How to Write the Perfect Email that Lands You the Perfect Job

Do you know that Twitter & Square CEO Jack Dorsey once got a programming job just because of one email? According to a Vanity Fair article published in 2011, Mr. Dorsey found a bug on a company’s website and apprised the enterprise about the flaw in an email. The company was dazzled by his intuition and sent a job offer to him.

So, why should you seek guidance on writing an email before applying for a job? Most people would not bother to study or even try to learn the ethics behind writing a professional email. So it is to your advantage to make a difference from the rest and come up with an email that covers all qualities a hiring manager will expect in a candidate.

In this article, we have compiled the crucial steps for writing a perfect email. At the end of the article, you will also find interesting tips on avoiding things while writing an email. So save your zeal and take your time to read the entire text.

Your Destination to a Professional Email: Big Steps to Make Your Email Standout from the Crowd

How to write perfect email

You can determine the value of writing an email from the stats that 69% of recipients report emails as spam just by looking at the subject line.

Hence, you need to curate an effective email that is attention-grabbing and also professional. Apart from helping you land a job, emails can also assist in extending your digital marketing services.

1. Write a Subject Line that is Attention-Grabbing

The subject line is the first thing hiring managers will see. It is vital and must be crystal clear with a touch of professionalism. About 35% of the recipients take the time to open an email just by looking at the subject line.

Hence, we can say that the decision to dive into the details of email relies upon the subject line. If it is dull and ambiguous, the recipient will turn it down. Adopt these habits to write an effective and eye-catching subject line for landing your dream job;

  • Make it concise and clear.
  • 82% of marketers limit their subject line to 30-60 characters.
  • Refrain from using informal phrases in your subject line.

2. Salutation Determines Your Tone for the Rest of the Email

Depending upon how well you know the recipient, you can adjust your salutation. It is a sign of respect, and the reader can judge your tone from how you address them at the beginning. You can also search for people and determine how to greet them. Some tips to give you a perfect salutation at the start are as follow;

  • Address the recipient with respect and use formal words like dear followed by the name of the person. You can also use dear madam/sir in case the name is unknown. Call the person with their title, such as Mr. Dr. Mrs. Etc.
  • Avoid using informal salutation words such as hey/hello, etc. Though, you can use them when you know the recipient or have some relationship.

3. Curating a Killer Email Body

Start your email body by introducing yourself. Tell the recipient about yourself, who you are? Why are you applying for the job?

After introducing yourself, put forward the most vital points near the top of the email. Make your text straightforward, and don’t use fancy words.

Try to be specific and respect your recipient’s time. Include important information related to your experience, education, and skills.

4. Prioritize the Best Details in the Email

Hence, if unnecessary information stacks up in the email, the text will get elongated, and the recipient might get lost or even lose interest. Moreover, use complete phrases and avoid sentences like slang, jokes, emotion, and emojis.

There is no boundary to the length of an email, but it should fit the Laptop or desktop screen length. However, if the text is bulky, then break it into paragraphs.

5. Best Way to Sign Off from Email

You have put the stress and strain in writing your email body text, and things can get awkward if your closing is not good. Although simple than the rest of the elements, your closing text needs streamlining. Don’t end your email in haste! Take your time and make it the best ending.

Here are some endings you can consider while signing off;

  • Regards

Best while writing professional emails for jobs.

  • Sincerely

Used worldwide and applies to most emails.

6. Email Signature as a Reinforcement

Signatures at the end of an email are the best way to brand yourself. Signature describes your flexibility to establish communication. It is like a digital business card. Use your email signature to communicate your first name, title, department, email address, etc.

Tips for Enhancing Your Email Signature

  • Employ one font type, and that is safe fonts. It is available in Outlook and
  • Make the signature responsive so that it fits perfectly on mobile devices.
  • Add one contact detail at a time. It should be authentic and look professional.
  • Use a professional-looking email address.

7. Proofreading Your Email

In the end, you should read your entire text and make sure it does not contain any conventional grammatical mistakes. Let someone read your email and ask them for any inconsistencies.

Your email should look perfect, and if there is any mistake, then amend it before sending the email. It will not leave a good impression upon the receiver. Therefore, a well-written email will always grab the attention and show your seriousness about the vacancy.

Things You Should Never do While Writing an Email for Your Dream Jobs.

  • You are not writing an email to your friend, so don’t write it in that manner.
  • Refrain from using informal words. They make you seem less professional and depict a lack of seriousness.
  • Don’t crowd your email with fancy text. It will only distract your recipient from the main points.
  • Don’t send copy/pasted emails. These emails have been sent hundreds or maybe thousands of times and will only contribute to getting your email marked as spam.
  • Don’t try to deceive the recipient. You can get on the blacklist to trick them.

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