[Update]Clix Research Panel | Once the Part of Clixsense Which is now Ysense

[Update] – Clixsense is no more and so do the Clix Research Panel. The Clixresearch Panel was the part of Clixsense, the best GPT site in the world. A part of Clixsense users was using the RClixresearch panel to earn money by taking premium surveys that are purely part of Clixsense while Clixsense hosts third-party surveys using the direct connections and survey routers. In the later part of 2019, Clixsense was sold to Prodege LLC. Clixsense has been rebranded to Ysense. While you can take surveys on Ysense, you may no longer get access to Clixresearch. Clixresearch is different from ClicksResearch.

Continue to read the history of the ClixResearch program, use Ysense(Clixsense) or else check out other sites to take surveys for money. If you’re a smartphone user, check out the survey sites for mobile phones.

Clixsense was one of the most genuine online GPT sites. Clixsense is more professional, reliable, unique, productive, has a very good reputation and on the whole, it is the best online site to earn money. Clixsense is well known for paying in time. Everyone knows Clixsense as a paid to click site, but it is more than that. In Clixsense you can earn money in lots of ways like tasks, offers, etc including paid surveys.

If you wish to earn something online, surveys are the only way to earn a considerable amount, because you can earn nothing by clicking ads unless you have some active refs. Here comes Clixsense, because you can earn in many ways, in which paid surveys to play a vital role. Clixsense pays you up to $5 for completing a normal survey. And Clixsense has a research panel called Clixresearch, where you can earn up to $200 per research survey. This article is about how to earn money through Clixresearch surveys.

Clixresearch.com | Clixsense research panel

How to Join the Clix Research Panel:

  • Joining Clixsense is simple and easy.
  • Click this link – Clixsense(Ysense) and fill the simple registration form.
  • After completing, click register. Clixsense will send a verification mail to the inbox of the e-mail address you’ve mentioned. Click the verification link to activate your account.

Clixsense Surveys:

Once you complete all the above-mentioned processes, log in to your account and click the survey tab and complete your profile.

The reason why I’m asking you to complete your profile is, only then you will get more survey that is relevant to your field.

On the first day in rare cases, you might not have a chance to participate in the survey. But in most cases, you can see something as shown below.

Clixsense survey invitations.

I’ve been invited to participate in 14 surveys on day one which is worth $18.52.

When days pass and you become old trusty members you will get high reward surveys which can pay you up to $10 per survey.

To participate in the survey, click on the survey link. You might be asked to enter the PIN code.

You will be asked to complete some screening questions, once you qualify you can start answering questions.

Survey question | Clixsense surveys

Surveys will be mostly about employees, mobile phones, consumer electronics, apps, software, hotels, travel, etc.

It will take an average time of 10 minutes to complete a survey.

Once you complete the survey you will get a success message as shown below.

Survey completed message ClixResearch

Click close and again click “yes” to get paid, the page will refresh and your account will be credited instantly. You can check your account balance credited immediately.

Survey completion verification | Clixsense surveys

If you are not invited or if you want to earn more you can directly participate in online surveys through anyone of these daily survey routers. They pay you a fixed amount as mentioned, for completing the survey.

Daily survey routers | Clixsense surveys

To participate in a survey click on the particular router. You will be redirected to the survey page. Follow the same procedure for completing the survey.

Survey completed on daily survey router | Clixsense surveys

If you wish to participate in one more survey, click “Take another survey” or click “close this window” to get credited for the particular completed survey.

Clixsense Research Surveys:

As said earlier Clixsense Research surveys pay you more than normal surveys. To join the Clixsense research survey you should sign up in clixsenseresearch.com now it will redirect to Ysense.

Clix research registration

To register click “Clixresearch” that is indicated in the above image. Complete all the registration procedures and log into your account.

The first thing you’ve to do is complete your profile. ClixResearch profile will be pretty deep and will take half an hour to complete.

Clixresearch.com profile completion

For example, if you are an FPS gamer the gamer profile will be pretty interesting and technical. You will enjoy it as all the questions will be about games to earn money and at the end, you will be asked whether you are interested in participating in game research, click yes. You can earn hundreds of dollars by participating in gaming research.

You cannot participate in research surveys immediately, you will receive a mail as shown below when they need you.

Clixresearch survey invitation

This particular survey paid me $45 in 48 minutes. That’s the power research survey.

Follow the same procedure to get credited for this survey.

Some premium surveys can pay you up to $200.

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Clix Research Referral commission:

If you wish to earn without working you can, it is possible by referring your friends or someone.

Clixsense pays you up to 10% for each survey completed by your referral.

Like, if your referral completes a survey worth $1 you will receive a referral commission of 10 cents. If you’ve 10 referrals you can earn $1. If each referral completes 5 surveys you will earn $5 referral commission.

Clixsense also pays you commission for other referral activities like completing micro-tasks, clicking ads for money, etc. To know more click learn more about Clixsense below.

Clixresearch Referral sweepstakes

Also, you can win up to $1000 by referring someone to Clixresearch.

Other Ways to Earn Money on Clixsense(Ysense):

As said earlier there are many ways to earn in Ysense other than completing paid surveys like clicking ads, doing OfferWall offers, completing micro tasks, cash offers, etc. as we do it on Swagbucks.

Start making money by participating in surveys on Ysense surveys.

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