Yield 2 me website provides Ad-clicking, mini task and Ad-posting jobs to their customers. Also you can earn money through shares. Earn $0.50 every day by clicking ads and get commission for posting their ads. Work everyday for just 1 hour and find the way to increase additional income. You can earn more than $5 if you work hard. Yields 2 me does not charge you for signing up, so you can join anytime without investment.
Yield 2 me - Earn online
How to register to yield 2 me
  • Click here to join yield 2 me.
  • Enter your full name and your e-mail ID.
  • Choose your desired password and click sign up.
  • You’re now registered to yield 2 me. Log in to your account and follow the procedures given below to start earning.

Ad-clicking job:

  • As mentioned earlier there are three method for earning through yield 2 me.
  • Click Jobs > watching advertisement to do ad-clicking job.
  • You will get number of ads as shown below and you will be paid for clicking each ads.
Ad clicking job - Yield 2 me
  • For each click you will be rewarded with $0.008. To start click the green target icon. Once you click a new page loads with the advertisement.
Timer - yields 2 me
  • You will have to stay in the ad page for 30 seconds to get credited. A timer will be available on the left top corner of the page for your reference.
Enter the correct answer - yield 2 me
  • Once the stay time is completed your click will be verified by questions like addition and subtraction as shown above. Enter the correct answer to get credited.
Credit confirmation - yield 2 me
  • You will get confirmation that your account as been credited. Now you can close the page and continue with other ads. If you answer wrong, your click will be considered as invalid and you should start form the beginning.


  • The second way to earn is by completing the tasks. Click jobs > perform jobs in the menu bar to see the jobs available for you.
Jobs - yield 2 me
  • This is an example for the job. It says post article on a forum and you will be rewarded $0.90 for completing.
  • You will be given the full procedure and the content below the job title. Complete the task and claim your reward. More than 3 jobs will be available per day.



Ad-posting job:

  • The best way to earn is by posting the ads in given websites, blogs, social medias.
  • You can earn $0.007 for each click from your ad post.
  • You will be given the content and you can post the ad any where you want.
Ad posting task - Yield 2 me
  • To start earning through ad-posting, go to jobs > invite. Now you will get various types of ad content as shown above.
  • You can get your specific ad posting content from different available formats by clicking the menu tab.
  • If you don’t own a blog you cannot use html or banner rotators. Use the image, link and text content to post in social medias, blogs etc. You will be paid if someone clicks your post.

Invest in shares:

Earn by investing in yields 2 me
  • Do you want to earn without working. Yield 2 me provides a best solution for that.
  • You can buy and sell the shares and earn easily.
  • You don’t have to invest from your pocket. Earn money through ad-clicking, ad-posting & mini-tasks and invest your earnings.
  • For example if you invest $100 you can earn $110 in 30-days.
  • There are various types of shares as shown above, read the instructions carefully and buy your shares.
How you will get paid - yield 2 me
  • You can receive your earnings through Paypal or Bitcoin. Click cash out and choose your payment method.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $16. So you should have $16 or more to request for payout.
Click here to join and earn $10 to $40 per survey
How to register to yield 2 me
  • Click here to join yield 2 me.
  • Enter your full name and your e-mail ID.
  • Choose your desired password and click sign up.
  • You’re now registered to yield 2 me.

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