PaidVerts is one of the best revenue sharing paid to click site with very good reputation. Unlike normal PTC sites which pays cents for clicking ads, paidverts pays you dollars for clicking. Paidverts has different working technique, where the 70% of new members leaves paidverts after registering without any knowledge. Usually new members used to roam around paidverts without knowing the basics. To know basic working method is very important to be successful earner from day one. Paidverts allots ads worth of at least ten cents per day for every member. Follow these techniques and implement to convert cents to dollars.


PaidVerts | Click for dollars not for cents


Registration procedure | Paidverts


  • Registration procedure is pretty simple. To join click here –
  • Once you land on paidverts homepage, click create a new account to register.
  • Choose a username and enter.
  • Enter your valid e-mail ID. Also, choose a password for paidverts.
  • Enter your DOB, gender and click open account. Now registration is successfully completed.
BAP (Bonus ad points):
  • BAP or Bonus ad points are like tokens which is important to get value ads or cash ads are the ads that pay you real money.
  • 1 BAP = $0.0005.
  • So, the more point you’ve the more ads you will receive to click.
  • On day one cash ads will not be available, as your BAP is zero.
  • So, to get cash ads you should start to accumulate BAP. This can be made by two methods non-paid clicking method or you can buy BAP using money.
How to accumulate BAP without investment:
  • You can easily earn BAP without investing, but it is limited per day. To earn BAP you should view BAP ads each worth of 25 BAP.
  • You can view a maximum of only 16 BAP ads per day. So, you can accumulate 16*25 BAP = 400 BAP worth of 400 * $0.0005 = $0.2 or 20 cents per day.
  • To start click paid ads in the navigation section, which will be present on the right side of the homepage.
Bonus ad points | BAP
  • After clicking the BAP ads will load as shown above. Click view activation ad to get 25 BAP.
Copy and paste the phrase in the given box
  • After clicking view activation ad you should copy and paste these three phrases in the given box. Once you complete, click proceed to advertisers website.
Fill captcha and stay on the page
  • The advertisement will be displayed. Solve the captcha and stay on the page till the timer ends, then click confirm.
BAP point successfully credited | Paidverts
  • You will get a confirmation message that you have earned as shown in the above picture. Now, click close window and continue to click other 15 BAP ads.
How to accumulate BAP by investing:
  • If you feel that you’re moving too slow you can purchase ad packs.
  • The basic rate of an ad pack is $1.05. If you buy this ad pack you will receive 3100 BAP (worth of $1.55) + 50 user visits to your page + 25 728*90 banner impression and 100 125*125 banner impressions.
  • So, if you invest $1.05 you can earn $0.55 i.e. if you invest $10.50 you can earn $5. And there is nothing like cheating or losing money.

BAP group: 

  • This is something important, if you wish to receive ads that is worth of dollars your level should increase.
  • The value of cash ads delivered to your account depends on amount of BAP in your account.
  • Paidverts  segregates their members based on the amount of BAP points in their account. Members will more BAP will in high level and also will receive high value cash ads.
BAP groups | PaidVerts
  • In the above picture you can get an idea how paidverts groups their members.
  • The group 9 member will get higher value cash ad (For ex : $5) compared to group 2 member (Example : $0.50).
  • So, try to increase your group level as soon as possible.
  • To get cash value ads you should have at least 1600 BAP in your account, which you can accumulate in 4 days.
  • Once you’ve minimum BAP in your account, the paidverts system will deliver cash ads as shown below.
Cash ads | Paidverts
  • Click view bonus ads and follow the same procedure explained in accumulating BAP, to get credited. The minimum stay time decreases in this case.
  • Initially you will get lesser value ads starting from $0.0005 to $0.01. After increasing BAP and level you can except high value ads.
  • And remember for each $0.0005 delivered your account will lose 1 BAP. So, if your account receives $1 cash ads, 2000 BAP will be deducted.
What is recycle?
  • If you don’t wish to click low value ads such as $0.0005, you can recycle those ads. The recycled ads will be delivered to other members.
  • Your BAP point will be deducted, even though you recycle the ads. So, initially try to click all value ads. Don’t even miss an ad without clicking.

Upgrade your account:

  • Once you earn $0.05, upgrade your account to receive ads which is recycled by others i.e. some extra ads.
  • So, you get some extra ads to click daily apart from your regular ads.
  • This upgrade will last till you earn $1 from this upgrade. BAP will be deducted as usual.
  • This will help you to earn some money quickly.

