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Data entry is the process of converting, transferring, changing one form of data to other form. Captcha entry is the best example for data entry, the text in the given image have to be converted into real(typed) editable text. Data entry also includes copy pasting, Ad posting, article writing, converting datas from PDF to word/excel or vice versa etc. Data entry jobs are best for freelancers.

Data entry


  • Good English knowledge is primary requirement for data entry jobs.
  • Unlike PTC jobs you should have basic computing knowledge.
  • Some data entry jobs requires skills in word, excel etc.
  • You should have good typing skill with reasonable typing speed. People without typing skills can also join, but they cannot earn more.
  • You should have own a PC or laptop with internet connection for online data entry. Offline data entry also requires internet connection for uploading completed tasks, you can do this in internet cafe or friends house if you don't have internet connection.
  • Some data entry jobs requires registration fees to join their site.


1. CAPTCHA entry jobs:

Example of captcha entry work
  • Captcha entry is a process of converting image into text.
  • This is a simple work where you will have to type the text found in the image in the given box.
  • You can see an image in the upper column, you have to enter the text in the given box and click submit or press enter.
  • You will be paid for each correctly solved captcha.
  • Click here to know more about captcha entry job.
  • Click here to join best captcha entry site.

2. Data conversion job:

  • Data conversion is process of converting data from one format to the other.
  • Converting data from PDF format to MS word, MS excel, Notepad etc.
  • Converting raw data into information. For example you have to write an article from the given data.
  • Offline data entry jobs involves in tasks like typing the text given in the physical paper/book.

3. AD posting job:

  • Ad posting work is so simple, you have to post free ads in different websites, blogs, social medias, forums etc.
  • They will provide the contents to you. The work is to just copy and paste them in various areas.
  • You will be paid if people click the Ad posted by you. Some sites will pay you only if some one sign up through your link.
  • If you have blogs or websites with high traffic you can earn more without working. 
  • This is one of the simple and best online data entry job. You can earn huge amount from this job.
  • Some sites benefits you by providing you down-line earnings. So you can earn for click from your referral's referral. Some sites pays you for up to 6 level referral click.
  • Click here to see the list of Ad posting jobs.

4. Article writing job:

  • If you are a best writer you can earn by writing articles.
  • You have to choose your field in which you are write articles.
  • You will have to write a sample post or article and submit it to the website for review.
  • If your article is worth you will be given temporary job. They will pay you for each new articles.
  • Once you become experienced they will make you as permanent author and also pays you more.
  • First you should work hard and later you can earn more for each article you write. 
  • Read more about article writing job.

5. Form filling job:

  • Form filling involves in filling forms and signing up in the sites they recommend.
  • For each form filling you will be rewarded. Most of the sites rewards you with cash than gifts. 
  • Form filling tasks is so easier that it can be completed within 2-3 minutes. 
  • You can easily earn more by filling forms than other data entry jobs.
  • Click here here to see the list of form filling jobs.

6. Copy/paste job:

  • Copy/paste jobs are very simple. You will get paid for copying and pasting the contents.
  • These jobs are available in both offline and online.
  • You will have to copy the content from the given source and paste it the assigned destination.
  • Click here to join copy paste job.


  • Offline data entry jobs are available for people without internet connection.
  • Easy work.
  • You can earn high and there is no limit for your earnings.


  • More scam.
  • Some data entry jobs needs good typing skills.
  • Most of the data entry requires registration fees to join.

Click here to join and earn $10 to $40 per survey

Review the available data entry jobs and join the one you prefer.

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