Mobile Captcha Entry Jobs Without Investment

Do you know you can do the captcha typing jobs on the mobile phone? Previously, any data entry jobs, including captcha entry, cannot be solved using the mobile phone due to two reasons,

i. Websites were not responsive i.e. the website would load the same both on desktop and mobile phone made it hard to use on the android and IOS smartphones.

ii. They developed no apps for captcha typing on the mobile phone.

So, it was almost impossible to do mobile captcha typing.

Now the things have changed, technology is at its peak made it easier for the captcha job providers to make it possible for its members to do captcha typing job on mobile phone.

Continue to get more details on how to do captcha typing job in mobile phone and how to download captcha entry app for Android and work on iPhone browser.

Short Intro to Mobile Captcha Typing Job:

If you aren’t aware of captcha entry jobs, it’s assisting the online services to automate their process without solving captcha or bypassing the captcha protection.

Usually, the online apps and websites use the captcha protection to prevent the bot from accessing their services. It helps them secure their data, functions, and prevent unnecessary computational power wastage.

But, some services use bots to automate the process that requires access to third party apps/websites. Apart from services, many individuals use captcha extension to bypass the captcha implemented on websites.

To make the automation possible, the bot needs human help to solve the captcha. That is where the captcha typing services come in.

The captcha typing services help the clients to complete the captcha request with the help of their workers. People like you join the captcha entry service provider as worker and get paid for typing captcha.

So in simple the ecosystem goes like this, clients pay the captcha entry services to automate their services by solving the captcha. The captcha typing sites pay a part to the workers for typing captcha on mobile or desktop.

Now without wasting time, let’s see how to do online captcha typing on mobile phone.

How to do Captcha Typing Job in Mobile Phone:

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to join the mobile captcha job provider and download captcha typing app for Android Mobile.

Captcha typing job in mobile phone

Download Captcha Typing App for Mobile:

To start, you need to join this site which provides captcha typing job for mobile – 2Captcha.

Complete the initial registration using your email address.

You can start typing the captcha using the mobile browser if you don’t wish to download the captcha job Android app.

If you’d like to access the captcha job dashboard instantly on the phone, you can download the captcha Android app for free without investment.


How to do Captcha Typing Job in Mobile Phone:

Once you’ve created an account and logged into the dashboard, click start work to load the mobile captcha working space.

The captcha workspace on mobile will look like this on the browser,

Captcha typing work for mobile phone

Click mobile interface to load the captcha. Let’s see how to control captcha setting to get only high paying captcha.

Captcha loads on mobile interface

As given above, the image with text, number, or symbols will appear. Below the captcha text, they will give a box.

Mobile captcha typing work

You must fill the captcha correcting and tap send to load the next captcha.

The mobile captcha job provider will pay up to $1.50 for solving 1000 text captcha. Solving text captcha is like doing a mobile data entry job, which is the only typing job available for the mobile phone.

While the one I explained above is text captcha, which pays the least, you may learn other types of captcha typing that pay high.

Apart from captcha typing job for mobile, other typing jobs like freelance jobs are very hard to do on the mobile phone.

Captcha Priority Mobile Settings:

Captcha typing job settings

As the captcha was introduced earlier, hackers found the way to bypass the captcha without manually solving it.

So, the developers had to develop new technology to prevent auto bots developed to bypass the captcha.

Later, the smart captcha has been introduced to make things hard for the auto bots to bypass.

Since smart captcha are hard to solve compared to text captcha, the mobile captcha job site pays more money for solving them.

You may go to the settings and toggle on the high paying reCAPTCHA, fun captcha, hCaptcha, which pays up to $3.50 per 1000 successful completion.

Mobile smart captcha solving for money

Payment Methods for Mobile Captcha Work:

2Captcha is a versatile provider of online captcha typing jobs without investment. They process payments to the workers in 8 different methods.

This includes payment processors like AirTm, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, and WebMoney.

Also, you can redeem USD to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and USDT.

The minimum payout threshold is just $1.

2captcha payment methods

Advantages of Mobile Captcha Typing Job:

  • Best online job for people who travel most of the time.
  • No technical skills required for this online job, been said the typing accuracy is really important.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime, as long as connected to the internet.
  • If you’re the one who can type faster on mobile compared to desktop, this is for you.
  • Wide payment options, including Bitcoin for Captcha, make it easy to withdraw the earning from anywhere around the world.
  • High paying smart captcha introduced will help you earn $3.50 in an hour or two.
  • Reliable referral program is an easy meal. Get paid flat 10% from the referral’s captcha earnings. Refer 10 friends who will work consistently and earn hundreds of dollars every month without spending a bit.

Limitations of doing Captcha Typing using Mobile Phone:

  • Small screen is always a limitation when it comes to work.
  • Few people suffer to type on mobile phone while they can type faster on the computer. Slow speed restricts the earning.
  • Mobile captcha typing job is not a reliable online job. If you have decent skills, you may try other reliable freelance jobs.
  • The dynamic captcha rate requires workers to choose high paying US day time to earn more money.
  • I recommend you to install money apps available for Android and iPhone that pay you for supporting research.
  • Also, join mobile survey sites to earn money by taking surveys on mobile phone.

How to Join Mobile Captcha Solving Job:

Mobile captcha entry job registration

To join the captcha entry job, all you need is an email address. Click here to go to the registration page.

Enter your email address and assign password. Once you verify the email address, you’re all set to go.


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