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Megatypers/protypers and 2 captcha are the largest captcha typing work providers in the world. Lot of people join these sites everyday to earn money by solving captchas. But, they have a great confusion on choosing the best among them. Megatypers and 2 captcha has their own pros & cons and they are close in every aspect. I've worked on both these sites to test them and in this article I've compared these sites to help people to choose the best among them.

About comparison:

  • Both these sites are compared based on various factors and each factor is rated from 1 to 10.
  • A clear explanation has been given for each factor and the score has been provided below them.
  • The comparison is divided into three parts General factors, important factors and critical factors. Critical factors should be considered more than general factors.
  • Since megatypers and protypers are the same companies and has same features, only one site (Megatypers) has been taken for comparison.

Megatypers | Protypers Vs 2Captcha :

General Factors:

This section contains reviews about the general factors like site layout, speed etc. The general factors are rated from 1 - 5.

1. Site Layout:

  • Site layout is one of the primary factor that should be taken into consideration, as a clean site layout is a must to reduce the stress of our eyes, ease to navigate, understand the system etc.
  • Megatypers has the clean site layout without messing up things. The color pattern is light which is very important as contrast colors are not good for websites, especially for the job providing sites. The site navigation system is very simple that even a beginner can navigate without any confusion. Also, the site menu is very neat, which has been put vertically on the left side of the page. Overall, megatypers has a very good site layout.
  • 2 captcha has the similar layout as megatypers, where the menu is placed on the left side of the page. But the color combination and navigation system is not so good as megatypers. It will take some time for beginners to learn about this site.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 5 | 2Captcha - 3.5.

2. Working area:

Megatypers workers area
Megatypers workers area
  • Megatypers have designed the working area very perfectly as it should be. The image box and text box is very neatly placed inside the working area. The buttons are placed at the right spot. And as said above the color of the page is very important to reduce the stress on our eyes. Developers have given a good color combination to the workers area which is very helpful for members to work at a constant pace without any stress. 

2 captcha workers area
2captcha workers area
  • 2Captcha working area is also designed perfectly. The image and text box placement is close that makes easy to switch our eyes between them. The buttons are also placed at the right spot. 
  • Though both the sites are designed very well. Megatypers has a simple and more attractive working area compared to 2Captcha.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 4.5 | 2Captcha - 4.

3. Site loading speed:

  • Slower websites are always frustrating. Developers work very hard to keep the site speed as high as possible without affecting user experience. 
  • In this case both megatypers and 2captcha load at almost equal speed, where 2captcha loads slightly quicker compared to megatypers.

Winner : 2Captcha.

Score : Megatypers - 4 | 2Captcha - 4.5.

4. Reports and Statistics:

  • Reports and statistics will be very helpful for us to review our past working statistics. It can be used to analyse our work done. Analysis will be useful to increase our work capability, speed, accuracy etc. 
  • Megatypers has a statistics page which shows the reports of our past work data like error, number of captcha solved for today, yesterday, last week and total lifetime. Also, along with personal reports the captcha payout rates for each and every hour is given in the table in a detailed manner which will be very helpful to find the profitable hours.
  • In case of 2Captcha the statistics page is very worst when compared to megatypers. The work data and the payout rate given is not clear as megatypers.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 4.5 | 2Captcha - 4.

Important factors:

This section is the comparison of some important factors of captcha entry sites. The important factors are rated from 1 - 5.

5. Guides & Support:

  • Guides are very important for beginners to learn about basics and working procedure. And a good support is important to answer their queries, problem etc. Let us see how these sites deal with this.
  • Megatypers has a perfect guide to beginners. It contains all the basic working guide to advanced guides. Megatypers support is somewhat is good and not as good as 2Captcha. 
  • 2Captcha has good guides to support beginners and the presentation is bad compared to Megatypers. But, 2Captcha has great support team. They have a Facebook page to answer questions very quickly and you can chat with the support team which cannot be done in Megatypers. 

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 5 | 2Captcha - 2.

6. Rewards and bonus for hard work:

  • It is important to reward the hard workers with extra bonuses. This will ensure that they will work more hard in future to earn more money.
  • Speaking about rewards megatypers rewards 1 typerpoints for solving at-least 500 captchas per day. 1 typerpoints is just 1¢ which is of course not a great reward, but a little boost to our earnings. If you solve 5000 captchas a day you will get an extra 10 cents.
  • 2captcha does not provide any bonus for solving more captchas.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 5 | 2Captcha - 0.

