Vivatic provides a best opportunity to its members to earn money through data entry, online surveys, polls and they also pay for writing articles and completing micro tasks. Vivatic origin is London, UK and they accept members from all around the world. Unlike PTC sites you can earn considerable amount of money per day by working from home. Students, house wives, freelancers, people without job can earn some extra cash by working from home, all you need is a PC with internet connection.




Vivatic | Registration process
  • To join click here – Vivatic.
  • Enter your correct name and e-mail ID.
  • Fill the password of your wish, agree their terms and conditions and click sign up & start earning.
  • You will receive a verification e-mail to your inbox as shown below.
Validation mail | Vivatic
  • Click the indicated link to complete verification. Directly log into your account and start the work.
How vivatic works | Genuine online free jobs
  • As said earlier the primary ways to earn money through vivatic is by answering surveys, completing micro tasks, data entry works, writing articles, answering polls etc. Along with that get paid for referring your friends to vivatic.
  • Also vivatic pays $2 as sign up bonus.
  • Complete your profile to get more survey opportunities. Vivatic also pays for completing your profile.
  • Vivatic itself is not a survey panel but it allows to participate in surveys through survey panels. The available survey panels will vary according to your country.
  • Participating in surveys is pretty simple. Just log into your account daily and check for available surveys. Completing surveys can pay you up to $5 per survey.
Sample survey question | Vivatic
  • A sample survey is shown above. Just select the relevant answer and click next. A series of questions will be asked answer all the question and once the survey is completed your account will be credited instantly.
Micro tasks:
  • Unlike limited opportunity for participating in surveys. There will be unlimited amount of micro tasks to complete.
  • Micro tasks are simple like finding author’s name in articles, finding errors etc.
  • Initially they will check your accuracy of completing tasks. Once you answer 100 questions (7-10 tasks) with 85% accuracy you are on your way, get more chance and get high rate micro tasks.
  • As said there is no limit for completing tasks. Work 24/7 and complete as many tasks as you can.
Article writing:
  • Get paid to write articles. Vivaic pays you up to $10 for writing an article.
  • Click the writing jobs tab and follow the procedure to get paid.
  • Get paid to joining the site they recommend. This offer will be a free one, but paid offer will reward you more.
  • Follow the procedure and don’t cross the rule as your account might get suspended.
  • Participating in polls will get you some extra cash. Click the polls and check for the open polls.
  • Answer them and get cash rewards up to 20 cents per poll.
Get paid to refer:
  • Refer your friends or someone and get referral rewards. Vivatic has many referral tools use them to refer your friends easily.
  • Do not open more than one account from same computer.
Viavatic payment method
  • Vivatic pays your earnings through the most trusted payment processor, the Paypal.
  • The minimum cash out amount is $15 or 900 INR. This can be achieved in a day or two based on your working speed.
Register now – Vivatic.

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