Traffic Monsoon News Update – Final Call to Submit Proof of Claim

Traffic Monsoon New Update – As you know Traffic Monsoon was shut down on Jul 16, 2016, as per the case filed against Charles Scoville, Traffic Monsoon LLC., for operating the Ponzi scheme that was started in 2014.

As per the SEC claims, Charles Scoville took an approximate value of $207 million from over 162000 investors(Traffic Monsoon members).

Finally, Charles Scoville’s and Traffic Monsoon has been declared to violate the anti-fraud security law.

While law procedures partially ended by November 2019, now the victims of the Traffic Monsoon scam as asked to submit the proof of claim within the deadline of April 10, 2020.

Traffic Monsoon court approved notice

If you are a victim of Traffic Monsoon, you may send a written letter to

Peggy Hunt, Esq
Traffic Monsoon Receiver
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
111 S. Main Street, Suite 2100
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2176

If you’ve queries contact,

Toll-Free in North America: 888-522-8926
Outside of North America: +1-503-520-4483

Traffic monsoon review

Continue to Read How Traffic Monsoon Worked(Intent of Operation):

Traffic monsoon was a leading revenue-sharing advertising company(then identified as a Ponzi scam). Everyone loved Traffic monsoon, because as an individual without any direct referrals more money can be earned in a single day compared to others paid to click sites.

And, apart from that traffic monsoon helps their members to promote their websites and build their downline of other PTC sites through free traffic exchange. Traffic monsoon has proven itself as a successful network by paying its members on time to date. If you understand the real technique of traffic monsoon you are not only going to earn from this but also from other PTC sites by getting lots of free referrals using ad credits. Continue to read the traffic monsoon review/tutorial.

Traffic monsoon

Traffic Monsoon Registration:

Registration procedure | Traffic monsoon
  • Once you land on the homepage of the traffic monsoon, click register to go to the registration page as shown in the picture above.
  • Then, enter your full name and phone number.
  • Enter your valid e-mail ID (try to use only g-mail or yahoo mail ID).
  • Choose and enter the username & password as your wish. Don’t use the same password that you use for an e-mail account.
  • Setup a withdrawal code, you will be asked to enter this code during cash out. So, enter the code in such a way that you can recall it later.
  • Enter your payment processor e-mail ID through which you would like to receive your earnings. You can change this anytime.
  • Once you complete all these processes Traffic Monsoon will send a verification mail, you’ve to click the verification link to activate your account.

How to Earn Money on Traffic Monsoon:

Traffic Monsoon Earn Credits:

On day one after joining the cash links will not be available for you. So, you should try to earn some credits on day one.

To earn credits click start surfing on the top of the account page indicated in red color or click the start surf button that will be available above your account balance.

The advertisement will load once you click the start the surf button. You have to stay on that page for 20 seconds.

How to earn credits | Procedure

Once the timer completes, 5 pictures will load as shown below. You should click the repeated pictures to get credited.

How to earn credits | Procedure

After clicking the correct image, click the next site to earn more credits.

How to earn credits | Procedure

You can earn credits as much as you can per day. But, you should surf at least 10 ads to get the referral commission.

These credits can be used later to get your page or referral link here, where other members will look at your page when they surf. This is the best chance to get some refs for other PTC sites.

A free member will earn 1 credit if he surfs 2 pages i.e. 2:1 ratio and the upgraded member will earn 1 credit for every page he surfs i.e. 1:1 ratio. So, if you’re a free member you can get a free visit to your page for every 2 visits you complete. Where premium members will get 1 visit for every visit he completes.

Once you accumulate a certain amount of credits assign those credits to display your website or referral url. By this, you can get some free visitors to your website or you will get the chance to get some refs for other PTC sites.

If you’re yet to join a PTC join in some sites listed here, top genuine PTC sites, and assign the referral link of these sites using credits to get free refs.

Traffic Monsoon Cash Links:

Note: Traffic monsoon has high-value ads per day worth up to $0.50 which is higher than any other PTC site. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the traffic monsoon.

Cash links are the ads that pay you real money for clicking. When you log in to your traffic monsoon account on day two you can see some cash links as shown in the picture below.

Cash links on Traffic monsoon

Click these ads to get paid with the amount that is mentioned at the top of each link. So, if you click the link the ad will load as usual and you have to stay on the page for a certain time depending on the ad type ($0.001 – 5 seconds | $0.02 – 60 seconds).

Solve the captcha to get credited

Once the timer ends, solve the captcha and click credit. The allotted cash will be automatically added to your account.

Credit notification | Traffic monsoon

Click back to the account and click the remaining ads.