Critical factors:

Critical factors are those which are very important like payout rates, work speed, referral payouts etc. Critical factors are rated from 1 - 10.

7. Payout rates:

Payout rates of megatypers
  • One of the important factor that have to discussed is the payout rates. This will determine the earnings of a member. The payout rates are calculated for 1000 captchas solved and it varies from site to site.
  • Megatypers boasts that they pay $0.40 - $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. I've logged into the site several times, but the rates never crossed above $1.20. But $1.20 by megatypers is the highest compared to any other captcha entry sites. The rates will be higher from 12 to 18 server time and the rates will be lower on the remaining period.
  • 2Captcha pays $0.30 to $1.20 for solving 1000 captchas and their rates hardly reached $1. So, the captcha bid rates of 2 captcha is lesser compared to megatypers. Eventhough 2captcha's rates are lesser compared to megatypers, 2 captcha leads the most important factor that is the next one.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 9 | 2Captcha - 7.

8. Captcha load speed:

  • Captcha load speed is the most important factor that determines the earnings of a member. The more the speed is, the more captchas can be solved. 
  • Eventough the payout rates are higher in megatypers, the image loading speed is very very slow. Most of the time the image/captcha loads only after 10 seconds after solving previous captcha. In peak hours it will even take a minute to load one image. This will directly affect the earnings per hour. If the captcha loads at low speed, we cannot solve more captchas. The ratio between payout rate and speed is very important which is explained below.
  • In case of captcha/image loading speed, 2captcha definitely wins as the images load instantly after solving the captchas. 
  • Megatypers has introduced a concept called "Boost pack". If we enable it the captcha will load lot quicker and they say one can solve 800 images by activating this feature. The rate of one boost pack goes like this $0.01 to $0.30 and even more. One boost pack will last for just 15 minutes. The rate of the boost pack will be higher when the payout rates are higher. So, this proves that megatypers might purposefully reduce the image loading speed to force members to buy boost packs. This is just my view about this feature and it is not officially proved.

Winner : 2Captcha.

Score : Megatypers - 3 | 2Captcha - 8.

9. Earnings per hour:

  • As I said earlier, the ratio between the payout rates and image load speed + member's typing skill determines the earnings.
  • Speaking about the ratio, if a member solves 100 captcha per hour when the rate is $1.50/1000 captchas, the earnings will be $0.15 this is the case in megatypers. If a member solves 500 captchas per hour when the rate is $1/1000 captchas, the earnings will be $0.50 and this happens in 2Captcha.
  • So, now you might have got an idea how image loading speed affects the earnings. Also, you would have got an idea how much the member's earning will be on both sites with megatypers captcha loading speed quality taken into consideration. 
  • Other than this calculations there are several factors like typing speed, internet connection speed that determines your earnings. Boost pack by megatypers also matters in this case. Some times buying the boost pack can increase your earnings a lot than expected. Boost pack feature is not taken into account as it involves in purchase and moreover like an upgrade where everybody cannot buy it.

Winner : 2Captcha.

Score : Megatypers - 6 | 2Captcha - 8.

10. Typing skills requirements:

  • Typing skill is an important requirement to work on captcha entry sites or any other data entry sites. A worker must able to type 40 WPM to earn more and 10 WPM to qualify to work on captcha sites. 
  • In megatypers, a member should able to process a captcha within 15 seconds. If he/she cannot able to solve the captcha within 15 seconds they will be kicked out from working area. Multiple kick out will result in permanent ban.
  • In case of 2Captcha, a member should be able to type a letter within 10 seconds. Which is really good news for beginners. If a captcha has 6 characters, it should be solved within 60 seconds. So if you're a slow worker, 2 captcha will be the best option.
  • But, leniency in time will make us lazy and obviously our earnings might get affected. So, you should be active while you work on any of these sites. I can type at an average speed and I'm not an expert in typing. While I was testing these sites I was able to solve easy captchas in 3 seconds and the tough one in less than 9 seconds. So, I was able to solve 12 captchas on average per minute. So, think how much you can solve if you can type faster. Professionals would never take more than 3 seconds to solve a captcha.

Winner : 2Captcha.

Score : Megatypers - 8 | 2Captcha - 9.

