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CPA Lead is the performance-based affiliate network primarily deals with lead related online advertising. CPA lead is one of the leading networks in the industry competing with several rivals to create an impact. So, CPA Lead is known to introduce interesting tools to attract the publishers and the advertisers to their network.

This is the success formula of CPAlead. Is CPALead Scam or Legit? This article is the CPAlead review with tricks, tutorial to earn more money using their campaigns. Also, if you’re looking for CPAlead alternatives, here are some of the better CPA networks to consider.

CPA lead review - Scam or Legit? Tricks to earn

About CPALead Affiliate Network:

  • CPA Lead is an affiliate network that primarily deals with CPA offers for mobile and web started in 2006.
  • CPA lead has the largest publisher base in the CPA marketing industry and paid about $100000000 to its publishers and continues to pay.
  • With high competition, it’s hard to sustain in the marketing industry. But CPA Lead remains one of the top CPA networks in the world because of its innovative technologies and no strict limitations to the publisher traffic.
  • The tools and marketing techniques found in the CPA lead are unique, user-friendly, high performing.

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CPALead Review:

CPALead Offers:

CPALead Next gen offers
  • The CPA Lead has around 2500 offers in their network for the publishers to promote. The offers in CPALead matches several niches, however incentive based sites and apps perform well in converting clicks to leads.
  • Most of the offers are high performing and have a high payout up to $27.20 per conversion.
  • Publishers can choose offers that fit for their website/app niche to run campaigns.
  • The categories of offers mostly are mobile downloads, PIN submits, paid surveys, app install, subscription, trail, etc.
  • CPALead dating offers makes it one of the leading dating affiliate networks.
  • The offers in CPALead mostly need the help of various inbuilt tools to perform well.

CPALead Tutorial:

Tools in CPALead:

The publishers are successful using CPA Lead only because of the tools available for the publishers. Only by using any of these tools effectively, the publishers can see good conversion rates running campaigns. Here is the list of tools available on CPA lead for its publishers:

Superlink: The super link can be called the super tool of the CPA Lead, where one link is used to monetize the traffic from the entire world. When a person clicks the link, the link will redirect to a page where the top offers related to the person’s demographics will be displayed. When the user completes a CPA offer from the list, the publisher will be paid. The best thing about Superlink is we can post it anywhere, including social media, which most of the networks don’t allow as the promotion method.

Interstitial: The interstitial ads are very familiar for the people who use CPM advertising networks. When the user clicks a link on your website, an interstitial ad with offers will appear before they can access the landing page. They can close the interstitial ad or complete the offer. The interstitial ad is the tool that would perform well only on certain types of websites.

Popunder: The PopUnder ads are also one of the famous advertising formats in the industry. Most websites use Popunder that pays in cost per Millie and not in cost per action. CPA lead provides the option to the publishers to use pop-under ads which opens in a new window when triggered. Similar to the interstitial, cost per action based pop-under ads will work best only on specific websites.

Pushup: The push up is one of the best ad formats for mobile users. Mostly CPC ad networks use the push-up format ads. The push-up notification will be shown when triggered. Users can continue to complete the offer or click not to close it. The push up works best on most of the websites if used properly.

Content locker: The content locker is the best tool in the CPALead, which allows the publisher to lock the premium content in the website and make it avail to the person once an offer is completed. If your website has a unique content use content locker to lock the content, the user must complete an offer to unlock. CPALead will automatically reveal the content once converted.

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CPALead Offerwall:
CPA Lead offerwall tutorial
  • The CPALead Offerwall is the easily customizable tool mostly used by the incentive networks such as GPT sites, in-app games, etc.
  • The iFrame Offerwall will display the offers available for the user on the page based on the user demographics. When the user completes an offer, the publisher will be paid.
  • The publisher can reward the user with virtual currency or in-game reward for completing the offer.
  • Unlike other OfferWall App monetization networks, CPALead has three different themes for the Offerwall. The publishers can do AB testing to find out the best performing theme on their web property to set default.

CPALead Statistics & Reporting:

  • The CPAlead has one of the best reporting systems in the CPA industry, which helps the users to improve their performance by analyzing the reports.
  • The CPALead provide the tools to check reports in hourly, daily, user, country, niche breakdown. Similarly, the CPALead provides the list of bad leads which will be useful to eliminate the users who cheat.

Tricks to earn more using CPALead:

  • CPA Lead is the affiliate network to target to implement several tricks to earn money by promoting their tools and campaigns.
  • The content locker is a great tool to implement tricks. If you don’t have a premium content for your visitors or if you’re promoting something to download, just lock the external link to the site and make the user complete the offer in order to unlock the access to the third party content.
  • Start an in-web contest to improve the activity on the offerwall. Contests are said to increase the performance by up to 100%.
  • Make use of the referral program to earn with the help of the referrals.
  • Publishers with no website can make use of the Social Media pages with the enormous fan base to promote offers and earn money with free traffic.

CPALead Payment methods:

  • The CPA Lead publishers get paid in a lot of ways, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Check. The minimum payout for each payment option is given below.
CPALead payments methods
  • The best part of CPALead payments is that the publisher can choose the payment frequency from daily, weekly to monthly payments.

Pros and Cons of CPALead:


  • CPALead has no approval process, anyone can join CPALead.
  • They allow all traffic types, including Social Media, PPC, Search Engine Optimization, etc.
  • CPALead sends physical achievement rewards to your address.
  • Over 2500 offers are available worldwide.
  • Innovative tools to promote offers.
  • Instant support, get answered within a day.
  • Flexible payment options for publishers to choose.
  • Publishers can create their own designs using HTML and CSS.


  • Since there is no approval process, few users might misuse the CPALead network.
  • CPALead has got fewer offers for third-grade countries.
  • New users might get confused about choosing offers.

CPALead Final Review:

CPALead is definitely not a Scam while few claims so and it is the best performance based affiliate for the beginners who are suffering to get approval from other CPA networks. CPALead provides the novice marketers to learn the tricks to earn money through CPA campaigns and take them to the next level.

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CPALead Alternatives:

If you’re looking for some alternatives for CPALead, here are some networks to consider.

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