Protypers Review 2023 – Is it a Legit or Scam Captcha entry site?

Protypers is the sister site of Megatypers captcha entry panel which is owned by the same company. The only difference is that the Protypers have got a different domain name. If you’ve got an account in Megatypers, you can use the same account email id to log into Protypers account. Since it’s a known fact that the Megatypers is legitimate, be advised that the Protypers is also genuine like Megatypers.

The payout rates, and all other features are the same as Mega typers. Read the Protypers review, sign up on Protypers today and download the Protypers app to make money by typing captchas.

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Protypers review

How to work on Protypers:

  • It’s effortless to work on Protypers data entry site. Once registration is complete, you can log into your account and start working since there are no assessments needed to be completed.
Protypers dashboard
  • Click start working on the dashboard. The dashboard will be on the left side of the page in the Protypers member’s area.
  • The working interface to enter the captcha(s) will be like the image given below.
Working panel of Protypers
  • An image will be on top, and will give an empty text box below. Your job is to type the alphabets and numbers that appear in the image in the text box.
  • We can consider this job the image to text conversion, where the image has to be decoded to text format.
Captcha solving techinque on Protypers
  • You should click the Submit Answer or hit the enter button. They will automatically credit your account with the promised amount, and a new captcha will load. You must follow the same procedure to earn more.
  • You should complete solving a captcha within 15 seconds. If you exceed the time limit, they will kick you out of work.
Kick out message when no captcha typed on time - Protypers
  • If you’re kicked out too many times, your account will be suspended. So, try to solve the captcha within 15 seconds. Fifteen seconds is too much for solving a captcha. If you can’t do it within 15 seconds, you cannot earn a decent amount of money on Protypers, better lookout for some other simple jobs such as paid to click.
  • Experienced fast typers will solve a captcha in 2 – 3 seconds, and regular typist can solve a captcha in 3 – 8 seconds on average. Only complicated captcha might take up to 10 – 13 seconds.

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How much do the Protypers pay for solving the captchas:

  • It’s estimated that the Protypers will pay you somewhere from $0.00045 to $0.0015 for solving a captcha.
  • Their payout rates are calculated in thousands. They will pay from $0.45 to $1.5 for solving 1K captchas.
Payout rates at Pro typers
  • Mostly the rates will be higher at 14.00 server time. Try to work on the server’s time when the rates are higher.
  • If you work in 14.00 server time, you can earn $1.50 / 1k captchas, wherein at 3.00 server time you will get only $0.45 for solving 1000 captchas.
  • After logging in, try to match the server time with your local time.
  • Recently, Protypers have introduced the smart captcha and fun captchas which feature Google reCAPTCHA. These captchas can pay a higher rate, i.e. up to $3 per 1000 captchas. The payout rates in the chart consist only the details for the image captchas.

Protypers app – Typers Solver:

  • The Typers Solver is the software released by Protypers shortly called Protypers app that helps the workers directly work on their Windows PC.
  • This software is available for both the Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit version. To find the Windows version of your PC or Laptop, go to This PC (My computer) > Right click on the empty space > Click properties. In the Properties, check the system type section, which might be 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • So, is it worth downloading the Protypers app while it’s easier to work on the web version? It is definetely recommended to download the Protypers app since they offer a special bonus to the Typers Solver users.
  • The workers will get an additional 25% bonus for each Google reCAPTCHA and puzzle captcha solved on Protypers app.
  • Apart from the bonus, the images will load faster on the Protypers software compared to the web interface.
  • You must download the Protypers app only on Protypers after creating the account. Do not download from some other site which might be a fake one and there are chances that your account might be banned by Protypers.
  • Currently, the Protypers app is available only for the PC users. The Protypers Android app is unavailable, and it might be developed soon in the future.

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Protypers Alerts:

Protypers Alert
  • Make sure to read alerts daily. Pro typers will notify about change in payout rates and other promotions through alerts.
  • Also, the Protypers will announce a lot of promotion activities that will help you earn more.

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Protypers Payment methods:

  • They will process your earnings through these payment processors as per your wish – PayPal wallet, Web money, Bitcoin wallet, Perfect Money, Western Union money transfer or Litecoin wallet.
  • The minimum cash out through Western Union is $100. This payment method is not recommended since you might lose up to 15% of the total value as the fees.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit for other Protypers payment methods is just $3.
  • Usually, Protypers will automatically process the payouts every Monday on reaching the payout Threshold.

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Protypers Registration procedure – sign up:

Protypers Registration and signup procedure

  • Click here to join protypers.
  • In the registration page, enter your e-mail ID.
  • Choose a password for your desire and re-enter the password.
  • Enter your correct full name, choose the payment processor through which you would like to withdraw your money.
  • Agree their terms and conditions, solve the captcha and click register.
  • The registration procedure is now complete, and you’re all set to work.
Protypers Review – Is it Legit or scam?

Protypers is a legitimate captcha entry site that pays on time. Protypers failed to keep up with their rivals; however, it might stay on the top captcha typing job provider sites list in the world. You might have to read the comparison between the best captcha entry sites to find which one might work best for you out of these three – Protypers vs 2Captcha vs Kolotibablo.

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2 thoughts on “Protypers Review 2023 – Is it a Legit or Scam Captcha entry site?”

  1. Riya

    Company called Protyper is a big Fraud portal.
    Initially when you make a call to given number he will provide you the company name called Prodege LLC (this is fake )and once you pay the money he will provide you the real name of the company called Protyper.
    Mr. Sharath (9177674663) who takes Money in terms of providing a online typing job and he fools.
    before the payment he showed a sample work sheet then after paying the money he tells its a Captcha typing job. this is a Fraud and they are Hackers. they hack big big company Data.
    Once he takes your Money he will Block your number, there is no other way that you can reach him.
    Shameful to see this kind of people. They cheat on Innocent people.

    Kindly take a Sever action on this person.

    1. Tamil Arasan

      Hello Riya,

      I feel you’ve been cheated by a Third Party person in the name of another company.

      First of all Prodege LLC is the USA based company. You must have made a research about Prodege LLC before paying money to an Indian guy!

      And I think Protypers is irrelevant to be called as a Fraud Portal!

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