11. Payment methods:

  • No matter where we work, all we need is our money sent to our bank account on time whenever we request payout. Both these sites are known very well for paying on time. Lets see which site is best in processing payments.
  • Megtypers/protypers has lots of payment options which is best for business. They will send earnings through anyone of the payment processors you wish. They are Paypal, Payza, webmoney, Perfect money, Bitcoin and Western union money transfer.
  • Megatypers automatically process the payment every Monday based on their minimum withdrawal criteria. The minimum payout for bitcoin transfer is just $1.50 and $3 for other payment options except western union which requires $100 minimum account balance.
  • 2Captcha's greatest disadvantage is they have ceased to pay their members via Paypal which is the preferred option for majority of members and advertisers. So, paypal is no more a payment option on 2Captcha. Currently, they pay via Payza, webmoney, Perfect money and to Bitcoin wallet. The minimum payout is $3 similar to megatypers.

Winner : Megatypers.

Score : Megatypers - 10 | 2Captcha - 8.

12. Affiliate program:

  • Affiliate program / referral program is an important factor that have to be taken in to consideration when we  discuss about online rewarding programs. Because, few people are capable of taking full advantage to referral program.
  • When it comes to referral program, Megatypers affiliate program is very bad. They pay 10% of referral earnings which does not matter. To qualify for first referral payment, five of your referrals must get paid and from the second time referral earnings will be added to your account each time only if the referral get paid. 
  • It is impossible for an ordinary member to get successful in megatypers affiliate program and even top affiliates cannot earn a decent amount. I referred over 2000 people to megatypers, but I received only $20 in the whole year. This is because most of the referral will quit without cashing out. 
  • Megatypers boasts that their top affiliates make over $3000 per month. From my calculation, it is a great achievement if an affiliate makes 10% of that amount.
  • In case of 2Captcha, the referral program seems to be decent as they don't have any affiliate terms to screw affiliates. They pay 10% referral commission and each time a referral solve a captcha, the account will be credited instantly. For example, if a referral solve a captcha and earns $0.001, the referee account will be credited instantly with $0.0005 and he doesn't have to wait until the referral cashes out. This ensures that the affiliate do not loose any referral commission even though his referral becomes inactive before cashing out.
  • In 2Captcha the main earnings and referral commission will be maintained at same account, which can be cashed out anytime. In megatypers they will be maintained at different accounts and payed automatically as per their terms.  

Winner : 2Captcha.

Score : Megatypers - 1 | 2Captcha - 8.

Final words:

Hope you would have got a clear idea about Megatypers, 2Captcha and of course Protypers. I wrote this comparison review after working on these sites and monitoring them for over an year. 

  • Megatypers is a good site with good site design and other general factors. But, when it comes to important factors megatypers failed to prove that they are reliable. Megatypers should send images instantly to increase members earnings. Also, the affiliate programs terms should be changed that an affiliate should get referral commission instantly for each an every captcha solved by an referral.
  • 2Captcha should little bit focus on improving site design and payout rates should be increased. Paypal is an important payment processor and it should be added again to help people to withdraw their little earnings without any trouble.

Comparison table:

This table is designed to compare Megatypers and 2Captcha at a glance.

Megatypers Vs 2Captcha

Factors Megatypers 2Captcha Winner
General Factors comparision list
Site layout 5 3.5 Megatypers
Site speed 4 4.5 2Captcha
Working area 4.5 4 Megatypers
Reports & data 5 2 Megatypers
Important Factors comparision list
Bonus 5 0 Megatypers
Guides & Support 4.5 4 Megatypers
Critical Factors comparision list
Payout rates 9 7 Megatypers
Image loading speed 2 8 2Captcha
Earning capacity 6 8 2Captcha
Skill requirement 8 9 2Captcha
Payment processing 10 8 Megatypers
Affiliate program 1 8 2Captcha
64 66 2Captcha

Overall score comparison:

And finally its time to compare the overall scores. As I said in the introduction, they have their own pros and cons. The scores were almost level with Megatypers scoring 64 and 2Captcha scoring 66. Megatypers lost points on affiliate program and 2 captcha doesn't want to reward their members for hard work. As things goes, 2Captcha scored high in all the critical factors which is important and directly affects earnings. Though megatypers has good outlook, they have their own plans which are best for their business, but not for the members. So, clearly the best one among them is 2Captcha. This is just a comparison and I don't not recommend any site in particular. 


Read to join - Megatypers.

Read to join - 2Captcha.

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