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The Adscend Media is one of the best CPA networks among the tons of affiliate networks on the internet. Thousands of internet marketers, publishers, and companies trust adscend Media. Since the beginning, the Adscend Media was providing an innovative solution to the advertisers of various categories with best results.

Similarly, Adscend Media has developed several features in their service for the publishers to help them make out the best of their offers. Adscend Media is a Legit CPA network and not a scam; this article is the Adscend Media review explained in detail.

Adscend Media Review | CPA network | Offerwall

About Adscend Media:

  • The Adscend Media is one of the oldest affiliate networks started in 2009 by Fezhan Ali and Jeremy Bash paid over $50 million to its publishers.
  • Adscend Media was and will be one of the top 10 CPA affiliate networks every year conducted by mThink.
  • Though the Adscend Media was started years back, their quality has been proven by the number of advertisers and publishers they allow to use their services, which is just 8.3% of total entry.
  • The Adscend Media is the leading CPA network of its kind.
  • Adscend Media supports Worldwide advertising, which provides opportunities for the publishers to monetize local traffic.

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Adscend Media Review:

Adscend Media Offers:

Adscend Media offers - AdscendMedia review


  • The Adscend Media has got over 5000 offers for its publishers to promote that pays from a US cent to $50 per conversion. All the offers are of high quality, which is proven to generate high eCPM.
  • Adscend Media has got offers in incentive category which mostly comprises app installs, paid surveys, registrations, shopping, trails, etc.
  • The and video-based offers are said to increase the user engagement by up to 63% and increase the time on site for better ranking.
  • The Adscend Media offers are based on CPA, CPL, CPS model. Since it has got offers in three major models, the publishers can expect more conversions that eventually increase the overall earnings.
  • The Adscend Media offers majorly target the tier- 1 countries, however, the users can find offers for worldwide traffic. But to expect better CPM, the publishers should target high performing traffic.

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Adscend Media OfferWall:

Adscend Media offerwall

  • The Adscend Media OfferWall is the tool for publishers to display the relevant offers to the users to complete offers and earn reward points.
  • The OfferWall is like the customized solution provided to the users based on their country, interest, history, etc.
  • The AdscendMedia OfferWall is designed in such a way that all the publishers can make more income without having to choose the offers.
  • The OfferWall will list the offers that perform best in the country with high eCPM. This ensures that the OfferWall users don’t miss the engagement with Adscend Media OfferWall every time when they see the list of OfferWalls from other CPA networks.
  • The Adscend Media OfferWall works best for the incentive networks, in-game, in-app mobile solutions rather than on blogs and websites.

Adscend Media Surveys – Market Research:

Adscend Media Market research & paid surveys section

  • The Adscend Media market research section is specially designed for paid surveys.
  • These are not a single opt-in or double opt-in offer. The paid survey routers and paid surveys itself are the part of the market research section where the publisher will be paid when the survey is completed.
  • The paid surveys are the bloodline of the Adscend Media OfferWall that generates the most revenue for the publishers and the users.
  • The market research offers pay from 20 US cents to $20 per conversion.

Smores.TV – Paid videos on Adscend Media: by Adscend Media

  • The offers in Adscend Media are highly converted offers of all. The offers are the video-based offers that rewards the users for watching interesting videos.
  • When the users watch more videos, the publisher will earn more money by adding the major part of share to the monthly payout.

AdscendMedia Stats:

Adscend Media statistics

  • The Adscend Media displays statistics that help publishers to analyze their performance over time and improve their conversion rates.
  • The publishers can see every bit of analytics on Adscend Media and find the best performing offer, country, tool in their web property and app to concentrate on the performance.

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AdscendMedia Payments:

  • AdscendMedia has paid all its publishers on time and boasts no delay in payments.
  • They provide a wide way to receive payments with $50 as the minimum payment. Here is the list of payment processors that Adscend Media uses to pay its publishers.

    Adscend Media payment methods review

  • Adscend Media processes the payments on a NET 30 basis for regular revenue and NET 60 for the video earnings. However, it can be changed to NET 30 by paying a 7% fee for the video earnings.

Adscend Media fighting against frauds:

Adscend Media fraud prevention

  • Adscend Media has performed better in fighting against frauds. The internet is spread with full of spammers and frauds. The Adscend Media has updated their system each time to protect the advertisers from receiving fake leads.
  • They advise publishers to be aware of spam traffic, which could lead to account suspension.
  • Adscend Media implements the safety methods from the beginning stage of approving publishers and advertisers. It is said that they only approve 8% of sign-ups after careful analysis of the application.
  • So, the Adscend Media users can take a breath without worrying about fake advertisers and the publishers.

Pros and cons of Adscend Media:


  • Elite CPA network.
  • High eCPM for publishers.
  • A wide variety of offers for worldwide traffic.
  • Timely payments.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Various tools like OfferWall, APIs, SDK apps to help publishers to make the most out of their network.
  • and helps to increase the monthly earnings by up to 50%.
  • Direct partnership with elite publishers.
  • One of the first to implement modern features in their network.


  • Surveys might pay low compared to its rivals.
  • Highly strict network in approving publishers.
  • Works best on US, CA, AU, UK, NZ traffic. Publishers with traffic from tier-3 countries cannot expect to earn more.
  • Few times they don’t approve conversions until the user manually contacts the support. This especially happens with paid survey offers.
  • Removed a few tools that have been the only source for a few publishers to earn money because of high spamming.
  • Works best for incentivized networks, not for blogs.

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How to get approved by Adscend Media:

  • Make sure the website/apps submitted for approval have decent amount of traffic or downloads.
  • The website must have a neat design, not clumsy.
  • The website must be relevant to the offers found on Adscend Media.
  • Give an accurate description of your plans for using Adscend Media that has to impress the reviewer. Do not boast about your website, only let them know your plans.
  • Quality matters to get approved by Adscend Media.

AdscendMedia Final Review:

Adscend Media is a great CPA network with unique features and high paying offers. Publishers and advertisers are advised to give importance to this network. Adscend Media will always be under the top ten legit CPA networks. Hope, the Adscend Media Review helps you a lot.

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6 thoughts on “Adscend Media Review – Earn More from Elite CPA Network”

  1. Has AdSendMedia crashed, or what? when GrabPoints tried to pay my $5 reward to PayPal, suddenly Adsend rescinded a whole bunch of my points, causing PP to refuse to accept the payment; and when my Grab pts were re-instated in my Grab acct, some 2500+ points were missing… Now, when i try to access the videos on AdSend (either through GrabPoints or SwagBucks) i get an “Error 3835” code message… Does anyone know what’s happening?

    1. Tamil Arasan


      I advise you to contact Adscend Media directly via the OfferWall on the site where you face the problem. They will assist you with this.

      Please feel free to ask me questions in case if you need further assistance.

      1. mika

        Hi i completed offer 10 days ago. Submitted ticket but still not received reply from support,what to do?

        1. Tamil Arasan

          Hi Mika,

          I don’t have control over that. Adscend Media support should approve this.


  2. sameer

    Hello, can you tell me please how to get approved by AdGetMedia and Adscend Media. please help me as soon as {[email protected]}

    1. Tamil Arasan


      You site must meet minimum requirements to get approved by AdGet Media and Adscend Media. Please contact me for personalized assistance.

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