Try to re-invest:

  • Once you earn $1 don’t withdraw instead try to reinvest. So, you will earn $0.50 from what you’ve invested.
  • Again invest your earnings and repeat the same process.
  • Wait till you earn $10 and follow the below procedure.
  • Ad filter help you to ban low value cash ads (For example : $0.1) delivered to your account. You can set the minimum cash value ad that you wish to receive.
  • Ad filtering is really important once you reach certain level, as you can prevent the wastage of BAP through low value ads.
  • To activate ad filter you have to pay one time fee of $10.
  • For example if you set ad filter as $1, you will not receive cash ads below $1 value. So, you can prevent cash ads like $0.01, $0.5 etc and receive only value ads worth of $1 or above.
  • Once you receive $1 ad, after clicking it your account will be credited with $1 and 2000 BAP will be deducted.
  • Its best to prevent 1000 * $0.001 ads consuming your 2000 points by setting ad filter.
  • You can set any value to the filter (Example : $0.5, $0.2, $0.05 etc).
  • In the below picture you can see minimum value ads worth $0.05. Here ad filter is set to $0.05 (5 cents). Therefore no ad that values below $0.05 will be delivered.
Higher value ads

Invest plenty:

  • Continue this cycle and once you start earn in hundreds, invest in hundreds and earn in dollars for clicking each ad.
  • The more BAP you’ve, the higher the value of ad will be that is delivered to your account. Take a look at the image given below to get an idea how much you can earn from one click.
Higher value ad | Paidverts
  • To get higher value ad you need more BAP points. Also, you need more BAP to get to the higher BAP group level.
Try to earn money from multiple source:
  • Sitting on paidverts homepage doesn’t gives you what you want immediately. Try to earn some money from where ever you can so that you can reach your goal soon.
  • Work in traffic monsoon to earn $1 in 5 days. Invest that money in paidverts. Traffic monsoon is also useful to get some free referrals. Remember referrals will earn for you.
  • Also, you can work in mulitple PTC sites and earn money very quickly. For instance if you earn $30 per month by working in 5 other PTC sites that will be really helpful for investing in paidverts the next month. Clicking ads in 5 PTC sites will take time no more than half an hour. Try to do that to earn some extra bucks.
  • Get some genuine PTC sites list here.

Also use these simple and best way to earn money to invest in paidverts:

Research program USA & UK only:

Get paid just for participating in research program. To participate you should download a software and keep it installed in your PC for a month. You can proceed your day to day activities on PC and you don’t have to do any work to earn. At the end of the month you will get $60 (today’s rate and it may increase in future while you are reading this) in your account just for installing the software in your PC. This research is conducted by world’s best research company savvy.

US only: 


UK only :

Savvy connect

Reading emails USA & UK: 

Get paid to read email ($0.05/mail) everyday on Inbox dollars and send earnings. Commence today with $5 sign up bonus.

US only:

Inbox dollars


Send earninigs

UK only:

Spend few minutes everyday to read these mails and earn money.

Inbox pounds
  • When it comes to PTC, referral commission is what important. Few earn in PTC without working through referral commission.
  • Paidverts pays you 10% commission from your referral purchase and 5% commission from referral clicks.
  • So, if your referral buys ad pack worth $10, you will receive $1 referral commission. And, if your referral clicks a ad worth of $1 you will receive $0.05 as referral commission.
  • So, try to build your team. Get some ideas here – How to get more referral.


Paidverts payment method
  • There are lots of source to withdraw your earnings from paidverts.
  • Your earnings will be sent through any one of these payment processors Paypal or payza or perfect money or egopay or solid trust pay or more.
  • The minimum payout amount for Paypal and payza is $2.
  • The minimum payout amount for perfect money is $1.
  • The minimum payout amount for Ego pay and solid trust pay is $10.
  • And you should’ve a minimum of $250 in your account to request withdrawal through Western union and bank wire.


  • Every thing will not happen in a day. Work with patience for a month or two. Surely you will earn some big amount online.
  • Try to click ads daily to prevent losing BAP.
  • If you go some where out like vacation, activate vacation mode to prevent BAP consumed unnecessarily.
  • If you buy ad packs you will get free visits, impressions. Use it to refer people to other PTC sites.
  • If you don’t have money in hand try to work and invest the money which you’ve earned from paidverts and other PTCs.
Registration link –

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