Last few days I received some mails asking whether captcha club is a scam or legitimate captcha entry site. Though I don’t have any account on captcha club, I just visited their site and Facebook fan page to review their site. This review is purely based on my experience of finding whether a site is scam or legit.


Captcha club

Captcha club domain registration:

  • is registered on Godaddy LLC by Michelle Jowett from Texas. They didn’t try to hide their registration details which is a good sign.
  • This domain is registered for 5 years which shows they might have long term business plans.
Captcha club SSL certification
  • Their website has SSL certification. Mostly, scam sites do not have SSL certification and not all the sites with https are legitimate which costs few hundred dollars per year.
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Captcha club terms:
Captcha club terms
  • Captcha club says that standard members can work on their site without investment and can earn up to $0.03 | 3 cents per captcha.
  • From my experience even top most captcha entry site pays only $0.001 on average per captcha. Captchaclub says they pay 30 times more to their members which is impossible.
  • Also they’ve mentioned that they pay $0.06 – $0.10 per captcha code for premium members. But the important info like pricing of premium membership, duration of membership were not mentioned shows that they’re trying to hide something. Premium memberships makes sense only if there is any referral program which can give boost to the earnings. There is nothing called referral program on captcha club.
  • Captcha is limited to 250 max. per day for no reason. Most of the slower typers can solve 1000 captchas within 2 hours and there is no meaning in limiting the number of captcha that can be solved per day. On other side this could indicate deficiency in clients to purchase their services.
Not responding issue:
  • Members has posted complaints that after solving a captcha, while trying to solve the next one the api is not responding. Since this issue happens to most of the members this can be done intentionally for some reason.

Payment method:
  • In the video embedded on their homepage, I heard that they pay via Paypal, Payza and Payoneer. 
  • The minimum payout is $100 which is too high for a freelancer site and it will take up to a month for members to earn that amount. $5 minimum payout is the right amount for such freelance site.
Payment terms:
  • On their Facebook page, I read that one of the member submitted request for payment and captcha club admin said that he have to pay one time $40 fees in order to withdraw money.
  • I’ve seen several sites [Ex : Goldenclix PTC site] which asks their members to purchase any services inorder to process cash outs are scams.
  • If premium memberships or deposit is made using Paypal and feel that the seller is cheating, the member can claim a dispute using the purchase receipt. Paypal will refund if it is under their refund policy.
Payment proofs:
  • On the video embedded on home page lot of Payment proofs were added and it is not necessary to primarily promote payment proofs on homepage which tells their intention is to attract members by posting payment proof which can be even fake.
  • They might have really paid their members and for additional information duplicate payment proofs are easier to create.
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User reviews:
  • I’ve went to their Facebook page to see if it is organised and found lots of member published visitor post and written comment about payment delay. Captchaclub admin is busy in posting fake payment proofs and had no time to reply their members. Few posts are as follows.
Captchaclub visitors post
  • There is a payment proof posted on the wall. Few frustrated members commented there. The screenshot is given below.
Captcha club comments


  • The activity on their Facebook page shows that captcha club is not reliable.
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Meaningless FAQs:
Cafe FAQ on captcha club
  • I clicked FAQ to see if any additional information about the site is posted there. I was shocked to see that they have posted scrap on FAQ section. Actually those words are template used by web developers to fill new webpages while testing.
  • I think the members who purchased premium membership and payment activation fees are brainless. Its a basic sense that one must check FAQ section to see the site’s policy. There are no words to describe members who purchased their services without properly reading the FAQ section dreaming to earn more money
Final words:
Captcha club have failed to prove that they are reliable because I didn’t find even one positive word about captcha club on the web and also their site is just a mystery. Captchaclub should be open to mention all their policies. In spite of a video with payment proofs they could have posted a 1 minute site work explainer video or add working section in the front part. 

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Verdict Might be a scam, stay away from Captchaclub.
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Quick Advice:
Anything which says that makes us rich in shorter time should be considered as scam. You should get away from it ASAP because they might even try to install malware on your device. So be careful about online scams. With huge competition on internet, most of the genuine sites pay less money. If not you, there are many to work for them. 

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Genuine paying site, registration link – Click here.

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