Ojooo Wad Review – How to Work on Ojooo to Make More Money

Ojooo Wad Latest Update: Ojooo Wad remained one of the best PTC sites in the world for years. Because of unsustainable business nature, Ojooo – watch ads to earn money feature have been shutdown in 2022.

You may check the Ojooo alternatives here – PTC sites list.

While Clixsense was the best PTC site in the world, now it has been rebranded as Ysense with no option to earn money by clicking ads. Neobux being a controversial PTC site that has several restrictions for new users and existing users is not a favorite one for PTC users. It’s Ojooo wad now can be called a potential PTC site with potential PTC ads that can make it run in the long term.

Ojooo Wad has high-paying PTC ads and other essential features to help paid-to-click users to earn money. Continue to read the Ojooo review to learn more.

In Ojooo wad you can earn lots of money by simply clicking the ads. Ojooo wad is a genuine PTC site, and it is recommended by most of the PTC rating sites.

The great advantage of Ojooo Wad is they provide different ways to earn other than clicking ads. Unlike other sites, they pay more for completing offers like watching the video, visiting sites, taking part in surveys, checking emails, etc. Ojooo wad is the only PTC site with the mobile app, so you can directly earn through your mobile phone by viewing ads and completing the offers.

Ojooo review

How to Join Ojooo:

Ojooo registration

  • To join, click here, OjoooWad.
  • Once you click this, you will get a registration page as shown above.
  • Previously, the Ojooo registration was a long process. But now, Ojooo has simplified its registration process with a basic form.
  • Here, if you would like to enjoy one-touch registration and login, you may try using Facebook Login or Google Login.
  • For email registration, choose the username and enter the valid e-mail ID.
  • Choose a password of your desire. The password should contain 8 symbols, 1 capital letter, and a number. If you don’t follow this, they will ask you to fill out the form again.
  • You should use this username and password to log in to your account in the future.
  • Solve the captcha to start earning money after completing the registration.
  • Now you should verify your e-mail ID. To verify, go to your email inbox and click the verification mail, as shown below.
Ojooo wad E-mail verification

Ojooo Review:

I’ve been a part of Ojooo Wad for years and I will say it’s the best PTC site in the world now.

They have faced some trouble and weren’t able to run the paid-to-click site and process payments. But, they have made a comeback within a few months paying all the users.

While tons of PTC sites faced disaster when PayPal decided to cease support to PTC sites, Ojooo Wad stood strong to continue paying the users with other reliable payment options.

Ojooo Wad is part of Ojooo technologies that work on various projects, so there are very fewer chances that Ojooo Wad might become a scam PTC anytime in the future.

So, become a part of Legit Ojooo Wad to start making money by watching ads.

Learn more to make the most in this Ojooo wad review.

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How to Earn Money in Ojooo Wad:

These are the ways you can earn money on Ojooo Wad. Here’s the Ojooo Summary for reference,

Ojooo Account

Earn by Viewing Ojooo Ads:

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of ways to earn money but the primary task is ad clicking. You will be paid to click and view the Ojooo ads by advertisers.

Unlike other PTC sites, Ojooo is the only genuine site that makes avails more high pay rates for standard members.

You can get up to 20 high pay rate ads from $0.01 to $0.037 and 80 low pay rate ads from $0.001 to $0.005. If you upgrade to the premium membership, you can earn even more.

Advertisements displayed by ojooo wad

To start clicking ads, click paid to click ads in the menu bar. The available ads will be displayed as shown above.

You can see the ads with the timing opposite to each ad. The high timing ads will pay you more. clicking 5-seconds Ojooo ads will pay you $0.001, clicking 30-seconds Ojooo ads will pay you $0.01, clicking 60-seconds Ojooo Wad ads will pay you up to $0.04.

Click on the ad to start earning. Once you click, you will be taken to the page with the advertisement as shown below.

Ojooo Wad watching ads

Wait till the timer completely load. Previously, once the stay time is complete you will be asked to draw a pattern to prove you’re not a bot. But, now there is no necessity to do that.

Ad verification | Ojooo wad

Ojooo now automatically credits the members for viewing ads without any need for solving captchas.

Ojooo Wad money credited

How many Ojooo ads are made available:

Total ads clicked per day | Ojooo wad

Among most of the PTC, Ojooo wad is the only genuine PTC that publishes so many ads for the standard member to click. Usually, PTC sites won’t provide these many ads even for Premium members. But Ojooo wad provides over 100 ads per day, of which 15 ads pay you up to $0.01.

If you upgrade your membership, your click rate will increase up to $0.037. Also, the premium member will get more ads to click.

If you can’t refer anyone, it’s best to work in Ojooo wad than other PTC sites. Because in other PTC you cannot earn without referrals.

Ojooo Wad AutoSurf:

Earn by auto surfing - Without working.

This is the best method to earn doing nothing using MinuteStaff Wall installed on Ojooo. Just click the given link and proceed with other works.

For each hour, you will be paid with actual cash for auto surfing. This offer pays $0.0625 per hour.

