AdworkMedia Review | Tutorial to Make the Most from Adwork Media Offers

AdWork Media is No Longer Paying and they are deleting the website for no reason – Avoid the website.

AdWork Media is one of the best performing CPA affiliate network. AdWorkMedia’s service has proven it’s worth in the performance-based affiliate marketing industry for years. The AdworkMedia is a great choice for the publishers and the advertisers to expand their business. With incredible tools for better conversion, AdWorkMedia’s never ending performance over time is expected to continue in the future. This article is the AdworkMedia review of the tutorial that explains how AdWorkMedia works.

AdWork Media review & tutorial on offers

About AdWork Media CPA Network:

  • The AdWork Media is the award-winning Global performance based network with many features for its publishers and the advertisers.
  • Unlike the regular affiliate networks, which depend on the traditional banner and link promotion, the AdWork Media’s success is based on their special tools provided for the promotion.
  • AdWork Media works on thousands of performance-based campaigns and accepts worldwide traffic. With automated monetization tools, they ensure each visitor is expected to be a lead conversion.
  • The Adwork Media remains on the top 10 best performing CPA networks by mThink for several years like its rival, the AdscendMedia.

AdworkMedia Review:

How to Make money with AdWorkMedia Offers:

AdworkMedia offers tutorial to make money
  • As said earlier, the AdWork Media primarily deals with the performance-based campaigns. There are over 1500 offers in the Adwork Media.
  • The CPA offers do not depend on a sale often for conversion instead; they work on conversion basis like double opt-in, single opt-in, trails, sign-ups, app installs, downloads, mobile CPI, PIN/SMS, surveys, etc.
  • The campaigns in AdWork Media are high paying where the publisher sending high-quality traffic from tier – 1 countries can expect up to $100 per conversion.
  • The offers mainly target tier -1 countries like the US, UK, AU, CA, however, the European traffic also converts well. The traffic from tier-3 countries is supported but converts less.
  • Rather than promoting the AdWork Media offers individually, it’s wise to use their special tools that are explained below to make the most out of their website.
  • The AdWork Media mostly deals with the incentivized offers than the non-incent offers. These types of offers work best in Get paid to sites, download sites, in-app SDK, in-game apps, dating sites, etc. However, it should be remembered that they have strict compliance policies working with only high-quality traffic.

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AdWorkMedia Tutorial:

Tools Available on AdWork Media to make the most out of its offers:

The success of Adwork Media over other tools is its tools. Their tools provide the easiest way to monetize the traffic and generate more leads. These tools ensure high eCPM than the regular banners and links. I explained the tools available for the Adwork Media publishers below in detail,

Tools in Adwork Media CPA affiliate network

AdWorkMedia Lockers:

Content lockers: The content locker is the latest monetization feature available on the AdWork Media, which enables the option to lock the premium content. When the content is locked, the user should complete an offer to unlock the content. The content locker works best only for the premium content where the users urge watching the content should be high. Content lockers are proven to increase the click through rate up to 100% and the conversion rate depends on the authority of the website and the content monetized.

Tools available on the AdWork Media

Link locker & shortener: The link shorteners are very famous and many link top shrinking sites are available on the internet. The Adwork Media’s link locker is different and does not pay on view and only pay on conversion. The publisher creates the link locker using the tool available on the AdWork Media and posts the link in the relevant part of the content, which should provide real value on the landing page. When the users click the link, they will be asked to complete an offer in order to access the landing page. When the user completes an offer, the publisher will be paid and the link will lead to the relevant landing page.

Product locker: AdWork Media is the first to introduce the product locker tool in the performance-based affiliate marketing industry. The product locker is unique and proved that it is the tool that generates the highest percentage of leads than any other tools. While the links & banners stay in the single digit conversion rate, link & content locker reaches double-digit conversion rates, the product locker hikes up to 50% conversion rate*(based on the quality of the product). The process of locking digital content such as music, software, etc. is called the product locker. The users can unlock the product without paying money by completing the offers. The publisher gets the money he needs; the user gets the product for free* and the advertiser gets the lead. So, product locker is one of the best tools to maintain a great ecosystem in digital marketing.

Offerwall: The OfferWall is one of the most common tools found in all the performance-based affiliate networks. The Offerwalls are used on in-game, GPT sites, etc. to reward its user with free access to premium content or points. The Adwork Media is not the best when compared to elite Offerwalls,

Adwork Media offerwall review

The offerwall is the customized tool, specially created to display personalized offers to the users based on their country, interest, and history. The publisher does not have to handpick the offers instead, the offerwall will do its job for the publisher to display top performing offers to the users. When the user completes the offers, the publisher will be paid automatically.

Global traffic monetizer: The global traffic monetizer is one of the effective tools in the AdWork Media network, which helps the publishers to monetize even the traffic which exits. Using the short link, the publisher can monetize the pop under traffic pop-under traffic, parked domain traffic, mobile traffic, redirect traffic, etc.

WordPress plugin: The AdworkMedia’s WordPress plugin helps the publishers to monetize their WordPress blogs easily with options on the plugin. WordPress users do not have to worry about managing things manually.

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How to Get Approvel from AdWork Media

  • The AdWork Media does not approve the publishers automatically. Instead, they will go through the web property or the app submitted to find if the application is worth to be accepted.
  • Before applying for the account, make sure that the website or app is fully developed. Sites on Halfway will be rejected.
  • Select the relevant promotional style and accept if incent traffic is used.
  • Give a better explanation of why they should approve your application. Try to give reasons and don’t write stories.
  • Your account will be approved if all these steps are followed, provided your web property should be under defined quality.

AdWork Media Payment Methods:

AdWork Media payment methods
  • The Adwork Media pays its users through different payment channels and almost all the users around the world can find a relevant payment method to receive their payments.
  • The minimum payout is just $35 and they highly recommend Payoneer for low fees and to remember PayPal is one of the best payment processors in the world. Find why Payoneer is better compared to PayPal here – PayPal vs Payoneer.
  • AdWork Media also pays Bitcoin where this payment option is available worldwide.

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Pros and Cons of AdWork Media:


  • Best promotional tools available for performance-based network.
  • Tons of high paying offers make is one of the best survey affiliate programs.
  • Highly professional affiliate manager with timely assistance.
  • A wide range of payment options, including PayPal.
  • Elite network reaching top 5 networks for years.


  • Do not approve all the applications but not too strict.
  • Tier-1 traffic performs better.
  • Campaigns expire often, hard to follow.
  • Offer wall needs to be updated since current Offerwall does not generate more leads.

AdWorkMedia Final Review:

The AdWorkMedia is a scam and it should not be considered if you have plans to jump into performance-based affiliate marketing.

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  1. krista

    I was with them over for over 7 months they never paid me once I even started to have them investigated and they closed my account for getting the better business bureau involved and in the process of suing them and they refused to pay me regardless I worked with that company 7 months for free no pay whats so ever here in America that’s illegal and fraudelent.

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