How to Start Personal Training Business from Home Part Time job

Starting fitness training business from home – Most of the people in the world have realized the importance of fitness. Fitness training, supplements, weight training have become one of the world’s largest business. It has been estimated that the fitness freaks around the world spend over a billion dollars to make them fit to show off in their society. These fitness freaks are the business seeds. Becoming a fitness trainer is definitely the best business to consider if you’re looking to start a business from home.

Fitness training needs certain qualifications and personal fitness. Initially, find for the Personal Trainer jobs to gain experience and later grow your business. Here is how you can start the personal training business from home and gym to earn money working parttime or fulltime.

How to start a personal training business from home

Personal Trainer Jobs:

What is Personal Training:

The personal fitness training is the process of assisting a person to sculpt their body according to their needs.

The person who offers personal training services is called the personal trainer.

The personal physical training will not be the same for all the clients. Instead, the training differs based on the age, sex, health condition of the person who receives personal training.

Types of Personal Training to be Offered

I’m an experienced guy in the fitness industry; training my body for over 5 years. I’ve been training many starters in my gym, however, I don’t have a professional certificate to be a fitness trainer. My brother is a professional fitness trainer, and he earns $3000 per month working as a part-time fitness trainer from home.

I’ve good knowledge of the fitness industry and know how profitable is the fitness business like music teaching jobs. I will guide you through this article to become a personal fitness trainer to start the business from home.

Here are the fitness training offered by the fitness training professionals.

General Fitness Training at Home:

How to earn money fitness training - General fitness

Most of the fitness clients hire fitness trainers for general fitness to live a healthy life.

This type of training does not involve in heavy workouts. Instead, simple training will be added to the person’s daily schedule to protect him from diseases, fat, pain generation because of heavy work pressure.

Long distance walking, less intensive cardio, minimum weightlifting, stretching are some of the training provided under the general fitness.

The fitness trainer will provide general fitness training, mostly in the home, playground, or similar places.

Intense Cardio Training:

Intense cardio training business from home without investment

The intense cardio training is the advanced training for people who are looking to tone their muscles to look better rather not only training for health like they do it in general training.

The workouts which are proven to increase the rate of heartbeat is called as cardio workouts. Yoga, running, jogging, sprint, cross-fit training, endurance training is the part of cardio.

Starting the cardio workout needs the body to be fit for the workout to prevent injuries.

Cardio training is performed both in the field and in the gym. Cardio training will improve the endurance, strength, burn fats and make the person fit and professional.

Resistance/Weight Training & Body Building:

Weight lift training body building business

The weightlifting training is specially made for the bodybuilders who are looking to build their structure and muscles.

There are different types of weightlifting training bulker look for body building, lean muscles for physique, aesthetic for models, etc.

The trainer must well know the repetitions, weights, workouts to sculpt the body according to the needs of the clients.

Importance of knowledge in Human Anatomy & Fitness Training:

The fitness training is not a child’s play. It is important that a fitness trainer should have complete knowledge about the human body and it’s working.

The first important thing in fitness training is muscles and its mobility. The trainer should know how to work each muscle in the human body and how to recover when there is a tear or injury happens.

The knowledge about the spine and its mechanical working is very important. The vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and the muscles holding the joints play a significant role when a person works out. Improper usage of these will lead to chronic pain in the back.

The trainer should know training people at different ages according to the body’s conditions. The trainer should be able to analyze the strength, endurance of the trainee and should improve the factors before testing their patience.

Producing results for the clients under a certain time period is very important. Overtraining and under training will not help for a five-star rating.

Know the difference between the men, women, and children. All the three have different body types and should be trained accordingly.

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Requirements to become a Personal Fitness Trainer:

These are some of the requirements to become a professional personal trainer and to start a personal training business at home. The requirements might vary according to the country where you’re going to start the personal training business.

Certifications and Education:

In most of the countries around the world, it is mandatory that a physical trainer should have completed the certification course or a college degree related to physical training.

Sports based people would have already completed a college degree. But for the experienced person with no certification, it is advised to complete a 6 months certification course like the American Council of Exercise (ACE) or NASM to become the personal trainer.

Experience in Fitness Training:

Before starting a personal fitness training individually, it’s recommended to work in a gym or fitness program to get experience as a fitness trainer.

