Best Dating Affiliate Networks 2023 with Highest CPA Commissions

Online dating is one of the largest industries on the internet since the 21st century where people wish to connect with men & women all around the world. Internet marketing was one of the key things that internet industries follow to reach maximum people to attract customers. With the highest competition, the dating websites depend on the affiliate marketers to build their community.

If you’re a dating lifestyle blogger, you can make use of this opportunity to earn a good commission by taking part in the dating affiliate programs. This article lists some of the top dating affiliate networks with the highest paying offers.

Best Dating Affiliate Programs

About Online Dating Affiliate Programs:

  • The dating affiliate networks are like the regular affiliate programs, that particularly work to connect the dating advertisers to the affiliates related to the dating industry like dating blogs, lifestyle, adult blogs, etc.
  • The dating affiliate networks list different dating related offers, where the affiliate can choose the best offers that suit their category and geolocation to earn the commission.
  • Dating affiliate networks work in different models of offer types, which are explained below.

Types of Dating Affiliate Offers explained:

  • The most common dating offers are the pay per sale offers. This is otherwise called CPS offers. The CPS offers are the offers that are considered being converted when a sale is completed by a customer. Affiliates will be paid when a user clicks the link and buys a product or buys a paid subscription to a dating service. The CPS offers are high paying offers, however, the conversions will be very less compared to the following models. Check out the overall best CPS affiliate networks.
  • The Pay per lead affiliate offers is the simplest offers that work on two models, i.e. the single opt-in and the double opt-in. Check out the list of PPL affiliate programs.
  • The Pay per install is a kind of pay per lead, where the affiliate will be paid if a user installs an app using the affiliate link.
  • The single opt-in offers convert when a user just submits the email ID and other required information.
  • The double opt-in offers convert when a user submits the information and verifies the email or phone number to prove authenticity.
  • Mostly in the dating industry, the PPL offers are very less because of overwhelming fraudulent activities that can take place in this industry. Only authentic affiliates with an excellent reputation will be allowed to work on PPL offers. PPL offers pay very less compared to the CPS offers, but the lead conversion rate will be higher compared to the CPS model. So it is recommended to work on the PPL offers if available.
  • The third one is the revenue sharing model, where the affiliate will receive the recurring commission each month when the user referred has extended the subscription or buy the product each month.

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How to make the most out of the Dating Affiliate Networks:

  • As said earlier, dating is the vast industry and several companies and individual works in this area along with tons of scammers, spammers whose primary aim is to break the authentic environment of online advertising.
  • Similarly, most of the internet users do not believe in newly born websites which recommend dating services. Dating is risky and can spoil the entire life of the customer if things go wrong.
  • To make the most, the affiliate has to make his web property or app a branded authentic one to make the customer believe this website will lead them to a true dating service.
  • The affiliate can make money using the CPS model only if their promotion source is branded. Else, clicks will never convert to leads.
  • Therefore, to make the most out of dating affiliate offers, try to build the brand, trust and promote only the offers that you feel authentic no matter even if the commission is low.

Top 10 Dating Affiliate Programs with High CPA Relationship-based Offers:

1. CPAMatica:

CPAmatica - best dating affiliate network
  • The Cpamatica is an affiliate network based in Europe that is specialized in dating offers. Cpamaticia was started in 2015 and continuously growing with passion.
  • The Cpamaticia has happy partners throughout the world enjoying the services and on-time payments of Cpamatica.
  • Cpamatica has tons of high paying unique dating offers for affiliates all around the world, including North & South America, Europe, Asia.
  • Cpamaticia works on CPA, CPS, CPI, PPL commission models. Affiliates who are looking for different offer models can join Cpamatcia to pick the best offers that work great on the traffic.
  • Cpamatica’s support is significant, and the AM provides the best help for picking up the offers to promote that works great for your traffic.
  • Cpamatica provides top security to their advertisers by continuously monitoring invalid, fake traffic.

Requirements – Need an authentic traffic source to get approved

Minimum Payout – $50

Payment Method – PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Check, WebMoney.

Sign up Cpamatica

2. The Dating Network:

The dating network - PPL affiliate offers
  • provides affiliate access to the best exclusive dating offers. They have multiple dating brands, custom landing pages and marketing tools to help the dating affiliates to make the most out of their network.
  • TheDatingNetwork works primarily on three offer models where they pay up to $5 for pay per lead offers, $75 for pay per trial and $150 cost per sale.
  • TheDatingNetwork can be called the pioneer in this industry since they are working from 1996.

Requirements – Need a website or a traffic source

Minimum Payout – $50

Payment Method – Check, Bank Wire Transfer, Paxum

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3. Cupid – TopOffers:

Cupid - best affiliate network for dating related offers
  • Cupid is one of the world’s single largest dating websites that provides dating services around most parts of the world. However, the Cupid affiliate program is applicable only for leads from tier-1 countries.
  • The affiliates who are looking for an authentic dating site to promote on their website can partner with Cupid.
  • The Cupid pays only on a pay per sale basis where the affiliate can earn the commission generating a sale.
  • Cupid uses third-party affiliate tracking services for the TopOffers. To work on Cupid’s offers, the affiliates are requested to join the third party affiliate network.

Requirements – Need a website or an authentic traffic source

Minimum Payout – $50

Payment Method Payoneer, Bank Wire Transfer, Paxum

Website Cupid

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4. Love Revenue:

Love Revenue - Dating, adult affiliate program
  • The Love revenue is the new-gen dating affiliate program that connects hundreds of dating affiliates to dating websites all around the world.
  • Love revenue allows SEO, PPC, social, email, mobile traffic, while they don’t allow incentivized traffic.
  • The Love revenue dating affiliate network works on 4 major offer models, which include pay per sale, pay per lead, revenue sharing, and pay per install.
  • The Love revenue pays up to $250 per sale and up to $25 per verified lead and 80% lifetime revenue share.
  • They accept the traffic only from tier – 1 countries which lie in the American continent and Europe.

Requirements – Need a website

Minimum Payout – $100

Payment Method – Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, PayPal

Sign up LoveRevenue

These are some of the best affiliate networks that deal with dating and adult offers. I continuously update this article to provide the best dating affiliate programs.

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