the profits and helping its members to make money online. But, after that period, something caused the downfall of the PTC industry. Let’s see what’s the reason for the fall and how Neobux sustained the crucial period and list of a few other sites that made along with it.

  • In 2011, PayPal decided to limit access to the accounts related to paid to click industry. This is because the PTC industry is completely unstable and, in addition, most of them were scamming people.
  • With tons of complaints registered by the affected users from PTC sites, By 2016, PayPal decided to expunge the accounts that are related to paid to click, paid to read, etc.
  • The PTC site accounts that were frozen completely lost access to their funds since the PayPal terms of service states that any funds that are loaded in the disabled account will be frozen for at least 6 months for investigation. While not all the PTC site accounts were affected fully, top sites like TrafficMonsoon, which was holding billions of dollars that belong to its users, were frozen.
  • With no funds to operate the PTC sites and to process the payments to the members, the PTC sites disappeared one by one.
  • Once called the giant of the PTC industry, even Clixsense (now Ysense) got affected since their PayPal account was disabled. Though they could manage with other payment types like Payoneer, Clixsense wasn’t able to sustain the crash like Neobux. With no reliable payment mode, the advertising by the advertisers declined on Clixsense.
  • So, Clixsense has decided to completely shut down its PTC ads and started it’s a new journey as GPT site and of course, that too has not helped them. At last Clixsense was sold to Prodege LLC. like InboxDollars the company that operated top rewarding sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, etc. Clixsense was rebranded as Ysense in May 2019, the members enjoyed the PayPal payments again.
  • Why I said this story is Neobux was one among very few sites like Scarlet Clicks & Ojooo Wad that passed the test of downfall. The PTC sites decided to hold Payza accounts as the default payment option and later even Payza has been accused by the US court for involving in the money laundering.
  • In the end, PTC sites went with Bitcoin payments, which was successful until Bitcoin price was breaking its own records. But the volatility of Bitcoin’s price made it a failure.
  • Neobux has successfully gone through all the hard times and runs successfully as the best PTC site in the world. This makes Neobux an extra special, special!

Reasons I hate Neobux for Good:

In this article, I’ve been preaching Neobux is awesome for a while but here are some of the reasons why I hate Neobux for good.

  1. The first reason I hate Neobux is its direct referral limit. While there should be no reason to limit direct referrals, unlike the rent referrals, it’s creepy why Neobux limits the number of direct referrals a member can have under them. Let me discuss more in detail about this below.
  2. Very confusing to the beginners. A lot of new users confuse and lose their money in renting referrals.
  3. Speaking about renting referrals, it’s very unclear that if the refs are a real human or automated bot. If it’s going to be the automated bots, then don’t worry, you have been screwed already.
  4. One cannot earn money on Neobux without investing money in renting referrals and upgrading membership.
  5. It may take months to learn about the process before losing money and earning again after the fall, learning the real trick.

The Myth about automated bots being allocated as rented refs:

Is that true that PTC sites use bots as rented referrals? Really?

So, here’s the proof. Find the screenshot below of the backend operation of the PTC script.

Rent referral bots PTC sites

Did you notice that there is an option for the admin of the PTC site(s) to use bot referrals?

So what? Neobux might use bots as rented refs to cheat you. But, it’s not proved and only Neobux knows if they do.

What are bots in terms of referrals? The bots are the automated programs that can be actually created according to the need of the admin. Say the bot can be programmed not to click any ads that will eventually create loss to the member who rents referral.

Analysis of why Neobux is limiting the number of Direct Referrals:

Do you know only that the members who upgrade to Ultimate membership can have unlimited direct referrals?

This thing makes Neobux’s intention creepy and creates doubt. Should a new member have to spend $890 to remove the referral limit? Too bad!

The maximum number of direct referrals a member can have is just based on the number of days the member is active on the site. The minimum investment required for having 300 referrals in the account is $290.

Here are some of the reasons Neobux is indirectly discouraging the members from having direct referrals(does not apply to the rich ultimate Neobux users).

  1. The number one reason is to push the members to rent referrals instead of recruiting direct refs.
  2. If the direct referral limit is unlimited for the standard members and the basic upgrade members, they might have no rent referrals, which might eventually don’t make a profit for Neobux.
  3. The main reason for limiting the number of direct refs is that many direct referrals recruited by the member above the limit don’t count downline. The direct referral will become a member of Neobux ready to be rented. In this way, Neobux will be able to rent the new members without referrer(which is actually you).
  4. So, while you referred the user, it’s someone who is earning a commission from your referral.

Why Clixsense was 100 times better than Neobux?

While I was a member of the Clixsense PTC site(now Ysense), one of its terms stated, “We don’t believe in the rented referral system. It’s a direct referral system, open and unbiased. The more you refer, the more you can earn”

This open statement of Clixsense made them 100 times better than the technically cheating Neobux.

Still interested in Neobux? Continue to read how to create an account and start earning money on Neobux.

Neobux Registration Procedure:

I hope, you have read the introduction of the Neobux PTC website. Now it’s time to get into Neobux, starting with the registration process.