Start the fitness training career as a subordinate trainer to gain knowledge from the head trainer.

The experience certificate will add value to your profile in the personal fitness training business.

Time Management:

Time management in fitness training business

Timing is really important for fitness training. Even if you’re an experienced fitness trainer, the poor time management is going to affect your business.

It is required to spend at least a 30 minutes to an hour for the client for fitness training. Few clients might ask for flexible timing each day based on their job or business.

Personal trainers need powerful time management to succeed since they have got very little time each day, i.e. the morning session and the evening session.

Areas of Specialization:

Previously, the basic fitness training program offered has been explained. The fitness trainer should showcase them as a specialist in a specific training instead of being a general trainer.

Analyse the area of specialization beyond general fitness training to display in your profile.

Create your Portfolio – Be your own Advertisement:

Creating fitness training portfolio to improve the business

Show your presence by creating a portfolio in social media like Instagram, Facebook and, if possible, hire a web developer to start a website.

Nobody is going to care about you if you are not fit. Make your body fit, perform in a photo shoot, build your portfolio to attract clients.

Clients will find the trainer authentic only if they have something to showcase. It is proven that trainers with the fittest body are hired by the unknown clients without reference.

Workplace Flexibility:

Usually, personal training services are provided at home by the client, private place, gym, etc.

The trainer should prepare himself to avail services to the clients based on their requirements.

How to Start Personal Fitness Training Business at Home:

Here are some tips to start the personal training business from home to earn money part time or full time.

Plan your business:

The first step to deciding to implement a personal training business is whether it is going to be a full-time business or a part-time business.

Many physical trainers work part-time as a small business to earn money part time in teenage or part-timer businessman.

Part-time business rarely requires a business registration and can be operated in some business name.

With a full-time fitness training business, it is advised to register a business to make it professional and open an office to talk business with clients.

Business and Indirect Tax registration:

The part-timers do not have to worry about the indirect taxes, while the full-time personal fitness training business should.

Starting a business, it is important to file indirect taxes each month by generating the invoice to the clients.

Usually, the fitness training comes under the service tax. Check out for the minimum transaction required to file indirect taxes in your country to avoid penalty.

Marketing the Personal Trainer Business:

Physical fitness training Business marketing

Business marketing is important to the starters. With a zero client base, the marketing helps to reach out to the potential clients in and around the area.

Distributing mini brochures, making use of free advertising & paid advertising, classified ads, personal reference are some of the best ways to reach people who need training.

As said earlier, it will be better if you own a business website and custom email in your marketing tools to express professionalism.

Social Media presence:

Social media presence to improve fitness training business

The social media is the best medium for the starters to promote their business. Make use of fan pages and groups in the social media to post your business. Search the groups with the targeted fan base and post your business in every place. Do not spam social media in the name of promoting the business.

In the case if you have some money to invest, paid social media ads are the best way to easily reach the potential customers. For instance, running an ad campaign in the Facebook will automatically promote your business to the Facebook users who are searching for personal trainers in your area.

Social media are known as the killer promotional medium, which can increase the client base at rocket speed.

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Make use of Online Marketplaces:

The online marketplace is the easiest way to promote the business and interact with the potential clients within a day.

The online marketplaces are the website/app created just to connect the business and customers. By creating a profile in the online marketplace under the fitness category, the business/personal training profile will be displayed in front of thousands of potential clients who are in a hurry to hire personal fitness trainers.

The online marketplaces will approve only the authentic business, or individual to be listed. Produce all the certificates, documents required to process the profile.

Once the profile is approved, you might have to pay subscription fees or credits to list your business. Based on the plan, you will interact with up to an unlimited number of clients.

Reference from Friends, Colleagues & Family:

Tell your friends and family regarding your personal fitness training business. This information will be passed on to many unknown people.

The third party will gain confidence in your training since your business is referred by their close friends. So, the chances of getting hired as a trainer increase up to 90%.

How to improve your client base to Maximum:

Speak confidently:

You might receive a notification from the first lead/client after marketing your business in the ways mentioned above or in some other way.

The first step is to explain your training plans to the client. The client will find out if you’re capable of making a change in their body by analyzing your explanation.

