PointsPrizes Review – How to Earn More Money on Points Prizes

Points Prizes no more pay their members. Avoid Points Prizes and go for other alternatives listed here.

The PointsPrizes is a simple, user-friendly GPT site where the internet users can earn money by completing offers, surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc. PointsPrizes is totally a unique site while compared to the regular GPT sites because they have a unique set of offers that helps the members to earn money and coupon hunting to make things interesting. This article is a review of PointsPrizes with instructions to make money on their site and app.

Pointsprizes review

About PointsPrizes:

The PointsPrizes is an online rewarding website that helps its users to earn cash and gift cards by doing simple offers. The PointsPrizes is available to members all around the world and they say that their vision is to help members from less wealthy countries to earn money online.

PointsPrizes is a company based in France, a legitimately registered company. Unlike most of the short-term arrivals, PointsPrizes should stay in the industry for a long while.

How to Earn Money on PointsPrizes:

Points prizes have tons of earning features to earn money online using mobile phone and the computer. Find out the ways to earn with PointsPrizes.

1. Paid Surveys on PointsPrizes:

PointsPrizes-Paid surveys
  • The primary and easiest way to earn some cash in the shortest time is paid surveys. There are few survey routers available on the PointsPrizes where the members can search for surveys.
  • There is no limit on the number of surveys a person can take. The members can complete limitless surveys if they qualify.
  • Completing a survey will take up to 15 minutes on average. So, by spending an hour taking surveys, you can earn up to $10 per hour.
  • As a member, you need to give a true opinion to get rewarded. Continuously, trying to cheat the system will cause account banning.

PointsPrizes surveys

  • Apart from taking surveys directly, PointsPrizes do offer ways to take paid surveys via third party CPA affiliate networks such as the Wannads, AdWork Media, etc.
  • While previously we had to search for the surveys one by one using their survey routers, now PointsPrizes have made things easy by listing the available surveys individually so that you can choose to take the surveys based on your preferences.
  • The paid surveys are the potential section to make more money on PointsPrizes.

2. PointsPrizes Offers:

  • The offers are the secondary earning feature on PointsPrizes. The offers are regularly updated. PointsPrizes uses major OfferWalls to fill its site with offers of different categories.
  • The offers include money app downloads, quizzes, trails, shopping, PIN submit, registration, paid to read, etc. You cannot generate recurring income from the offers.
  • PointsPrizes Offers help you make extra money by exploring the new offers and tasks that are posted regularly.

3. Points Prizes Paid Videos:

PointsPrizes paid videos

  • By watching the paid videos, the members can earn money throughout the day. PointsPrizes have their own video platform to pay money for watching videos(limited).
  • Also, by linking the PointsPrizes account to the Hideout.tv app, the members can earn by watching unlimited videos per day.
  • Watching videos will not be effective as the paid surveys, but it guarantees some points added to the account at the end of the day.
  • Recently, PointsPrizes have directly added video offers in different categories. You are now free to select and watch the video in which you’re interested.

4. Daily Poll on PointsPrizes:

PointsPrizes- Daily Poll
  • The daily poll feature in PointsPrizes engages the users daily on their site.
  • For answering a small set of profile questions, the PointsPrizes pay 5 points.
  • Make use of the Daily poll to update your profile and earn some points at the same time.

5. PointsPrizes Coupon Codes:

Points Prizes - Coupon codes
  • The coupon codes are the special codes available hidden throughout the internet. We can redeem the coupon codes for points.
  • Coupons codes can be often found on the official social media pages of the Points Prizes and can be found by making the search on the Google search engine.
  • The other places on the internet where you can find the coupon codes are Reddit, Facebook, Quora, Yahoo answers, Search engines, Twitter, etc.

6. PointsPrizes Giveaways:

Points Prizes giveaways

  • Enter the giveaways on Points Prizes to earn points.
  • Once done as a member, go to earn money and click giveaways to find out the opportunities.
  • PointsPrizes giveaways are kind of choosing someone and are not guaranteed for points.

7. PointsPrizes Referral Program:

  • PointsPrizes have one of the decent referral programs in the GPT industry, which is not as better than Ysense.
  • They pay us money for every sign up made through the referral link and also they pay a 10% referral commission whenever the referral completes an offer or survey.
  • Make use of this get paid to refer program to earn passive income. Once you accumulate enough points with the help of referral, you can choose to withdraw the money using the exclusive Points Prizes payment options listed below.

PointsPrizes Rewards:

PointsPrizes rewards
  • The Points earned on Points Prizes can be redeemed for the various gift card(s) including PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, GooglePlay, Nintendo, Dell, Facebook, Xbox, Steam, iTunes, Macy’s, Walmart, Airbnb, Microsoft, Skype, Netflix, Clash of Clans, etc.
  • Most of the rewards cost 3000 points, which is equivalent to $20. So, once you accumulate a minimum of 3000 points, the points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.
  • One point is equal to $0.0066. Few earn 3000 points within a few hours from the time of sign up.

PointsPrizes Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

  • The PointsPrizes turned scam.
  • Points Prizes pay on time and have over 40 different rewards.
  • The PointsPrizes is the site that will be on top 5 in the list of online rewarding websites.
  • You can definitely choose Point Prizes as the favorite site to work in order to earn money from home alongside sites like Swagbucks, Neobux, 2Captcha, etc.
  • Be aware of the Points Prizes terms which state that the earned points might expire because of inactivity for a certain amount of time. Make sure you complete an offer at least once in a while.

How to Sign up on PointsPrizes:

The PointsPrizes has the simplest registration. You don’t have to double opt-in instead; you need to subscribe to Points Prizes using your email address.

Click here to sign up PointsPrizes.

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2 thoughts on “PointsPrizes Review – How to Earn More Money on Points Prizes”

  1. Andrew

    They are the most dodgy scam artists on the internet. DO NOT SIGN UP.
    everytime you finally build up enough money to buy a gift card they are conveniently all of the sudden out of any gift card of the amount of points you have earned.
    Example 1 hour ago there were PlayStation and Xbox gift cards available for 25000 points ( $25 )
    I did one more survey to finally have enough to get one of those 2, and all of a sudden the only ones available were $50 gift cards.
    They are a scam do not trust them you will never ever get anything for the points you earn.
    I would not even give them half a star.
    They are degenerate pigs that never reply to your emails

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