Earn by Watching Videos on Ojooo(Currently Disabled):

Get paid to watch videos on Ojooo wad

Ojooo pays you for watching videos for a few seconds. To watch paid videos, click offers > Videos. The available videos will be displayed as shown above.

Click the link to watch video

To watch the videos, click on the video link. A symbol will appear as shown above. Click on the symbol and view the video for 30 seconds to get paid.

Earn up to $0.03 for watching a video ad.

Ojooo Wad Offers:

Ojooo wad rewards you with cash if you complete the offers provided by OfferWalls of Wannads, Super Rewards, MinuteStaff, and Persona.Ly.

If you complete the offers, you will be rewarded with points which you redeem to cash later. 1 offer point = 5 cents | $0.05.

Ojooo Offers by OfferWalls

Offers will be like downloading free software, taking part in the survey for money, clicking offers, visiting websites, etc.

Super rewards OfferWall installed in Ojooo Wad

The offers provided by the Minute Staff have more point value and it will be easier. The offers will be like visiting the website by using the keywords provided by them through search engines, visiting the sites through the e-mail link, survey task, clicking task, etc.

Get Paid to Search on Ojooo Wad:

Get paid to search Ojooo Wad

Get paid by searching the keyword they provide.

They will provide a keyword, search the keyword in Google or Bing and click the website they ask to, and click done. The allotted points will be automatically credited to your account.

Get Paid to Read Emails on Ojooo:

Minute staff emails Ojooo wad

Ojooo wad pays you for clicking e-mail links. To start click Offers > Minute staff > mails.

Once you follow the instructions click earn, which is shown in the above picture. You will receive an e-mail as shown below.

Click the e-mail link to get paid Ojooo wad

Just click the link and stay on the page for 10 seconds. The allotted points will be automatically credited to your account.

Get Paid to Explore on Ojooo Wad:

Get paid to explore pages on Minute staff

Earn high by completing this offer than by clicking ads. This offer is similar to the ad clicking. The only difference is you must paste the URL of the page you visited earlier.

Complete this and earn up to 5 cents by completing a single offer.

Download Instant Mobile Apps Money:

You can also earn through your iPhone and Android smartphone by downloading the instant mobile app.

Instant mobile app Ojooo wad

To access the instant mobile app, click offers > OfferWall. A popup window will appear as shown above. Enter your e-mail ID and click send to my phone, you will get a link in your inbox. Click that link to launch the instant mobile app.

Or use the QR code scanner on your mobile phone and scan the code. A link will appear. Just click the link to launch the app.

Once you launch the app you will see the offers listed one by one. Complete those offers and get rewards. Mobile offers will reward you more if you complete them.

Ojoo Traffic Exchange:

Free traffic exchange | Ojooo wad

If you have got a website or a blog, bring free traffic to your website using Ojooo wad traffic exchange.

To start just click traffic exchange > start to earn minutes and leave it the minutes will increase automatically.

Get 4000 views for 1000 minutes. You can easily attain 1000 minutes in 1 day. So you can easily exchange your minutes to free unique page views.

Ojooo Payment Method:

Ojooo cashing out

Previously, Ojooo Wad used to pay via PayPal and Payza. But, now these Ojooo payments are disabled for some reason.

Currently, Ojooo Wad processes the payments only in Bitcoin and Payeer.

The minimum cash-out amount is $2.

So you need a minimum balance of $2 to withdraw your earnings.

Ojooo Wad Payment Proof:

Find the payment proof of Ojooo Wad below.

Ojooo wad payment proof

Things to Remember about Ojooo wad:

If you find it hard to refer someone and if you like to earn by clicking ads Ojooo wad is the best compared to other PTC sites.

You can reach the minimum cash out within a few days. This will surely provide confidence to earn online.

Other than clicking ads there are multiple ways to earn in Ojooo wad. You can earn by completing simple offers like searching, auto surfing, watching videos, participating in surveys, etc.

By participating and answering the simple questions in online surveys, you can earn up to $5 per survey based on your geographical location.

Ojooo wad pays you within 24 hours from the withdrawal request.

Ojooo Wad Sign up:

Click to join OjoooWad.

Looking for Ojooo App Review:

Continue to read Ojooo App Review Click here.

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  1. santosh raman

    I am active for six months on this site. I am going to tell you about rented referrals. I am purchasing rented referral for one months. One rented referral is costing$1 and after the end of the month you will find that your rented referral earning is between 0.18 to 0.2$ so after analysis you will see that even at 1000 rented referral you will gain nothing but only wasting your precious time. Only direct referral will pay you.

    1. Tamil Arasan

      In any PTC site, the direct referral strategy works better. Don’t rely on renting referrals!

  2. Harold

    Best PTC of the year with a better annual return how to invest little to earn more.

  3. Senthil Viji

    Sir, which is the right Ojooo app for Android mobile?

    1. Tamil Arasan

      You can download the one that’s recommended in the Ojooo website.

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