Url shortening is the simplest way to earn online. This is simpler than ad clicking/PTC job, because you don’t have to work hard to earn money. All you’ve to do is shorten a link and place the link in a site with more traffic. The main benefit of url shortening is you can earn money through social medias* (Facebook, Twitter etc). In this article I will tell you how url shortner works and what is the use of url shortening. Also learn how to earn money through url shortener.


url shortener


  • Url shortening is a process of shortening a long url in to short one. For example : Genuineonlinefreejobs.com can be shortened as gofj.com.
  • Url cannot be shortened manually, because it will not work. So, url is shortened through the tool called url shortener.
There are many uses of url shortening,
  • Url is mainly shortened to automatically count the number of clicks made per url i.e. it is helpful for webmasters to find how many visitors (unique & repeated) have clicked a particular link. So, they can calculate the number of visitors visited the linked page.
  • For example : If I post an article link in Facebook, I cannot get complete details about how much visitors had visited my website. If I use a shortened url(ex. gofj.com), I can get complete information (like time, country etc)about my visitors.
  • This information is used by webmasters to improve their website, calculate their sales percentage etc.
  • A nice example : Amazon.com posts a link of new smartphone in Facebook. Interested people would click the link. But, only few would buy the product. This will help amazon.com to calculate the sales percentage from Facebook visitors.
  • The links posted by big companies will not earn money for them instead only it is used for only to get visitors count.
  • The money can be earned through url shortening that shows intermission ads.
  • As said earlier, url cannot be shortened directly by ourselves. It can be done only through the tool called as url shortener.
  • Url shorteners will generate an unique link as shown in the picture below.
Example of url shortening
  • This shortened url will be saved in url shortener’s server. Whenever some one clicks the link, a count will be added automatically. It also counts the unique and repeated visitors. If a visitor clicks the link 3 times in a day, url shortener will count it as one unique click and 2 repeated click.
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1. Non – advertising url shortner: The non advertising url shortner is just used for visitors counting and they will not pay you if somebody click the link (Example : Google’s goo.gl).
2. Advertising url shortner: Advertising url shortners pays you money if somebody clicks the link that is shortened using it.
  • Advertising url shorteners does not pay you simply if some one clicks your shortened url.
  • They pay you for displaying ads in between called as intermission. For example your website is A and the target website is B. When some one clicks a link in A, before they reach B an intermission ad will be displayed for 5 seconds. Once 5 second completes the visitor can continue to the target website using skip ad button.
  • They pay you in terms of eCPM i.e. rate per thousand clicks or impression. For example : If your link receives thousand clicks you will get $10(varies according to geographical locations).
  • Survey ads will have high eCPM.
Click here to get clear idea about how shortened url works. The shortened url is trafficmonsoon.com, this site pays you for clicking ads.
  • You can earn money easily if you own a website.
  • You can earn money even though you don’t have a website.
  • Click the link given at the end to learn about making money through url shortener without owning website and how to earn money through Facebook.
  • You can earn hundreds of dollars through referrals.
  • Once you join a url shortening site. Refer your friends some one to the site. Let them earn for you.
  • The referral commission will vary according to the site.
  • Few sites pays 5 level referral commission. If you refer people to those sites you will commission from referral’s referral, referral’s referral’s referral……


So, how much you can earn (if site pays 20% commission)
If you’ve 10 referrals and if each earns $5 per day you will get $1 * 10 = $10 referral commission per day.
If you’ve 100 referrals and if each earns $5 per day you will get $1 * 100 = $100 referral commission.

* Social medias blocks few shortened url.



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