Neobux new registration

  • If you’re new to Neobux, you can create a new account by clicking here.
  • Click register now button that appears in the top section of the website. Now registration form loads as shown above.
  • Choose your desired username and password. You need to use the username and password to log into your account.
  • Enter your e-mail ID. You will have to verify the email ID by entering the verification code sent to your email inbox.
  • Enter your birth year and verification code.
  • Agree on their terms and conditions and click continue to complete the initial step of the registration.
  • To fully activate your account, verify your email ID.

How to Earn Money on Neobux:

Click view advertisement - Neobux
  • Log into your account and click view advertisement in the menu bar. The ads available for you to click will load as shown below.
Fixed ads on Neobux PTC
  • There are three types of ads in Neobux. The fixed ads, micro exposure, and default fixed ads. Fixed ads have a higher value than the other two ads.
  • Remember that the members who have upgraded their accounts will get ads with a higher pay rate. For example, the pay per click for the fixed ads is $0.001 for the standard members, while the members with ultimate membership will receive up to $0.02 per ad view.
Type 2 ads - Micro exposure and normal ads
  • To start earning, click on an ad. A red dot appears for click verification, click the red dot to continue.
Click on the red dot to validate neobux ad view
  • The advertisement will load on a new page. Wait till the ad loads. Once the ad loads completely, you will have to stay on the ad page 5 – 10 seconds depending on the ad type. The timer is indicated in the ‘O’ letter of the Neobux logo.
Timer on Neobux
  • Wait till the ‘O’ loads completely and the color changes from orange to green and then to black.
Neobux ad click made valid after visit
  • Now your ad click is validated and they will credit your account for the concerned ad click.
  • For this ad click, the account has been credited with a $0.001 + 1 bonus pack.
  • Click close and continue with other ads. Follow the same procedure to view other advertisements.

Micro tasks on Neobux powered by FigureEight:

Micro jobs on neobux
  • Micro jobs powered by Figure Eight offer an easy way to earn money on Neobux.
  • The job will be a kind of data processing work that is simple and beginner-friendly.
  • People who are interested in data entry job will find the mini job interesting.
  • Click offers > Mini jobs to see the offers available for you.
  • There are two tabs ‘Available jobs’ and ‘Potential jobs’.
  • Potential jobs list the jobs that you are eligible to do.
  • Your jobs will be listed in the available jobs tab. Click on the available task, complete the task and earn the reward.
  • You have to click the ads daily to get mini job offers.
  • You can earn up to $2 by completing a mini job.
  • Apart from that, for each $1 you earn with mini-jobs, you will receive a 12% bonus.

Neobux AdPrize:

Neobux AdPrize
  • Ad prize is like a lottery and it is called a grid in other PTC sites. It’s like getting paid for playing games.
  • For each advertisement, you view you’ll get three chances on Adprize and you will have to use it within 90 minutes.
  • Click the number “For example: ’73’ as given in the image”, view an advertisement and you might win a prize.
  • They will not pay you for that ad click, but you will only have a chance to win the prize. Most of the time it’s going to be an empty ad visit without any prize.

Neobux Point Offers:

Neobux Point Offers
  • Go to offers and click points to see your point offers as shown above.
  • Complete the offers available to earn points.
  • For example, you have to download the ask me app to earn 99 points.
Complete the offer to earn points - neobux
  • The instructions will be given to complete the offer in the offer page.

Neobux Coin Offers:

Coin offers - neobux
Earn coins by watching videos on Neobux
  • You can see the coin rewards in front of each offer. Click the offer and complete it to get the coin credited to your account.
Neobux Survey offers
  • Taking part in surveys is the easiest and simple way to earn more coins. You can learn more here – What is a paid survey?
  • You can redeem your coin in the future when it reaches the minimum threshold.

Referral program on Neobux:

  • Refer your friends and get a commission from their earnings. Read how to get more direct referrals on PTC sites.
  • This is the only way to earn more with PTC sites.
  • You can refer only if you click 100 ads and your account should be 15 days old.
  • You have to work daily in order to receive a commission from your referral’s earnings.
  • If you can’t refer to more people, don’t worry. You can rent referrals. Most of the Neobux users actually earn money only using the rented ref strategy.

Neobux Payment Methods:

  • Previously, Neobux used to pay its customers through Paypal or Payza. But because of some reason explained above, the support of PayPal and Payza has been fully stopped on Neobux.
  • Currently, Neobux pays the users via any of these online payment processors: NETELLER, Skrill, and AirTM.
  • You should enter your payment method by going to Personal settings.
  • The minimum payout for first-timers is $2. The amount will increase by $1 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10. After that, the minimum withdrawal amount will always be $10.

Neobux Strategy to Earn More Money:

Neobux is a legit site and there is no doubt they are paying. Here is the strategy that you should apply to make money guaranteed without losing money.

Step -1: Do not rent referrals.

Step -2: After registration, stay active for 15 days.

Step -3: Upgrade your membership to Ultimate from Standard membership.

Step -4: Refer as many referrals as you can use your referral link (Learn how to use Yahoo Answers to refer) and increase the active direct referrals.

Step -5: Click 4 ads daily to earn a commission from the direct referral’s ad click activity.

Step -6: End of Neobux Strategy!

Feel free to leave your comments below to start a discussion and help new users to improve!

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