You can earn 50 cents in one day within minutes which cannot be earned on other GPT sites.

Traffic Monsoon Revenue Sharing Ad Packs:

I earn $50/day through revenue sharing on Traffic monsoon. I cash out every day – look at my payment proof given at the end.

You can earn 10% of what you invest. To invest money in traffic monsoon you should buy ad packs which cost $50. So, if you buy an advertising service worth fifty dollars you will receive $55 in return i.e. $5 profit.

Also along with the ad pack you will get 1000 free advertising credits which you can be used to build traffic for your website or you can assign other PTC referral URLs to get free refs. You will get 20 banner credits/clicks, similarly, you can use banners of other PTC sites with your referral link. If someone clicks the banner and joins that site he will be your referral.

So, by investing you earn $5 + 1000 advertising credits + 20 banner credits.

Traffic Monsoon Referral Program:

Traffic Monsoon’s referral programs were one of the best referral programs to earn money online.

This is the main part of traffic monsoon through which you can earn hundreds of dollars in one day, they pay 100% commission for each referral click even for basic/standard members. So, if your referral clicks cash links worth $0.5 per day you will receive the whole $0.5 as referral commission.

Referral earnings calculation,

Earnings if you have 10 referrals, 10 * $0.50 = $5/day.

Earnings if you’ve referred 100, 100 * $0.50 = $50/day.

Earnings from 1000 referrals, 1000 * $0.50 = $500/day.

Also, traffic monsoon will pay you a 10% commission from your referral purchase. So, if your referral buys a $50 ad pack you will get $5 for free without working.

So, try to refer at least ten members to earn $5/day. Referring 10 people is not a great deal if you want some help to read this – different methods to get refs and getting refs through yahoo answers.

Traffic Monsoon Payment Methods:

Traffic monsoon payment method

Traffic monsoon will send your earnings through any one of these payment processorsInstant Paypal payment or Payza payments or Solid trust pay.

The minimum payout is $2.

So, you need to earn at least two dollars to withdraw your money.

The cashout limit is too low that it can be earned within 4 days without any refs and in hours with refs.

Note: Traffic Monsoon has introduced a new Allied wallet to process payment through the master card. Currently, Paypal payments are ceased.

How to activate Traffic Monsoon by Uploading ID Proof:

Recently Traffic Monsoon has added a new term that cash links can be accessed only by members who have fully activated their account by uploading their proofs like a Driving license Passport Voter ID etc. This process has been made mandatory, as traffic monsoon decided to start their work on issuing allied wallet master cards to members. Now the implementation of TM world bank, Dubai is almost complete – said support team.

Previously most of the old members have tried to activate their account by uploading their ID proof, but half of the applications including mine were rejected by Traffic Monsoon as the name or address present on the profile was different from the ID proof.

If you’re a new member going to apply for a traffic monsoon master card or if you’re a member already and can’t able to activate your account, this section will be helpful to you.

To start click account status on the sidebar or click cash links. A page will appear asking you to upload documents as shown below.

Traffic Monsoon - Account verification step 1

Enter your first name and last name correctly as mentioned in your ID proof. I recommend you to upload the ID proof which has a first name, last name, and address on the same page.

Then correct your information in your profile, if it is wrong. Wait for a day or two till then your account will be in pending status. If the information does not sync, you will receive a refusal message as shown below. Else, you will receive an activated message in front of the account status.

Traffic Monsoon - Account verification step 2

If your account verification has been refused, try to find the error and correct them or upload a scanned copy of the new ID proof. My account verification was refused because the Last name/initial was not present on my passport. So, I’ve uploaded the driving license the next time.

Traffic Monsoon - Account verification step 3

Look at the difference in the name I’ve entered in the previous two images. After correcting the error, documents were accepted and my account was verified successfully.

Traffic Monsoon - Account verification step 4

Traffic Monsoon will complete the setup of TM world bank, Dubai shortly and all the transactions will be processed through their bank to our bank and vice versa. The Global master card will be sent to our address which will be very helpful for instant cash transactions, without the help of payment processors.

Traffic Monsoon Payment Proofs:

Traffic Monsoon payment proof
Things to Remember about Traffic Monsoon:

Traffic monsoon is the best way to earn some active referrals for other PTC sites (For example, Ysense).

You should surf at least 10 credit ads to get your referral commission. If you don’t do this on time you will lose lots of money.

You can surf how much ever you want. Surf lots of sites in starting to get more credits and use those credits to refer people. By doing this you can get well settled in a few days.

Try to work at the same time every day. Don’t change your work time daily.

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