RevenueHut Review | How to Get approved by Survey CPA Network

The RevenueHut is the cost per lead affiliate network, a kind of CPA network specialized in paid survey campaigns. The RevenueHut is one of the experienced company working with some of the biggest market research companies in the world. This enables them to provide the best services to their qualified publishers.

RevenueHut is an impressive network that should be considered the option to work with since it has quality offers and payouts. This article is the RevenueHut review, learn how to get approved by Revenue Hut and how to choose the best individual campaigns and how to setup RevenueWall.

RevenueHut Review

About RevenueHut Network:

  • The RevenueHut has been started in 2010 to revolutionize the affiliate marketing industry with great tools and offers.
  • A team comprising members who are highly experienced in Affiliate marketing manage revenue Hut. These people really know the needs of the affiliate & the advertisers and they have created some of the revolutionary tools to reduce complaints and make more money.
  • They primarily deal with CPA offers, which refers to cost per action campaigns. These offers will mostly convert when the end user completes the required action after clicking the affiliate link.

RevenueHut Review:

RevenueHut Offers:

RevenueHut offers
  • The offers available on the RevenueHut are the main reason for the success of their network. Their offers are unique, targeted, reliable, high paying.
  • The RevenueHut primarily deals with the offers related to the paid surveys. The RevenueHut is the only place where the publishers can find out hundreds of offers related to paid surveys in one place.
  • The offers are mostly CPA type, i.e. the offer will convert only when the end user completes a survey or completes the required action.
  • The CPA offers on the Revenue Hut doesn’t pay much where the publishers can expect $0.20 to $10 per conversion with $1 average. However, the conversion rate will be high and also the eCPM.
  • The offers available are mostly available for traffic from tier-1 countries such as the US, CA, UK, AU, NZ. But there are offers which cover entire geo locations are in limited numbers.

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RevenueWall Setup Guide:

Revenue Wall setup an offerwall from the Revenue Hut
  • Revenue Wall is the tools provided by the Revenue Hut which provides an automated customized solution to the users and the publishers.
  • When the users land Revenue Wall, they will be asked to answer the set of profile questions. Once answered, the Revenue Wall will automatically analyze and display the surveys available for the users based on the demographics as shown above.
  • The publishers who use the Revenue Wall do not have to worry about manually configuring the offers, which are time-consuming and need to be customized too often.
  • With members/users, they can just get rid of irritating screen outs when trying to qualify for the surveys through direct access of an offer.
  • Revenue Wall is not just an Offerwall like on other CPA networks which list the offers. The Revenue Wall performs AI to find the surveys itself instead of listing out the routers.

RevenueHut Statistics and Reporting features:

RevenueHut statistics & reporting
  • Like the Adscend Media, Revenue Hut provides detailed statistics and report to the publishers and the advertisers to improve their performance.
  • The publishers can perform AB testing to find out the best performing offers in their promotion property and work on the reliable offers.
  • Similarly, the publishers have time to eliminate the users who try to affect your reputation by spamming the surveys using the reversal tab reporting section.

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RevenueHut Payments:

  • The RevenueHut has limited payment methods which are most used in the world. PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, and Bitcoin is the payment options available to the publishers to withdraw their earnings.
  • The minimum payout is $100 and they pay on NET30 basis.

Tips to get approved by RevenuHut as a publisher:

RevenueHut sign up and approval
  • The approval process on the RevenueHut is purely based on the quality of the promotion property and the experience of the publisher as an affiliate marketer.
  • The Publishers will have to go through a few steps of filling application. The first thing they are worried about is your experience on CPA affiliate marketing and they need industry reference with their contact info.
  • If you’re new to the industry, you might have to try other CPA Networks, before trying out the RevenueHut since they will not approve any novice marketers.
  • Since the affiliate marketing is filled with fake leads fraud conversions, they need a reason that how you will control fraudulent leads.
  • In the next step, you will have to submit the website you’re going to use for the promotion. Revenue Hut will approve only the relevant website and not all the websites that are not fit into their category. Make sure your website has got some reputation and traffic to impress the reviewer. Websites with spammy look, random content will be mostly rejected.
  • If you think you are eligible for all these criteria, apply for an account on RevenueHut and get approved within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of RevenueHut:


  • The RevenueHut is the best in its category.
  • Targeted offers and not a network filled with random offers.
  • The campaigns are of high quality.
  • The conversion rate and eCPM are higher than the average in the industry.
  • RevenueWall is the best tool with AI.
  • There are over hundreds of offers related to market research.
  • RevenueHut pay on time.

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  • The site interface and options are too old needs to be updated.
  • Direct offers don’t convert well in tier-3 countries.
  • Users complain that they don’t get chance to take part in surveys on routers.
  • Strict policy in approval. Even experienced marketers get rejected.
  • The network for incentive networks.
  • Traffic from tier – 1 countries works well.

Website and app verticals in which RevenueHut performs well:

  • The campaigns in RevenueHut do not perform well in all the categories and it is the network specially created for the incentive networks.
  • RevenueHut performs great on the GPT sites, gaming apps, etc. Revenue Hut won’t work a bit on the blogs & general websites.
  • Sites with iFrame support can make use of RevenueWall to increase the conversion rates.

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