10 Online Job Websites & Apps that Pay Through Payoneer

While PayPal is one of the popular payment options for the people who do online jobs, many companies don’t support PayPal payments for various reasons. Payoneer has become the best alternative to PayPal to receive the earnings with low fees. In this article, let see the Payoneer online job websites and apps that support Payoneer as a payment option.

Apps to get paid with payoneer

Advantages of using Payoneer for Online Job Seekers:

  • While PayPal charges 3.5% fees non-mass payments, Payoneer charges a fixed fee, making it a reliable go to option to receive money. You can read more on this at PayPal vs Payoneer.
  • Payoneer’s foreign currency conversion rate is higher than PayPal. Freelancers from non-US countries can enjoy higher conversion rate.
  • Payoneer is a fast, secure payment option with exclusive benefits to the freelancers.
  • PayPal does not support some of the online jobs like PTC sites because of its policy restrictions. Payoneer supports the online jobs sites and apps which don’t support PayPal if they have opt-in for their services.
  • One great thing about Payoneer is that they partner only with high-quality companies with a higher transaction profit as base requirement. This ensures all the Payoneer online jobs are scam free. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed by cheaters.
  • Started in 2005, Payoneer supports over 150 currencies in 200 countries, making it one of the reliable online payment processors for freelancers.

List of Online Job Websites & Apps that Pays via Payoneer:

Without wasting anytime, let us jump in to listing the online jobs to make money with Payoneer.

1. Ysense:

Ysense Payoneer

Ysense is the best online job site that pays through Payoneer besides PayPal, Skrill, and gift cards to Amazon, Flipkart.

We can achieve their minimum payout threshold for Payoneer payments of $25 within a matter of days, as it features more ways to make money compared to any other online jobs.

Speaking about ways to make money, Ysense offers a wide range of earning options, which include paid surveys, offers from offerwall networks, micro tasks, pay per video view, etc.

Unlike any other survey apps where only a few invitations are sent to members of limited countries, Ysense remains the hub of paid surveys, with hundreds of survey opportunities listed every time I visited their page. This enables us to make money 24/7, no matter which country you’re from or whatever devices we use.

Their survey rate range from a few cents to several dollars based on the requirement and complexity of the research.

If you have an Android or iPhone, you can download Ysense app and make money with ease.

Join Now Ysense.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks pays via payoneer

Swagbucks is the pioneer of online GPT sites which offer multiple ways to earn money from home. In fact, Swagbucks and Ysense are owned by the same company Prodege LLC, which remains strong while most of the Payoneer online jobs failed.

Similar to Ysense, you can make money here by taking surveys, completing offers, doing tasks, etc.

One thing that makes Swagbucks stand out is its money saving offers. Whenever I logged into Swagbucks, offers that helps to save money pops out often.

Swagbucks work great for the people from tier-1 countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, etc.

Besides earning money with Payoneer, you can choose to withdraw money via PayPal or redeem the SB for gift cards or major brands like Amazon.com, Walmart, Facebook, Play Store, etc.

Join Now Swagbucks

3. YouGov:


YouGov is one of my favorite online jobs website that pays through Payoneer in selected countries.

While they even have PayPal as a payment option, users from countries like India can withdraw earnings using Paytm or redeem earning for Flipkart gift card. The payment options vary based on the country you live in.

YouGov is a pure research company that conducts a lot of paid surveys to understand customers’ views on products, events, services, brands, politics, etc.

I’ve taken surveys of over 30+ of research companies. Of all the paid survey sites, only YouGov surveys are high paying.

Also, the success rate of completing surveys is very much high on YouGov. Out of 10 surveys, I qualified for 9 surveys and every survey paid me.

That’s why I continue to be the part of YouGov surveys since 2015.

Join Now YouGov.

4. UpWork:


Upwork is the number one freelance site in the world that connects millions of freelancers with potential clients.

It grew when the freelancers who were looking to make money online had to struggle to find the right people to get their projects done.

Now with Upwork, anyone with the internet can search for remote jobs from home with ease.

Talking about jobs available, it can be anything that can be done remotely and delivered.

If you have an excellent skill in development, marketing, graphics designing, transcription, translation, animation, photography, video editing, you can demand a decent hourly rate than a regular job can ever pay you. But, you should know how to manage the project and deliver it on time. Poor execution can lead to bad rating, which eventually will spoil your entire freelance career.

Join only if you’re confident. Complete the project and get paid via Payoneer.

Alternatively, you can choose to work on Fiverr, which is a bit beginner friendly. You can find buyers with low to high purchasing power and requirements which help to match the right client. So, you can learn as you can grow.

Join Now UpWork.

5. Adscend Media:

Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a performance-based affiliate network that pays its publishers based on action.

If you’re a GPT site owner or if you have the app to integrate their Offerwall SDK, you can opt into their program to make money whenever an action is complete.

Action based tasks include completing surveys, downloading apps, subscriptions, playing games for money, paid to click, watching videos for cash, etc.

As a site owner, you can pay a percentage to the workers and keep the rest as a profit.

With $100 minimum payout, you can choose to withdraw money through Payoneer and other payment options available.

This Payoneer based app is not for regular users and it is only for the publishers with a decent number of user base who can complete offers for them.

Join Now Adscend Media.

6. UTest:


Utest is an UX testing website works with big brands like Google, McDonalds, Uber, Facebook to test their website and app customer journey experience.

They do not hire workers to do this test as they want to run the test with the help of general consumers like us.

You can sign up to earn money by testing websites and apps.

So, how does this works? Do you need any skills to do this Payoneer online job?

Absolutely, no! This website testing task does not require expertise. All you have to do is follow the instructions given by the client and complete the task.

Speaking about instructions, they will instruct you to do tasks like these. While doing these tasks, you will have to stay connected with the microphone and give comments as you progress. Utest will automatically record your screen.

  • Go to the website, use navigation to search a product, add the product to the cart, complete purchase.
  • Finding the product on the eCommerce site using the faceted filter.
  • Spotting the offer on the website and completing the checkout process successfully.

These are just the examples of how the user testing will be. Clients hire testers to get data on various usability tests in order to improve their products.

Usually, it will take 10 minutes to an hour to complete the test and they will pay a $10 to $50 based on the complexity of the test.

You can choose to PayPal or Payoneer to withdraw the payments. You will receive special rates and reduced fees by using Payoneer payment option.

Join Now uTest.

7. Truelancer:


Truelancer regularly posts a lot of work from home Payoneer jobs, similar to Upwork.

You can find a job related to any field that can be performed virtually, including development, marketing, designing, mobile app, translation, content writing job, and more.

Build your profile, browse the jobs posted, pick a few jobs which are relevant to your work, submit your proposal, get hired. You’re all set to earn money and get paid via Payoneer.

Get to know more about how to get hired on freelance websites.

Final Words about Payoneer Online Jobs:

Like I said before, website and app which pay via Payoneer are most likely to be scam free jobs.

Unlike PayPal, to partner with Payoneer payments, the company must be eligible and verified.

So, you can choose one or multiple sites listed above to work with no worries and get paid via Payoneer on time.

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