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2 captcha is a developing captcha entry panel that pays their member for typing the alphabets and numbers in a box from the given image. 2 captcha is best for beginners, because 2 captcha time limitation of captcha solving is very liberal. You should able to type at least 1 letter (not word) in 10 seconds, this is very simple that  even a kinder garden child will do it easily. Normal typist with average speed will solve a captcha in 6 seconds, where advanced typist will solve a captcha in 1 to 2 seconds. So, this job is good for anyone, but earning speed might vary.

2 captcha


Registration procedure | 2 captcha
  • Click here to join 2 captcha.
  • Enter your e-mail ID.
  • Fill the password of your desire and re enter it.
  • Solve the captcha and click register.
  • 2 captcha will send a verification mail to your inbox.
  • Click the activation link to complete registration.


  • After the completion of registration process, log into your account and click 'start work'.
  • Once you click start work the work pad will appear with image and a box as shown below.

How to earn money by typing captchas
  • Your work is to just to type the letters in the image in the given box as shown above.
  • Here I've typed 'ddyp' for sample and it took just 1 second for me to type. 2 captcha will give 40 seconds to type these letters in the box.

Numeric notification | 2Captcha
  • If only numbers is displayed as shown (red oval) in the image above you should only type number even though alphabets are available in that image.

Be aware of case sensitive captchas | 2 Captcha
  • If case sensitive is indicated (as in maroon oval) you should solve as it is i.e. if the alphabet is a small letter you should type in small letter and if the alphabet is a capital letter you should type in capital letter.


  • The rate per captcha solve will vary from time to time depending on the bid and it can rise up to $0.0012 per captcha solve.

Bid chart | 2 Captcha
  • 2 Captcha provides real time online statistics chart as shown in the picture above. Apart from bid chart they provide statistics chart for available captchas, average solving time, number of users online etc.
  • They pay anywhere from $0.30 to $1.20 for solving 1000 captchas.
  • If the captcha is complicated, you will get additional bonus for solving that captcha.


  • Your earnings depends on your typing speed. If you have good typing speed you can earn incredibly high.
  • Fast typers can solve 1 captcha in 3 seconds(in average). So they can solve 1200 captcha per hour. Their earnings will be some where between $0.36 to $1.44 per hour.
  • Normal typers can solve a captcha in 7 seconds(in average). So they can solve 510 captcha per hour. Their earnings per hour will be from $0.150 to $0.612.
  • This calculation is just an assumption. There are member who solve a captcha in 1 second.
  • To earn more work when bid rate is high.


  • Participate in affiliate program and earn 10% commission from your affiliate's earnings.
  • Refer your friends or some one to increase your earnings.
  • Is you refer 10 friends or members to 2 Captcha you can earn as follows (each member should earn $5 per day),
10% of $5 = $0.50 * 10 = $5 per day.

$5 * 30 = $150 per month and $150 * 12 = $1,800 per year.

If you've 100 working referral, $0.50 * 100 = $50 per day, $1,500 per month and $18,000 per year. 


Payment methods | 2 Captcha
  • You can withdraw your earnings through anyone of these payment processor - Paypal or Payza or Web money.
  • The minimum payout is $1. So, once you earn $1 you can withdraw your money.


2Captcha payment proof

2Captcha payment proof mail


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Click here to register - 2 Captcha.

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