You must be able to answer every question asked by the client and explain to them how your training plan will bring a change in them.

Mostly, the client will hire the trainer(s) who are tend to be very knowledgeable.

Offer a Free Trial:

Don’t hesitate to offer new clients with free trial training classes.

When a client requests for a demo, give them free training for a day or few days based on their requirements.

Offering a free demo training will build the confidence over your business and creates chances to maintain a long-term relationship.

Time is Precious in Fitness Industry:

Timing is one of the most important factors in the fitness industry. Most of the clients will prefer the morning sessions, while the homemakers, stay at home working moms will prefer pre-noon sessions.

Time management is very important to gain a large client base. However, do not overcrowd the client base instead limit to a certain number which you can manage with full attention.

Alternate Training days:

Most of the top trainers will train their clients only 3 to 4 days per week. If you will not train the client daily, you may use the alternate day to deal with another client.

In this way, the client base can be doubled, which, of course, doubles the income.

Hire Subordinate Trainers:

As the business grows, it’s a good idea to appoint subordinate trainers to take care of new clients.

Hire trainers for your business and pay them for handling the clients. However, it is wise to handle the billing yourself or using the finance department.

Billing Section and Management:

Physical trainers charge their clients in pay per day, weekly, or monthly basis. Mostly, it is going to be on a monthly basis.

Raise invoice on the due date to get paid and to enjoy the tax credits. To manage too many clients, we recommend it to hire a finance professional to handle billing and management section.

Diet Management:

Diet management course in fitness training business

Fitness training is all about diet and without a proper diet, it is impossible to gain or lose weights.

A good fitness trainer should be able to provide an effective diet plan to their clients according to their body conditions.

Fitness trainer should know types of protein, fats, carbs, acids, etc. to be a perfect diet manager.

It is recommended for the fitness trainers to pursue a diploma course in the diet, which might take 6 months to complete. This course will help the trainers to master diet management.

Pros and Cons of Personal Fitness Training Business:


  • Fitness industry will never see a decline for a century. So, fitness training ensures job security.
  • Fitness training business is the easiest business which can fetch more money.
  • Fitness training brings job satisfaction.
  • Fitness training is easier and enjoyable if the trainer knows the techniques of fitness, bodybuilding, etc.
  • Virtual training is a great way to earn money from home.
  • The fitness trainer itself can stay fit.
  • Fitness training = More competition; only the best can survive.
  • It’s going to take a while to find the first potential client and to grow the client base.
  • The fitness trainer needs to stay fit in his/her career.
  • The irritation of handling bitter situation few clients create for no reason.
  • Need to show result within the specified period of time. No results; no clients.
  • It’s tough to manage time and keep up with the schedule.
  • Should keep up with trends to sustain in the business. This applies to all types of business.
  • The trainer is responsible for the trainee’s injury.

As Technology Grows….

Virtual Fitness Training:

The virtual training has become a trend in the fitness industry. As the technology is growing, so does the business trends. Top trainers use Skype to the similar app to train the clients virtually through the computer.

Virtual training is the technique handled by the busy trainers who got less time to manage clients. Usually, top trainers in the industry get the chance to work virtually.

Use the latest Gadgets:

Using the fitness gadgets in fitness training to show spot results to clients will help the clients to understand what happens in their body.

Using the fitness gadgets are said to keep the person motivated for a while.

The existing clients will refer more clients to your business if you can show the magic.

Handling Injuries like a Pro:
Managing injuries happen to clients in fitness business

The fitness trainer should be able to handle the injuries of the clients that happen during the physical training.

The trainer should be able to diagnose the problem and give first aid before taking the client to the hospital.

Completing a short physical therapy course is recommended for the trainers. It helps to learn the working of muscles, bones, and joints.

Additional income in Fitness Training Business:

Recommending protein supplements, steroids*, pills through a referral program will help you earn some good amount of money.

Health and nutrition companies offer supplements in discount rates for the fitness trainers. Make use of it to earn money by referring supplements to your clients. However, the product should be completely authentic.

Time to Start your job….

Hope now you would have got an idea about fitness training, finding freelance personal fitness trainer jobs and how to earn money starting a personal fitness training business. Start your fitness training career today and earn thousands of dollars.

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