Captcha2cash Review – Is it a Legit or a Scam?

Captcha2cash was an online captcha entry job provider site like 2captcha but now it is just a blog. I recommend you to check the current top 10 Captcha typing job sites or. you may also check how to do captcha typing on mobile phone.

The best feature of captcha 2 cash is they pay a standard 1 cent or $0.001 for each correct captcha entry 24/7, unlike other captcha entry site which pays $0.035 to $1.50 for every 1000 correct captcha entry depending on server time. Also, most of the time the rates may slide below $1 for every 1000 correct captcha entry in other captcha sites.

Captcha 2 cash maintains a regular 1 cent rate for correct captcha entry any time. Read the Captcha2cash review, whether it is legit or scam, payment details like PayPal compatibility.

Captha 2 cash a minimum payout captha entry site
There was a time when captcha 2 cash provides minimum cash out facility, where you can withdraw your earnings once it reaches $1.
How to download Captha2cash software
  • The software will be downloaded to your computer in the download folder or default folder you’ve selected.
  • The software will be in the .zip format and you need WinRAR to extract the software. To download winRAR click here.
  • Right click on the zip file and click extract files or extract here. You can see the files extracted in the image given above.
  • Now the first step is complete.

How to Use Captcha2Cash Software and How to Work:

Enter your user name and password
  • Before you open the software. Open “settings.ini” and enter your username and password as shown above.
Opening cash2captha software.
  • Now double click “c2c.exe” to open the software. Click run to open the file. The software opens as shown below.
Captha2cash software
  • Click start and wait till the status changes from offline to online.
capthas loading
  • Once the status becomes online, the captchas start loading as shown above.
  • The captcha to be solved will appear in the center and you will have type/solve the captcha in the box on the right corner of the software.

Solving capthas

  • 4 captcha images will load, and you have to solve one by one. Solve the captcha and click enter. Now the next captcha image loads in the software. By solving one by one, it will replace the captcha image one by one.


  • You can see your account balance and speed(captchas/minute) in the software itself.
  • The balance and your work will be uploaded to the website in 2 minute delay.
  • If you solve 1000 captchas in an hour, you can earn $1 per hour.


  • Captchas are the image format with some text or information in it and you have to solve by converting(typing) the image into text.
Captha example


  • In the above picture, you can see incomplete image at first and a word next to it. The correct solution is “left rkeyhe” and the wrong solution is “rkeyhe”. You should notify the incomplete image as left. But in some captcha entry sites, you don’t have to notify the incomplete image.


two word captha sequence


  • If a captcha loads with two words, you should solve both the words by leaving a gap in between. Captcha 2 cash pays double price for this type of captcha.
  • The correct solution is ‘ylztq’ and not ‘hltq’. So keep an eye on these types of captchas. Incorrect captchas will not be paid.
case sensitive capthas
  • Captchas are case sensitive, so you have to type the captchas in the correct form. For example, for the above captcha, the solution is ‘WIYRCf’ not ‘wiyrcf ‘ or ‘WIYRCF’. So incorrect captchas will not be paid.
  • Also, you should type “empty” when you see an empty captcha and press enter to go to the next captcha.
  • These are the rules you have to follow while solving the captchas.

Captcha2Cash Payment Details:

Here are the details of captcha2cash payment details.

  • Captcha2cash PayPal available? Nope! Unfortunately, it’s not available.
  • However, you can withdraw your earnings only through Payza or Perfect money.
Enter your payment ID - Captha2cash
  • To add your payment details, click ‘profile’ tab on the menu bar. You have to enter anyone the payment processor’s ID.
  • Enter the correct info to prevent confusion in the future.
  • The minimum payout is $1. You can request for cashing out if your account has more than one dollar.
  • Your payment will be processed immediately after your request(click ‘make an order’ to withdraw your earnings) for payout.

Things to Remember about Captcha2Cash:

  • Do not enter incorrect captcha entries frequently. If your incorrect entry percentage increases, your account will be banned.
  • Do not type rubbish words. You will be immediately banned with no prior notice.
  • Try to work fast. You should solve at least five captcha per minute. Only then you can earn something.

Pros of Captcha2Cash:

The Captcha2cash was the only site that was paying $0.001 during all the time for solving captcha while other sites only pay on the bidding basis. The bidding is a concern for the workers since the rates will be higher only in the US daylight time. With Captcha2cash, workers could work anytime with no concern about the captcha rates.

  • Fixed rate of $1 per 1000 correct captcha entry.
  • No time limit to solve the captchas.
  • Minimum payout of $1.
  • Mostly the captchas will be easier to solve compared to other captcha sites.
  • You will be paid for every word you type. If two words appear in the same captcha, you will be paid $0.002.

Cons of Captcha2Cash:

  • Sometimes your entry may not be counted.
  • Captchas are case sensitive.
  • Captchas may load slowly if your net connection speed is slower.
  • No affiliate programs.
I don’t have any idea whether captcha2cash is paying. This is just a working procedure and review about captcha2cash. For more details, check – Top 10 captcha entry sites.

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Captcha2Cash Software:

Previously, captcha2cash were providing their members with captcha typing software. But currently, they do not provide any captcha typing services. So, captcha2cash software is currently unavailable. Beware of sites that offer any such software which might be malware.

Caution: Do not download any captcha2cash software. Similarly, beware of Cash 4 captcha.

Is Captcha2Cash Legit or a Scam – Review:

Captcha2cash is currently inactive. So, I do not recommend it to use old Captcha2cash software which might be available somewhere. They themselves refer to use Megatypers to work captcha entry platform.

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