Timebucks Review – Is it Worth to Work on Timebucks.com

Timebucks have become one of the familiar online rewarding sites. The Timebucks has some of the unique and simple tasks to help the internet users to earn money using the computer and the mobile phone. There are about ten ways available to earn money from Timebucks for free. In this article, you can learn how to earn money from Timebucks in the simplest ways – Timebucks review.

Timebucks reviews

About Timebucks:

Timebucks is a Get paid to site (GPT site). The GPT sites reward their members for completing simple tasks like watching videos, clicking ads, taking part in paid surveys, completing offers, downloading apps, doing micro-tasks, etc. The Timebucks is one of the GPT site with a lot of tasks. Also, Timebucks has some of the unique tasks which cannot be found on other GPT sites.

Timebucks Review:

Timebucks review

How to Make Money on Timebucks:

Timebucks have some of the unique rewarding tasks like paid to take photos, content reading, etc. Other basic get paid to tasks found on Timebucks are watching videos, paid surveys, paid to download, paid to like, subscriptions, registrations, YouTube video creation, get paid to play games, raffle, etc. These tasks are explained in this section.

1. Reading Paid Content:

  • Timebucks pay you for reading interesting content on other sites. Unlike regular product or service-based advertising, the landing pages will be very interesting that will help users to learn something new, entertain.
  • Tons of new content will be posted every day on Timebucks. The images on the web page will be interesting. You will be paid just to view the page.
Timebucks review - View content task
  • To earn money by viewing content, you must go to the earn > view content. The content will be listed as shown above.
  • Click on the view button to go to the content page. View the minimum number of page(s) to get paid.
  • As you can see, you can earn money using a mobile phone and on the computer. The pay will vary based on the device you’re using.
2. Get paid to take photos:
  • The Timebucks is the only GPT site that pays to take photos. Tasks of this type are also available in the Micro job sites like ClickWorker.
  • Timebucks allow all the verified members to earn money by taking their photos and uploading them.
  • To earn by taking photos, your identity must be verified by the Timebucks. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • To start go to earn > take photos and agree with their terms and conditions. Once done, you will be asked to upload an ID issued by the Government. Your photo must be visible on the ID.
  • Then you must upload your photo with a paper with the word “TIMEBUCKS” written on it. After uploading them, click submit. Your identity will be verified within 1 – 5 days.
Timebucks identity verification
  • After you complete verification, they will enable this feature in your account. You can start submitting images to the Timebucks. For every verified image, you will get up to $0.20.

3. Timebucks Surveys:

  • The paid surveys are the key rewarding task on every GPT site. The earnings of the members depend on the number of paid surveys they complete.
  • The paid surveys are simple and high paying. Everyone can take part in paid surveys and earn up to $5 per survey. The survey rate will vary for members from different countries.
Paid surveys - Timebucks
  • A survey may have up to 20 questions. You must answer each question carefully to prevent screen outs. After completing the survey, your account will be instantly credited with the amount promised. Use mobile phone to take surveys for money.

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4. Get paid to complete offers:

  • Timebucks posts a lot of simple offers on their site such as app downloads, PIN submits, etc. By completing these simple offers, you can earn $0.10 – $5 per offer.
  • The offers will be available more for members from tier-1 countries.

5. Get paid to watch videos:

  • Timebucks pays its members for watching videos. But currently, the numbers of videos available are limited and you can expect them to post more videos as they grow bigger.
  • You can expect higher pay for watching videos compared to reading content. Check your account daily to find new videos.

6. Other Ways to Earn Money on Timebucks:

  • There are more tasks available to make money from Time bucks.
  • Post a short video about Timebucks on YouTube to earn a $3 reward.
  • Like and subscribe to their social media pages to earn extra money. They also pay for installing their chrome extension.
  • Purchase Raffle tickets on Timebucks for $0.01 and earn up to $500.
  • Take part in the daily contest and earn up to $20 per day by reaching the top spot in the contest.

Timebucks Referral Program:

  • Take part in the referral program, which pays 5 levels deep to earn money using Timebucks.
  • The referral programs like these are reliable compared to the one level affiliate programs.
  • If you refer 10 friends and they refer 10 each and the same is done by other level referrals, you can earn thousands of dollars every month.

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Get a Personal Account Manager assigned to your Account:

  • The Timebucks is the only GPT site that assigns a personal account manager for the user accounts.
  • The personal account manager will be available anytime to assist you to increase the earnings, clear doubts, and help you manage your account.

Timebucks Payment Method:

Pros of Timebucks:

  • The Timebucks have unique tasks compared to other GPT sites.
  • The Timebucks is the only GPT site to allot personal managers to assist.
  • Take selfies to make money on Timebucks.
  • Timebucks will grow as one of the biggest GPT sites in the future.

Cons of Timebucks:

  • Though Timebucks has many tasks to earn. They are not updated regularly.
  • Most of the time we cannot find the paid videos, and the paid games.
  • More opportunities are available only for members from targeted countries.

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How to Join Timebucks:

Timebucks registration
  • Start an account on Timebucks within a few seconds. Log in using Facebook or enter your email and set a password to sign up.
  • Timebucks will send a verification mail to the email address. You must verify your email to complete the registration process.
Click here to join Timebucks.

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